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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Killer potential: time to raise the profile of QPI

Can quantitative phase imaging help combat dementia and find a cure for cancer? The technology is set but developers need to increase awareness among biologists, hears Rebecca Pool.


From precision components in breathtaking timepieces to micro-needles for vein cannulation, breakthrough laser writing from Photonics West exhibitor Femtoprint is reshaping microdevice fabrication.

16 February 2018

SPIE, one of seven international organization members of the International Commission for Optics, has supported the mission of the organization for many years.

14 February 2018
optics key challenge_thumb

A new conference incorporating interactive experience at Photonics West reveals the rapid growth of augmented and virtual realities. Its chair, Bernard Kress of Microsoft's Hololens division, tells Matthew Peach that optics remains the key challenge in developing the ultimate virtual experience.

9 February 2018

SPIE is collaborating with other organizations to host grand challenge events aimed at solving problems in medical imaging.

7 February 2018
SPIE PW orange

R&D highlights from the 2018 session: Presentations from leading researchers in biophotonics.

5 February 2018
Multi-wavelength laser scanners 'revolutionizing' forest studies
State-of-the-art systems able to distinguish between leaves and wood, and help monitor effects of climate change.
21 February 2018
3D-printable 'clip' converts smart phone to microscope
Technology providing 5 µm resolution imagery but requiring no external light source made freely downloadable by Australian developers.
20 February 2018
Corneal inlay offers new solution to presbyopia
University of Valencia implant corrects the condition by acting as a diffractive lens.
20 February 2018
Swiss pair share 2018 Zeiss Research Award
Tobias Kippenberg and Jean-Pierre Wolf recognized for work on frequency combs and ultra-intense laser pulses respectively.
15 February 2018

Katarina Svanberg: Combining optics and oncology