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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Hardwiring the Brain

fNIRS technology creates an increasingly sophisticated connection between brain and computer.

faces of photonics on facebook

Achilefu's research is changing the way we think about cancer therapy.

18 January 2019
Samuel Achilefu

Samuel Achilefu's multidisciplinary approach to translational science wins the 2019 SPIE Britton Chance Award in Biomedical Optics.

7 January 2019
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

Quantum, AI, Navigation, and Biotechnology are among the listed technologies (updated).

12 December 2018
Andrew Forbes Lab

Andrew Forbes of University of Witwatersrand on photonics, globe-crossing collaborations, and the pleasures of mentorship.

5 December 2018

A chat with Alejandro Rodriguez of Princeton's Nanophotonics Design and Computation Group.

29 November 2018
Flir and WWF unite to combat rhino poaching in Kenya
Sensor systems giant to donate $3M in thermal imaging equipment and support for deployment across the country.
17 January 2019
SPIE announces 2019 Society Awards
24 recipients recognised for achievements across wide range of light-based science advances.
16 January 2019
Brillouin light scattering reveals mechanical properties of tumors
CNRS project could help to link tumors' elasticity with the response to anticancer therapy.
16 January 2019
Laser test for cardiovascular disease performs well in early clinical study
European consortium has developed a prototype laser Doppler vibrometry system that measures arterial stiffness, a major risk factor for undiagnosed cardiovascular disease.
15 January 2019
Qingming Luo: Brainsmatics-visualizing brain-wide networks

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15 January 2019