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Sensing & Measurement

Primitive Object Volatile Explorer (PrOVE) CubeSat

Opportunistic deep space missions to comets


Slides and audio of talks at SPIE Photonics West.

20 February 2019
Photons plus ultrasound

As the "Photons plus Ultrasound" conference marks its 25th anniversary at Photonics West, photoacoustic imaging is on the verge of a clinical breakthrough.

15 February 2019
faces of photonics on facebook

Elwell thinks outside the box when it comes to applications of her technology, specifically how they can address global health challenges.

28 January 2019

fNIRS technology creates an increasingly sophisticated connection between brain and computer.

1 January 2019
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

Quantum, AI, Navigation, and Biotechnology are among the listed technologies (updated).

12 December 2018
Manijeh Razeghi

"Look inside the tiniest of particles and you will find a universe." - Rumi (1207-1273), quoted on the back of Razeghi's "Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering" (2nd edition).

15 November 2018
nLight stays positive despite China challenges
Fiber laser firm and recent Prism Award winner reports first full-year results since listing as a public company.
21 February 2019
Stable perovskite films promise improved LED efficiency
City University of Hong Kong fabrication method boosts performance and operational lifetime.
21 February 2019
Coherent launches ExactCut precision laser machine
To meet growing demand for processing thinner glass used in mobile electronics, and for high-spec medical devices.
20 February 2019
Euro-project combines two 3D laser printing processes in one machine
Fraunhofer ILT-led HoPro-3D project intended to produce finer polymer structures faster, with diverse applications.
20 February 2019
Richard B. Gunderman: Learning to See