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Sensing & Measurement

Results from a series of tests in a large saltwater tank demonstrate that IR polarimetric images provide much better contrast between oil and water than conventional visible and thermal IR measurements.
18 January 2017
A new aircraft-certified instrument is suitable for unattended operation on the Polar 6 aircraft, and will ultimately be redesigned as a future microsatellite payload.
4 January 2017
Recent advances in laser technology enable a betatron hard x-ray source, with which ultrahigh resolution and fast biomedical imaging may be realized.
26 December 2016
A unique optical phenomenon allows ultrafast, light-dependent control over the photocurrent response of a single-phase material.
21 December 2016
A new instrument operates in the far-UV wavelength range and is compatible with a range of satellite platforms for science and space-operation support endeavors.
20 December 2016
Plasmonic oscillations on graphene and 2D biocompatible nanomaterials are combined to yield ultrasensitive devices suitable for clinical diagnostics and early treatment of disease.
9 December 2016
$22M round 'will bring augmented reality optics to market'
Diffractive optics developer DigiLens wins backing from some of the electronics industry’s biggest brands.
20 January 2017
Velodyne opens lidar 'megafactory'
San Jose facility set to churn out a million lidar sensors in 2018, with a new lab in nearby Alameda.
18 January 2017
ASML's EUV tool backlog hits €2BN
Orders for more production units prompts CEO Peter Wennink to say company is moving into 'next phase' of EUV industrialization.
18 January 2017
Satellite-borne alexandrite laser to aid climate studies
Fraunhofer ILT supporting ALISE project with Leibniz Institute and Airbus Defence & Space to develop pumped alexandrite laser.
17 January 2017