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Defense & Security

SPIE presentations cover the latest research and promising breakthroughs in astronomy

Plenary sessions from SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2018.

Paul Corkum, University of Ottawa

The award recognizes Corkum's conceptual contributions and development of new laser methods that led to the creation of the field of attoscience.

28 June 2018
VLT_Rachel Berlowitz

Adaptive optics at Paranal Observatory give satellite-quality images from surface of Earth.

27 June 2018
SPIE CEO Kent Rochford

SPIE's new CEO Kent Rochford, formerly of NIST, stepped into his new role 1 June. We asked Rochford to discuss his views on SPIE and the world of optics and photonics.

11 June 2018

The key to discovery, says John Mather of NASA Goddard, is being open to new opportunities.

1 May 2018

Our fascination with the concept of alien life drives scientists and civilians alike to explore.

19 April 2018

A new regime of science at exawatts and zeptoseconds.

16 April 2018
Nice airport to install Doppler lidar
Mitsubishi Electric wins contract to provide one of France’s busiest airports with system for monitoring wind shear.
16 July 2018
NIF smashes energy record with 2.15 MJ pulse
Lawrence Livermore laser team beats previous best of 1.9 MJ, set more than six years ago.
11 July 2018
Ultrafast laser pioneer Corkum wins IOP's Isaac Newton medal
Tipped for a future Nobel prize, the University of Ottawa professor has landed the Institute of Physics' highest accolade.
11 July 2018
Raytheon designing 100 kW class laser for US Army
New weapon system intended to counter rocket, artillery and mortar attacks with in-flight destruction.
4 July 2018

Timothy Day: Good causes make for great business in photonics

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03 July 2018

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20 June 2018