Czarske, Jürgen W.

Prof. Jürgen W. Czarske

Professor of Measurement Systems Engineering
TU Dresden
Fellow Member

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Area of Expertise: Optoelectronic computational metrology, Precision measurements under harsh environments, Biophotonics and optogenetics, Wavefront shaping, Adaptive microscopy, Brillouin microscopy with stimulated scattering
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Jürgen Czarske is Professor of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at TU Dresden, Germany.

Prof. Czarske studied Physics and Electrical Engineering, received the Ph.D. degrees (with highest honors) in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in 1995 and the venia legendi in 2003, all from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. After working for 9 years at LZH e.V. (private Laser Center) Prof. Czarske joined TU Dresden in 2004. He is director of the institute for systems engineering and member of excellence cluster physics of life.

His technical activities and interest include:
- Laser metrology based on holography, interferometry and spectroscopy
- Computational optics, digital holography, Brillouin sensing, adaptive microscopy, digital optical phase conjugation, and adaptive optics for flow research

His service to technical community includes:
- Review Board on Measurement Systems at the colleague of Systems Engineering of German Research Foundation
- Member of the Editorial Board of several journals and Program Committee of several conferences

Honors and awards include:
2019: Joseph Fraunhofer Award and Robert M. Burley Prize of OSA
2018: Best Paper Awards, 2nd and 3rd, OSA, Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, Orlando
2018: Member of Saxon Academy of Science
2016: Fellow EOS
2015: Fellow SPIE
2015: Fellow OSA
2015: Outstanding Paper Award: Precision Measurement, Meas. Sci. Technol.
2014: Reinhart Koselleck Project, Bonn
2013: Selected paper of Journal of Physics D
2013: Excellent paper, awarded at the 33th annual meeting of the Japan Laser Society, Tokyo
2011: ASME Best Paper Award on Controls, Diagnostics and Instrumentation, Vancouver
2009: Best Paper Award of the international OPTO conference
2008: International Berthold Leibinger Innovation award, Ditzingen
2001: Highly commended article of Measurement Science and Technology, Bristol
1996: Measurement technique prize, Munich
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