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OPIE 2017

OPIC 2017



Defense & Security

Autonomous perching and grasping for micro aerial vehicles
Relaxing the assumptions behind many existing approaches to aerial perching and manipulation requires novel solutions using onboard sensors and processing.
A new technique that computes the eigenmodes of the eddy-current problem provides an aid to classification using broadband electromagnetic induction sensors.
30 March 2017
A new robust tool for estimating the 3D position of targets with sub-metric accuracy has been successfully tested on remotely sensed satellite data.
10 March 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt addresses the unique challenges of unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.

27 February 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt provides an inside view of the automatic target recognition (ATR) field from the perspective of an engineer working in the field for 40 years.

21 February 2017
$2.3M AIM project to develop pathogen sensors
US Department of Defense supporting Rochester-led consortium working on integrated photonic devices.
30 March 2017
Mortar melted in UK laser weapon test
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory hoping to deliver demonstrator system by 2019.
29 March 2017
OFC 2017: launches, talks reflect 'escalating growth'
Los Angeles expo showcases latest developments in silicon photonics, 5G networking and Internet of Things.
29 March 2017
Teledyne completes £627M e2v takeover
Deal announced in December 2016 sees the UK imaging sensor maker become part of the larger US operation.
28 March 2017
Josh Holly: Involvement in public policy key for optics and photonics industry