Press monographs and handbooks are authoritative professional reference books, textbooks, and handbooks covering theory, state-of-the-art applications, and outlooks on topics of special interest to scientists and engineers. eBook versions are available for most books. Formats and pricing details are shown on the book product pages.

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Introduction to Singular Correlation Optics
Optical Interference Filters Using MATLAB
Member: $57.80
Non-member: $68.00
Basic Optical Engineering for Engineers and Scientists
The Proper Care of Optics: Cleaning, Handling, Storage, and Shipping, 2019 Update
Opto-structural Analysis
Member: $83.30
Non-member: $98.00
Designing Optics Using CODE V
Introduction to Photon Science and Technology
Optimal Signal Processing Under Uncertainty
Optical Physics for Nanolithography
Quaternion and Octonion Color Image Processing with MATLAB
Antimonide-based Infrared Detectors: A New Perspective
Multispectral Image Fusion and Colorization
EUV Lithography, Second Edition
Member: $102.00
Non-member: $120.00
How to Write a Good Scientific Paper
Member: $17.00
Non-member: $20.00
Frequency-Domain Analysis with DFTs
Member: $52.70
Non-member: $62.00
Power Harvesting via Smart Materials
Infrared Antennas and Resonant Structures
Understanding Optical Systems through Theory and Case Studies
Sijiong Zhang, Changwei Li, Shun Li
Member: $58.65
Non-member: $69.00
Computing the Flow of Light: Nonstandard FDTD Methodologies for Photonics Design
Optics in the Air: Observing Optical Phenomena through Airplane Windows
Optics Inspections and Tests: A Guide for Optics Inspectors and Designers
Laser Systems Engineering
Member: $75.65
Non-member: $89.00
The Evolution of Scientific Knowledge: From Certainty to Uncertainty
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