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Hardwiring the Brain

fNIRS technology creates an increasingly sophisticated connection between brain and computer.

faces of photonics on facebook

Achilefu's research is changing the way we think about cancer therapy.

18 January 2019
AR/VR for fighting crime

AR and VR infiltrate shady criminal worlds and are beginning to tackle terrorism.

11 January 2019
Samuel Achilefu

Samuel Achilefu's multidisciplinary approach to translational science wins the 2019 SPIE Britton Chance Award in Biomedical Optics.

7 January 2019
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

Quantum, AI, Navigation, and Biotechnology are among the listed technologies (updated).

12 December 2018
Detail of InSight

We look forward to learning more about Mars as InSight's scientific operations commence.

7 December 2018
Jingfang Optotelectronics acquires Dutch Anteryon group
Anteryon, based in Eindhoven, was spun off from electronics giant Philips in 2006; today it delivers “customer-specific optical components."
23 January 2019
ASML remaining positive despite geopolitical tensions
Lithography giant still seeing solid business in China; settles Nikon patent dispute with €150 million payment and royalty plan.
23 January 2019
Achromatic metalens focuses light regardless of polarization
New design "doubles the efficiency of the lens", says Federico Capasso's development group at SEAS, Harvard.
23 January 2019
Rockley Photonics completes silicon photonics platform for sensing
Having overcome significant technological challenges, chipsets have started shipping. Products implementing them will “ramp up the production curve.”
22 January 2019
Microlight3D launches 'new generation' 3D-printer for high-res parts
Altraspin's 3D printing method makes extremely smooth surfaced micro-parts without need for post-processing; cuts time and costs in prototyping.
22 January 2019
Arseniy Kuznetsov: Building flat optics and lasers with nanoantennas

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23 January 2019

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