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Sensing & Measurement

Quantum technology: paths to commercialization

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: Quantum technology on exhibit at Moscone Center.


A balloon-borne mission demonstrates the functionality of high-contrast imaging equipment in the stratosphere

16 August 2018
Christian Heipke_Deep Thought

Christian Heipke of Leibniz University Hannover discusses deep learning for remote sensing.

15 August 2018
Marks_SMART bandage

Photonics for a Better World

8 August 2018

Photonics for a Better World.

2 August 2018
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

The US Trade Representative has announced a process for US companies to request permission to continue importing targeted items on a duty-free basis.

20 July 2018

European industry is an active participant in the quantum technology race.

1 July 2018
AIM Photonics partners land NSF grants
$1.2M for three affiliated groups, including a San Diego effort to produce chip-level Fourier transform spectrometers.
16 August 2018
Lasers etch dirt-busting ‘lotus effect’ on aircraft
Partners Fraunhofer IWS, TU Dresden and Airbus use lasers to engrave water- and dirt-repellent nanostructures on aircraft surfaces.
14 August 2018
Next year 'pivotal' for OLED industry
Key materials developer Universal Display expecting a pick-up in orders as new panel makers ramp production.
13 August 2018
nLight gains traction in China
Diode and fiber laser firm reports qualification in several new ‘strategic’ accounts as it plans launch of higher-power sources in the near future.
9 August 2018
Richard B. Gunderman: Learning to See

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03 July 2018