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Solar & Alternative Energy

Solar presentations from Photonics Innovation Summit

Several speakers at the SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit (November 2008) explored the state of the solar industry, including levels of private equity investment, government support, and prospects for development. Audio podcasts of their talks and their slide presentations are available.
25 November 2008, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3200811.0001

In this presentation from the SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit, Terry Jester talks about the cycle of innovation and investment in solar technology. Jester is Entrepreneur in Residence for the solar investments of Hudson Clean Energy Partners.

According to Jester, growth in the solar market is continuing at an aggressive pace along with the capital being invested. In her talk, she said that some 800 companies are investing in clean technologies, and highlighted success stories from the past several years. She noted differences among the four PV systems currently competing in the market -- crystalline silicon, flat plate thin film, flexible thin film, and high concentration PV systems -- and that crystalline silicon had almost 90% of market share through 2007.

[slides] [podcast]

John Lushetsky talked about the DOE Solar Energy Technology Program in this presentation from the SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit. He is Manager of the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technology Program (SETP) with responsibility for all solar technology development, grid integration, and market transformation activities under the Solar America Initiative.

Lushetsky gave a presentation entitled "Accelerating Innovation in Solar Technologies," in which he talked about potential of photovoltaics and of concentrating solar power, and outlined the Solar America Cities program in which SETP partners with cities committed to achieving sustainable solar city-wide infrastructure. In effect, he said, the 25 participating cities serve as living laboratories for testing methods to overcome barriers to solar commercialization.

[slides] [podcast]

In the following session, entitled "Solar Energy: Cost-competitive by 2012," speakers brought the perspectives of their own organizations to the development of solar technologies.

Richard Swanson, SunPower, President & Chief Technology Officer
[slides] [podcast]

Scott Elrod, PARC, Vice President, Director Hardware Systems Labs
[slides] [podcast]

Peter Borden, Applied Materials, DMTS
[slides] [podcast]

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