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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Featured Video:
Katarina Svanberg: Combining optics and oncology

from article 4125

SPIE Classics celebrates 100 years of optics education and research at top-ranked institution.

20 October 2017
from OP presentation, Rajesh R. Naik, USAF

A keynote address from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

5 October 2017
from OP presentation, M. Mantysalo,  TTY

A presentation from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

29 September 2017
from OP planary _Alon Gorodetsky,  UC, Irvine

The Gorodetsky Lab explores the properties of structural proteins known as reflectins, which play crucial roles in the functionality of cephalopod skin.

27 September 2017
from OP plenary_Deji Akinwande, UT Austin

A plenary talk from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

14 September 2017

Photonics industry leaders at SPIE Remote Sensing and SPIE Security + Defence 2017 paint a vibrant picture of Poland's optics and photonics industry.

14 September 2017
Revamped SPIE Photonics Europe event returns to Strasbourg
Digital optics, quantum technologies and 3D printed optics among new conference topics on updated agenda including €50,000 AR/VR challenge.
17 October 2017
CorNeat Vision tackles corneal injury and blindness
New design of synthetic cornea integrates artificial optics within resident ocular tissue.
11 October 2017
Brolis expands with Ghent development center
Lithuanian laser diode maker gets into photonic integration for medical and industrial sensors.
11 October 2017
Ocular diagnostics startup Broadspot raises $7.5M
California firm backed by Phoenix Venture Partners and 'syndicate of leading ophthalmologists'.
10 October 2017