Zhou, Rui

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Prof. Rui Zhou

Associate Professor of Engineering
Xiamen Univ.

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Area of Expertise: Laser microprocessing/nanofabrication
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Dr. Zhou Rui serves as an engineer-track Associate Professor in Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Xiamen University since 2015, where he co-founded the Center for Laser Applications in School of Aerospace Engineering. He also holds a Senior Engineer position for Precision Machining Technology Development Base in Fujian Province and Xiamen University Quanzhou Research Center for Collaborative Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing. Since 2016, he is appointed as Deputy Director for Xiamen University Shishi Engineering Center for Intelligent Manufacturing to promote the industry-university partnership. In 2016, he was selected as Fellow of the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship (LiF) programme run by the Royal Acedemy of Engineering (UK) and funded by the UK Government Department of Business, Innovation and Skills' Newton Fund programme. His research interests include advanced functional materials, laser nanofabrication and microprocessing, optical engineering and applications, which are facilitated by intelligent control.

From 2013 to 2015, he joined in a start-up consulting company as chief scientist and led the product development of high-end integrated equipment in high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship centre of national marine industry cluster area, as well as held a business consultant position for a German-Singapore joint venture and fast growing specialty chemicals company. He was a visiting research scholar in Centre for Materials Research at Queen Mary University of London, developing functional materials with Merck in 2006, and later trained as a professional engineering intern in MNC. After the completion of his PhD study, he was engaged in industry development for Laser Microprocessing Lab at National University of Singapore.

He served as the Deputy Director for Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and Office for Affairs of Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao at Xiamen University during 2016-2017.
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