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Optical Design & Engineering

Optics tech drives CES innovations

From smart glasses to autonomous vehicles, photonics technology and the world of consumer electronics seem closer than ever.

Steve Jacques

In December 2018, the Journal of Biomedical Optics (JBO) published a collection of research papers in honor of Steven L. Jacques, PhD, a leading pioneer in the field of biomedical optics. This article, which was originally published as a guest editorial in JBO, introduced the special section.

20 March 2019
Cornea OCT

The microscope uses a combination of optical coherence tomography, a liquid lens, and a microelectromechanical system mirror to provide beautifully sharp corneal images that help technicians assess the quality of the donated cornea. When combined with a neural network, automated cell counting prior to corneal translplant may be possible.

20 March 2019

Building on some notable recent success stories, the European photonics platform is anticipating a busy 2019 for innovation.

19 March 2019
Coherent_cavity optomechanics

Optical tweezers and high-power lasers that rely on advances by the 2018 laureates feature widely at the Photonics West exhibition.

18 March 2019

The various petawatt-class laser systems at the ELI Beamlines facility near Prague bring to fruition the Nobel-winning vision of Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland.

15 March 2019
Facial recognition spots happy pigs
Project from Scotland’s Rural College and UWE could alert farmers to animal health problems.
26 March 2019
Bertin to design optical analyzer for world's largest fusion reactor
ITER Organization signs contract with French technology firm for density interferometer polarimeter system design.
25 March 2019
II-VI Inc boosts power rating of laser cutting head to 15kW
BIMO-FSC head addresses market for 1µm laser-based flat sheet cutting; company opens service centre in China.
21 March 2019
Hera spacecraft takes Asteroid Framing Cameras to Didymos asteroids
Imaging technology previously used on the Dawn mission remains the instrument of choice.
20 March 2019
Arseniy Kuznetsov: Building flat optics and lasers with nanoantennas

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11 March 2019