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2019 Optical Engineering + Applications | Part of SPIE Optics + Photonics | Call for Papers

SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2019 | Cal for Papers


Optical Design & Engineering

Hardwiring the Brain

fNIRS technology creates an increasingly sophisticated connection between brain and computer.

faces of photonics on facebook

Achilefu's research is changing the way we think about cancer therapy.

18 January 2019
AR/VR for fighting crime

AR and VR infiltrate shady criminal worlds and are beginning to tackle terrorism.

11 January 2019
Samuel Achilefu

Samuel Achilefu's multidisciplinary approach to translational science wins the 2019 SPIE Britton Chance Award in Biomedical Optics.

7 January 2019
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

Quantum, AI, Navigation, and Biotechnology are among the listed technologies (updated).

12 December 2018
Detail of InSight

We look forward to learning more about Mars as InSight's scientific operations commence.

7 December 2018
Shotblast resistant laser marking for die casters
Canadian developer Laserax says diecasts can now be identified after shot-blasting to ensure clear product traceability.
17 January 2019
Holograms embossed into vinyl records
Czech firm IQ Structures says that its optical technology offers better anti-counterfeiting protection than holographic stickers.
16 January 2019
Two-color approach speeds-up 3D printing by factor of 100
Resin solidified using two wavelengths to control process; resulting products are more durable, say Michigan developers.
16 January 2019
CES 2019: Silicon Line demo’s active optical cable for new HDMI standard
Venture-backed German firm also aiming to double production of key components for high-bandwidth optical links.
10 January 2019
Arseniy Kuznetsov: Building flat optics and lasers with nanoantennas

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16 January 2019

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