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New Titles

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Leverage the knowledge provided by one of the world's leading independent publishers of optics, photonics, and imaging information and research.

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Automatic Target Recognition, Third Edition
EUV Lithography, Second Edition
Member: $102.00
Non-member: $120.00
How to Write a Good Scientific Paper
Member: $17.00
Non-member: $20.00
Low-Level Light Therapy: Photobiomodulation
Michael R. Hamblin, Cleber Ferraresi, Ying-Ying Huang M.D., Lucas Freitas de Freitas, James D. Carroll
Member: $58.65
Non-member: $69.00
Applications of Lock-in Amplifiers in Optics
HDR Scene Capture and Appearance
John J. McCann, Vassilios Vonikakis, Alessandro Rizzi
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
GPU Acceleration for Optical Measurement
Frequency-Domain Analysis with DFTs
Member: $52.70
Non-member: $62.00
Fiber Bragg Gratings: Theory, Fabrication, and Applications
Optical Gas Sensing Based on MEMS FTIR Spectrometers
Optical Gas Sensors for Exhaled Breath Analysis
Paula R. Fortes, João F. Petruci, Ivo M. Raimundo, Jr.
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
Biofunctionalized Photoelectric Transducers for Sensing and Actuation
George K. Knopf, Khaled M. Al-Aribe
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
Power Harvesting via Smart Materials
Infrared Antennas and Resonant Structures
Understanding Optical Systems through Theory and Case Studies
Sijiong Zhang, Changwei Li, Shun Li
Member: $58.65
Non-member: $69.00
How to Shape Light with Spatial Light Modulators
Computing the Flow of Light: Nonstandard FDTD Methodologies for Photonics Design
Digital Holographic Microscopes: Design, Characterization, and Image Reconstruction
Powering Laser Diode Systems
Grigoriy A. Trestman
Member: $46.75
Non-member: $55.00
Advanced Sensing with Micro-optical Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonators
OCT-Assisted Femtosecond-Laser Cataract Surgery
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
Automatic Target Recognition, Second Edition
Engineered Materials and Metamaterials: Design and Fabrication
Richard A. Dudley, Michael A. Fiddy
Member: $67.15
Non-member: $79.00
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