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Sensing & Measurement

At the Nexus of Contemporary Science

Bruce Tromberg on the rise of biophotonics, merging multi-disciplinary approaches, and his new role at the NIH.


With Europe's ten-year flagship research program now officially under way, and plans for a similar US effort passed by Congress, the global race to develop quantum technology has moved up a gear.

6 March 2019
SPIE PW orange

The latest developments in optics and photonics technologies.

5 March 2019

Astronomers, weather forecasters, and Earth scientists are among those now benefiting from the application of solid-state lasers in space.

1 March 2019

Standing room only at two-day conference on headsets, drones, and smart cars in the future "Photonic City."

25 February 2019

Slides and audio of talks at SPIE Photonics West.

21 February 2019
Jenoptik streamlines corporate structures
German units of the Division Light & Optics bundled; company also presents latest developments at this week's LASER China.
19 March 2019
Multi-wavelength additive manufacturing produces multi-material items
University of Wisconsin-Madison develops optical platform able to solidify different resins in one component.
18 March 2019
New wavemeter promises enhanced sensors and comms networks
University of St Andrews improves existing methods of using speckle to measure wavelength.
15 March 2019
Photoacoustics powers light-activated micropump
University of Houston project could open up new uses for microfluidic technology.
13 March 2019
Richard B. Gunderman: Learning to See