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Books by Technology

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Electronic Imaging and Signal Processing (123)

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HDR Scene Capture and Appearance
John J. McCann, Vassilios Vonikakis, Alessandro Rizzi
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
Frequency-Domain Analysis with DFTs
Member: $52.70
Non-member: $62.00
Digital Holographic Microscopes: Design, Characterization, and Image Reconstruction
Optical Blood Flow Measurement in Microcirculatory Systems
Regularization in Hyperspectral Unmixing
Jignesh S. Bhatt, Manjunath V. Joshi
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
How to Use a Digital Camera as a Metering Device
T. V. Mironova, Alexander Kraiski
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
3-D Integral Photography
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
In Vivo Microscopy in the Male and Female Genital Tract
Sabine Koelle, Matthias Trottmann
Member: $24.80
Non-member: $31.00
Electronic Imaging Applications in Mobile Healthcare
Design and Implementation of Autostereoscopic Displays
Optical Phantoms: Diffuse and Sub-diffuse Imaging and Spectroscopy Validation
Computed Tomography: Principles, Design, Artifacts, and Recent Advances, Third Edition
Analog and Digital Holography with MATLAB
Introduction to Liquid Crystals for Optical Design and Engineering
Image Resolution: Deconstructing Hollywood's Zoom and Enhance
Digital Converters for Image Sensors
Member: $46.75
Non-member: $55.00
Field Guide to Holography
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
Computer-Aided Cancer Detection and Diagnosis: Recent Advances
Optical Satellite Data Compression and Implementation
Optical Satellite Signal Processing and Enhancement
Multimodality Breast Imaging: Diagnosis and Treatment
Modeling the Optical and Visual Performance of the Human Eye
Military Displays: Technology and Applications
High Dynamic Range Imaging: Sensors and Architectures
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