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Lasers & Sources

Manipulating second-harmonic light from semiconductor nanocrystals
Aluminum gallium arsenide nanocrystals fabricated on glass can convert the frequency of light with record efficiency and generate donut-shaped beams.
OE_Evaluation of_thumb

An SPIE journal article describes three different methods of assessing the effects of dazzle with two different dazzle protection schemes.

16 October 2017

SPIE Classics celebrates the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.

3 October 2017

Photonics industry leaders at SPIE Remote Sensing and SPIE Security + Defence 2017 paint a vibrant picture of Poland's optics and photonics industry.

14 September 2017
A patterned hyperbolic metamaterial structure excites strong surface plasmon polariton resonance, providing resonant feedback to multiple quantum wells to produce a 289nm UV plasmonic nanolaser.
5 September 2017

The magic of photonic circuitry. (An SPIE Professional article).

24 July 2017
Revamped SPIE Photonics Europe event returns to Strasbourg
Digital optics, quantum technologies and 3D printed optics among new conference topics on updated agenda including €50,000 AR/VR challenge.
17 October 2017
European pair promise 'single-nanometer accuracy' patterning tool for optics
Semiconductor equipment firms SwissLitho and EV Group continue collaboration initiated under European research project.
11 October 2017
GM buys compact lidar systems developer Strobe
To advance self-driving car development – “lidar accuracy will play a critical role in deployment.”
11 October 2017
Brolis expands with Ghent development center
Lithuanian laser diode maker gets into photonic integration for medical and industrial sensors.
11 October 2017

Katarina Svanberg: Combining optics and oncology