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Solar & Alternative Energy

Empowered: Lynn Loo on enhancing smart windows, building partnerships, and the humane drive behind engineering

The inventor of nanotransfer printing is working on an innovative, self-powering smart window.

Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

The US Trade Representative has announced a process for US companies to request permission to continue importing targeted items on a duty-free basis.

20 July 2018
SPIE CEO Kent Rochford

SPIE's new CEO Kent Rochford, formerly of NIST, stepped into his new role 1 June. We asked Rochford to discuss his views on SPIE and the world of optics and photonics.

11 June 2018
EU regulations

EU-RoHS task force seeks help from the optics and photonics community.

31 April 2018
SPIE Women in Optics logo

A Women in Optics presentation from SPIE Photonics West 2018.

22 March 2018
SPIE PW orange

An interview from SPIE Photonics West 2018.

21 March 2018
Novel optics for ultrafast camera creates new imaging methods
MIT develops "time-folded" optics for ultrafast cameras: captures image at multiple depths simultaneously in one shutter click.
15 August 2018
Terahertz tech reveals semiconductor laser mechanism
Leeds University-led international team shows how single lasing wavelength gets selected.
15 August 2018
MIT develops optical textiles for comms and biomedical apps
Novel technique incorporates fiber and opto-diodes into wearable material creating washable "smart" fabrics.
10 August 2018
Jenoptik ups revenue and earnings in first half of 2018
Outlook for the full year raised by Executive Board; company upgrades Berlin diode laser production facilities.
9 August 2018
Harald Hass: Progress in LED technology removes barriers for LiFi communication