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M Squared is a multi-award-winning photonics and quantum technology company. For over a decade, it has provided the world's purest light to enable scientific progress and power industry – helping to address some of society's greatest challenges. Its laser systems are working to realise the potential of the coming quantum age, improve healthcare and provide the scientific understanding to help halt climate change. The company's expertise spans CW to fs, and DUV to THz wavelengths.
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M Squared Lasers Ltd.
1 Kelvin Campus
West of Scotland Science Park
United Kingdom
G20 0SP
Website: www.m2lasers.com


02 March 2021
Talk 11699-13: "Low-noise and high-power laser systems for quantum computing"
Dr Joseph Thom presents our recent developments in atom-laser interaction-based architecture for quantum computing in his talk “Low-noise and high-power laser systems for quantum computing” - available on-demand on the OPTO Quantum Computation session. Authors: Joseph Thom, Craig Picken, Gareth T. Maker, Nils Hempler, Graeme P. A. Malcolm, M Squared Lasers Ltd. (United Kingdom) Abstract: Quantum computing architectures where atom-laser interactions form the basis of qubit manipulation, such as trapped ion and Rydberg systems, are leading the progress towards universal quantum computation. M Squared is developing many of the advanced laser systems that are underpinning this progress, including systems that are designed to implement quantum logic gates with optical and hyperfine qubits with high fidelity. High power systems that are enabling the scaling of qubit numbers are also being developed. These systems are described, along with an account of how the requirements of lasers for quantum computing experiments are expected to evolve in the future.
02 March 2021
Talk 11700-5: "Commercial quantum sensors using atom interferometry and laser sources for precision metrology"
Dr Joseph Thom explains how we are leveraging atom interferometry for quantum gravimeters and accelerometers in his talk “Commercial quantum sensors using atom interferometry and laser sources for precision metrology” - available on-demand at the OPTO Optical and Quantum Sensing and Precision Metrology session. Authors: Joseph Thom, Craig Picken, Jonathan Malcolm, Andrew Kelly, Xiaxi Cheng, Andrew Hinton, Alex Bunting, Gareth Maker, Nils Hempler, Graeme Malcolm, M Squared Lasers Ltd. (United Kingdom) Abstract: M Squared is developing quantum sensors for quantum gravimetry and inertial navigation. Using atom interferometry, each promises performance advantages over their classical counterparts. Each system is designed for use in the challenging operational environment of a moving platform, and incorporates active systems that compensate for the effects of environmental noise. Each sensor is presented along with a performance evaluation in laboratory settings and in field trials. An account is also given on how M Squared laser systems are being used to enable some of the world’s most advanced precision metrology experiments.
07 March 2021
Growing team in the US with a new office in Boston
M Squared is growing in the USA. We have a new and larger office in Boston (MA), a strategic location to link between our customers and collaborators in North America and our headquarters in Scotland. In 2020 and continuing into 2021, we have grown our US presence substantially with a local service team and operation team in the US. We are currently setting up a new lab to expand our ability to provide faster repair service and perform R&D. With our new Innovation Ambassador for the US and Canada, we also are engaging with the photonics and quantum community in order to strengthen our scientific presence and foster research and innovation partnerships. Globally, M Squared is also growing: our office in Berlin, Germany, continues to expand, with growing local service, commercial and innovation teams. Chat with our US team during the conference.
07 March 2021
Career at M Squared
Interested in exciting career opportunities in photonics and quantum technologies? We would love to hear from you. Chat with us to explore the wide variety of careers paths available at M Squared.
07 March 2021
Recent Investments at M Squared
We are proud to share that M Squared has secured a significant new financing of £32.5 million (US$43.4 million), which includes £20 million from the finance firm Santander UK and £12.5 million from the new Scottish National Investment Bank. This new financing will accelerate our growth and advance quantum technologies. https://buff.ly/3kTG3Z1
07 March 2021
Quantum at M Squared
We are leading and coordinating DISCOVERY (£10 million research program) to commercialise quantum computing. We are delighted to partner with eight major organisations in the UK that are leaders in their respective fields including neutral atom, ion trap and optical qubit approaches to quantum computing. The multidisciplinary consortium includes start-ups, established businesses, academic institutions, and research and technology organisations with a strong track record in quantum-computing hardware development and both the collective expertise and capabilities to overcome the technical barriers to commercial quantum computing. Chat with us to discover more about our activities in quantum technology. https://buff.ly/2OrPx38
07 March 2021
New Products at M Squared
Discover our new products: (1) SOLSTIS DOUBLET: The world’s first fully-automated, self-aligning, sealed, high-power SHG cavity capable of rapid and precise, broad wavelength tuning and scanning in the UV and Visible up to 150 nm; (2) SOLSTIS TITAN: Based on the award-winning SolsTiS platform, SolsTiS Titan is a fully-automated, high-power single-frequency laser operating in the UV and Visible with unprecedented stability and reliability. Explore our full portfolio of laser products and quantum technology products and come chat with us. https://www.m2lasers.com/lasers.html