Koshti, Ajay M.

Dr. Ajay M. Koshti

Nondestructive Evaluation Lead Engineer
NASA Johnson Space Ctr
Regular Member

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Area of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Loads and Stress Analysis, Ultrasonic Stress and Load Measurement, Nondestructive Testing (NDE), Infrared Thermography, NDE Probability of Detection Analysis
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Dr. Ajay Koshti holds B.Tech., M.S., and D. Sc. degrees; and Professional Engineer (PE) certification in Mechanical Engineering. He also holds ASNT level III certification in five Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) methods. He worked as an NDE engineer on NASA Space Shuttle Program (SSP) for 23 years at different locations including, Rockwell Facility in Downey and Palmdale, California, NASA KSC and NASA JSC.
Post Columbia accident, he led the project of developing and implementing infrared nondestructive testing of Space Shuttle wing leading edge and nose cone for pre-flight ground processing. He chaired NASA Orbiter NDE Working Group and contributed to development and implementation of nondestructive methods used on Orbiter hardware such as vertical tail lug joints, main propulsion system (MPS) flowliners, MPS valve poppets, composite pressure vessels, midbody boron-aluminum struts, payload bay doors, laminated and honeycomb composite structures.
He also worked as Orbiter Ground Support Equipment (GSE), including Orbiter Handling Equipment (OHE), Engineer for six years. He led the implementation of ultrasonic preload measurements on some Space Shuttle critical joints such as Orbiter to ET umbilical disconnect bolts, Orbiter to Boeing 747 attachment bolts and Orbiter vertical tail forward attachment bolts. He helped in resolution of issues of Orbiter GSE such as the Orbiter mate/demate slings, jacks, tow bars, and orbiter transporter. He designed Orbiter towing lines at NASA KSC.
Since 2004, he has been working as lead NDE engineer at NASA JSC. Since the end of SSP, he has been supporting the International Space Station (ISS) program, Orion MPCV Program, and Commercial Cargo & Crew Program (CCCP). He co-chairs the NASA Orion MPCV NDE Working Group. He authored or coauthored many NDE papers and reports, some of which have been cited in other research papers and patents. He has three patents in infrared thermography.
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