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Solar & Alternative Energy

Visualization of carrier dynamics on photoactive material surfaces
Four-dimensional scanning ultrafast electron microscopy is used to selectively map charge-carrier recombination, diffusion, and trapping, with extremely high spatial and temporal resolutions.
Novel structures exhibit highly directional emission and provide a template for site-controlled quantum dots and self-aligned nanophotonic cavities.
12 January 2017
A multiple-cation engineering strategy is used to realize devices with open-circuit voltages that are close to the thermodynamic limit, as well as high electroluminscence and stability at elevated temperatures.
29 December 2016
The photoelectrochemical performance of hematite photoanodes for water splitting is boosted by increasing the charge-separation efficiency and suppressing surface electron–hole recombination.
22 December 2016
A unique optical phenomenon allows ultrafast, light-dependent control over the photocurrent response of a single-phase material.
21 December 2016
A broadband, omnidirectional light-harvesting layer replicated from plant surfaces improves light management in thin-film solar cells.
8 December 2016
3D-printed robot fingertip wins in Soft Robotics contest
Harvard SEAS competition rewards low-cost tactile sensor, artificial fin, deformation sensor and robot "worm".
19 January 2017
ams launches range of low-cost multispectral sensors
On-chip NIR/visible sensors intended to replace bulky benchtop lab analyzers with hand-held equivalents.
19 January 2017
Optical magnetic recording promises cooler data storage
Netherlands-Poland team use laser to write data onto cobalt-doped garnet, with ultra-low thermal cost.
18 January 2017
Satellite-borne alexandrite laser to aid climate studies
Fraunhofer ILT supporting ALISE project with Leibniz Institute and Airbus Defence & Space to develop pumped alexandrite laser.
17 January 2017
Andrea Alu: Combining wave phenomena to create new metasurfaces