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Optical Design & Engineering

HiCIBaS – Up, up, and away

A balloon-borne mission demonstrates the functionality of high-contrast imaging equipment in the stratosphere

Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

The US Trade Representative has announced a process for US companies to request permission to continue importing targeted items on a duty-free basis.


7 September 2018
Christian Heipke_Deep Thought

Christian Heipke of Leibniz University Hannover discusses deep learning for remote sensing.

15 August 2018
Jurgen Beyerer, Fraunhofer

Jürgen Beyerer of Fraunhofer discusses machine vision and machine learning.

14 August 2018
Marks_SMART bandage

Photonics for a Better World

8 August 2018

Photonics for a Better World.

2 August 2018
NIST refines laser power meter for industrial apps
Chip-sized "smart mirror" technology could help manufacturers measure laser power from 1W to several 100W in real time.
19 September 2018
‘Fishbone’ laser cuts reduce car engine fuel use
Reducing piston wear in cylinders is now more than “science friction”, say engineers at Fraunhofer IWS.
19 September 2018
Vuzix to develop augmented reality headgear for aerospace client
Initial $250k deal with 'top-tier' partner for waveguide-based head-mounted display; WaveOptics opens US headquarters.
18 September 2018
Nanodiamonds in polymer speed up 3D printing
Development by Finland's VTT Research and Carbodeon improves delivery and resilience of 3D printing material - for industrial, personal manufacture.
17 September 2018
Yan Borodovsky: Moore's Law At and Beyond 5nm

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03 July 2018