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2017 SPIE Optics + Photonics | Call for Papers

OPIE 2017

OPIC 2017




Semiconductor nanopyramids for building high-yield quantum photonic devices
Novel structures exhibit highly directional emission and provide a template for site-controlled quantum dots and self-aligned nanophotonic cavities.
Metasurfaces provide an inexpensive and easily fabricated platform for building complex optical surfaces that enable novel functionalities and can be used in simplified compound optical systems.
20 January 2017
An innovative technique is used to pattern ultrahigh-aspect-ratio coplanar electrodes and to enable inexpensive, high-throughput printing of devices on large-area, flexible substrates.
16 January 2017
A novel super-resolution approach involves nonlinear scattering from plasmonic nanostructures, including saturation and all-optical switching.
10 January 2017
Metal and metal oxide nanoparticles are produced on the gram scale with a novel ablation setup that includes a high-power pulsed-laser system, an ultrafast laser scanner, and a customized ablation chamber.
6 January 2017
UV light exposure causes modification of the glass transition temperature in the skin layer of polymeric lenses and enables smoothing without structural changes.
3 January 2017
3D-printed robot fingertip wins in Soft Robotics contest
Harvard SEAS competition rewards low-cost tactile sensor, artificial fin, deformation sensor and robot "worm".
19 January 2017
Cephalogics awarded US patent for high-density diffuse OCT system
Company has been developing non-invasive, portable system to improve clinicians’ understanding of brain blood-flow.
18 January 2017
Shanghai team develops 'world's brightest VUV free-electron laser'
Dalian Coherent Light Source offers tunability from 50 nm to 150 nm in the vacuum ultraviolet spectrum.
17 January 2017
New laser diodes promise compact optoacoustic platforms
Project led by the University at Buffalo shows clinical viability of compact lasers for biomedical imaging.
17 January 2017
Development of terahertz devices opens doors for numerous applications