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OPIE 2017

OPIC 2017



Micro/Nano Lithography

Multimedia presentations: SPIE Advanced Lithography 2017

Plenary talks and keynote presentations drew capacity crowds at the world's premier lithography event.

A novel approach to semiconductor fabrication reduces both edge-placement error and the number of required block masks, and has application in device development for the 5nm node and beyond.
17 March 2017
A plasma-free etch technique for multi-patterning has the potential to deliver symmetric etch profiles and excellent line-edge and line-width roughness for 7nm semiconductor manufacturing and beyond.
11 March 2017
Electrochemically etching microfabricated silicon microstructures unveils a new approach for generating micro-optics with unique spatially graded refractive index profiles.
6 March 2017
Semiconductor nanowires, with lasing emission at room temperature, can be transferred in a controlled way to specific locations on diverse substrates and organized into bespoke spatial patterns.
31 January 2017
Compact, low-threshold III-nitride nanolasers prove to be a versatile platform from which to explore the ultimate properties of lasing in dielectric media thanks to efficient photon funneling.
26 January 2017
Ben Tsai: Inspection and Metrology to Support the Quest for Perfection: Photolithography for the Sub-10nm Nodes