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2017 Optical Engineering + Applications | Part of SPIE Optics + Photonics | Call for Papers

OPIE 2017

OPIC 2017

SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2017 | Call for Papers



Optical Design & Engineering

Optics of Autonomous Vehicles

Optics and photonics technologies provide the eyes for self-driving cars. (An SPIE Professional magazine article. )

A new technique that computes the eigenmodes of the eddy-current problem provides an aid to classification using broadband electromagnetic induction sensors.
30 March 2017
Compact dielectric and plasmonic slot waveguides have low loss characteristics and can be fabricated in a CMOS-compatible manner, and are thus suitable for integration in modern integrated circuits.
15 March 2017
SPIE Photonics West 2016 Plenary

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: 2D tunable materials would allow researchers to "move from still-life daguerreotype nanophotonics to the film and television era."

9 March 2017
OFC 2017: launches, talks reflect 'escalating growth'
Los Angeles expo showcases latest developments in silicon photonics, 5G networking and Internet of Things.
29 March 2017
Teledyne completes £627M e2v takeover
Deal announced in December 2016 sees the UK imaging sensor maker become part of the larger US operation.
28 March 2017
Kaiam eyes UK facility to make PICs
US firm set to acquire Newton Aycliffe compound semiconductor wafer fab; deal involves investment by current occupant Compound Photonics.
27 March 2017
AIM presents roadmap for US integrated photonics
400-page study highlights market drivers and investment targets for US photonics through 2030.
23 March 2017
Lihong Wang: World's fastest camera for ultrafast phenomena provides temporal information