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All Technical Articles - Sensing & Measurement

All Newsroom Technical Articles, starting with the most recently posted:

Manijeh Razeghi

"Look inside the tiniest of particles and you will find a universe." - Rumi (1207-1273), quoted on the back of Razeghi's "Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering" (2nd edition).

15 November 2018

Opportunistic deep space missions to comets

5 November 2018
PW childcare grant

SPIE has created a grant to give parents equal opportunity to attend its largest annual meeting.

1 November 2018
AI breast imaging

Sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms are revolutionizing breast cancer screening.

22 October 2018

Optics + Photonics 2018 Plenary Presentation Recordings

2 October 2018
Phil Pressel

The Hexagon KH-9 Reconnaissance Satellite is still considered one of the most complicated systems ever put into space.

1 October 2018
Jess Wade

Jess Wade, outreach enthusiast and ambassador for diversity in STEM, is researching semiconducting polymers combined with chiral dopants to develop the next generation of electronics and sensors.

1 October 2018
Lihong Wang

An innovative breast-imaging technique offers noninvasive options for multiple biomedical applications.

1 October 2018

Thermal imaging may fill a blind spot for state-of-the-art self-driving cars. But if safety is the price of moving this technology to market, consumers have to be willing to pay for it.

25 September 2018
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

The US Trade Representative has announced a process for US companies to request permission to continue importing targeted items on a duty-free basis.


7 September 2018

A balloon-borne mission demonstrates the functionality of high-contrast imaging equipment in the stratosphere.

16 August 2018
Christian Heipke_Deep Thought

Christian Heipke of Leibniz University Hannover discusses deep learning for remote sensing.

15 August 2018
Marks_SMART bandage

Photonics for a Better World

8 August 2018

Photonics for a Better World.

2 August 2018

European industry is an active participant in the quantum technology race.

1 July 2018
GDPR logo from July18 SPIE Pro

In an effort to be 100% GDPR compliant and transparent about data collection policies, SPIE updated its Privacy Policy.

1 July 2018
VLT_Rachel Berlowitz

Adaptive optics at Paranal Observatory give satellite-quality images from surface of Earth.

27 June 2018
SPIE CEO Kent Rochford

SPIE's new CEO Kent Rochford, formerly of NIST, stepped into his new role 1 June. We asked Rochford to discuss his views on SPIE and the world of optics and photonics.

11 June 2018

The key to discovery, says John Mather of NASA Goddard, is being open to new opportunities.

1 May 2018

VCSEL technology is finding applications in consumer electronics and more.

9 April 2018
Quantum Tech_cover of SPIE Pro

Devices using quantum technologies are reaching milestones.

6 April 2018
EU regulations

EU-RoHS task force seeks help from the optics and photonics community.

31 April 2018
SPIE PW orange

An industry panel at SPIE Photonics West 2018 discusses the future of additive manufacturing.

28 March 2018
SPIE Photonics for a Better World logo

Photonics for a Better World.

26 March 2018
SPIE Women in Optics logo

A Women in Optics presentation from SPIE Photonics West 2018.

22 March 2018
SPIE PW orange

An interview from SPIE Photonics West 2018.

21 March 2018

The emergence of lidar as a key technology for future autonomous vehicles ratcheted up throughout 2017, with major players including Ford, Airbus, and Osram backing a raft of startups with their own particular takes on the photonics hardware.

20 March 2018

World's oldest dedicated university optics center celebrates a hundred years of optics-related research and education, but notes the need to widen participation.

19 March 2018

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: Quantum technology on exhibit at Moscone Center.

7 March 2018
SPIE logo

The Photonics West Show Daily spoke with recruiters and students about the optics and photonics job market.

26 February 2018

Can quantitative phase imaging help combat dementia and find a cure for cancer? The technology is set but developers need to increase awareness among biologists, hears Rebecca Pool.

19 February 2018

SPIE, one of seven international organization members of the International Commission for Optics, has supported the mission of the organization for many years.

14 February 2018

Developing the optics behind LIGO's gravitational wave detectors saw photonics engineers and vendors collaborating on ground-breaking technology. Now those systems are being upgraded further.

12 February 2018
SPIE PW orange

R&D highlights from the 2018 session: Presentations from leading researchers in biophotonics.

5 February 2018

Taking a path less traveled by women.

29 January 2018
SPIE logo

The 2018 SPIE President shares her career path, education, and other interests with the members of SPIE.

27 January 2018
SPIE logo

Since its inception in 1955, SPIE has focused on providing a conduit for ideas in photonics and optics in a growing and vibrant global marketplace.

26 January 2018

The deployment of DFOS is still in its infancy, but as more people become aware of the technology, it will gain wider use.

24 January 2018

Optics plays dominant role in medical imaging market.

22 January 2018

SPIE Classics celebrates 25 years of research and development in optical coherence tomography.

10 January 2018
Nanogenerators made from zinc oxide can power small electronics with energy made from tiny motions.
8 July 2011
The Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke at SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2011 about the implications of the volume of data now available from deployed sensors.
24 May 2011
Smaller, faster, cheaper optical biosensors offer the capacity to provide effective and actionable information.
28 April 2011
While our sensing capabilities have expanded rapidly, so have the questions about what we do with all that data.
22 March 2011

Based in Jena, the birthplace of optical technology in Germany, JENOPTIK's Michael Mertin has a unique perspective on the industry's past and future.

28 February 2011
Audio recordings and slides from plenary presentations at SPIE Photonics West 2011.
7 February 2011

His underwater tools include cameras and sensors, and he uses them to unlock the mysteries of life in the ocean.

5 January 2011

Training more high-school physics teachers and increasing student learning are two of the challenges facing math, science, and engineering education in the United States.

17 December 2010
Will the sun come out? Knowing the answer can have a big impact on the power grid. Jan Kleissl explains a prototype system at UCSD.
13 December 2010
With properties that don't exist in nature, metamaterials open up an exciting range of possibilities.
10 November 2010
The winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics reflects on a career spent with a fascination for lasers and science.
13 September 2010

A late start at entrepreneurship and an uncertain situation in Russia did not deter the founder of IPG Photonics from writing a success story with fiber lasers.

10 August 2010

From locating buried explosive devices to detecting reservoirs of oil, Thomas George discusses the challenges of finding things underground.

29 July 2010
After more than 30 years at Bell Labs, Patel founded a company dedicated to trace-gas measurement technologies for industrial, environmental, and security applications.
11 June 2010
A fascination with robotics and the history of science led this entrepreneur to uncover a robot designed by DaVinci.
3 June 2010

The mature technology of the QCL is now finding commercial applications.

8 April 2010

After a recent move from Laser Zentrum Hannover to Ruhr-University Bochum, Ostendorf has a broad perspective on laser research in Germany.

11 March 2010

The president and CEO of nLight talks about building a laser company and keeping track of where the market is headed.

5 March 2010
Peter Leibinger, TRUMPF

The executive of Germany's industrial laser giant talks about the evolution of the company and its future directions.

18 February 2010
Organic LED and field-effect-transistor-based sensor devices can potentially be used in modern, intelligent integrated sensing systems.
5 January 2010
A photorefractive-crystal-based two-wave-mixing interferometer allows structural-health monitoring of civil, aerospace, and mechanical structures.
3 December 2009
Optical processing of transparent matter induces modifications that can be controlled by reversing the laser's pulse-front tilt or the light-propagation direction.
23 November 2009
Using a simple point-source hologram and a grating in a grazing incidence configuration can yield a field-of-view that is unaffected by magnification.
20 November 2009
Advanced sensing can provide recognition and location capabilities that improve robot operation in dynamic environments.
2 November 2009
Thin, long polymer fibers can be woven into 2D and 3D constructs and fabrics capable of radiation sensing and lensless imaging over unprecedented lengths.
2 November 2009
The combination of microfluidics and plastic electronics could bring laboratory-quality analysis to the practitioner in the field.
16 October 2009
Very thin absorbing layers that can absorb 99% of the incident light facilitate construction of more efficient single-photon detectors.
14 October 2009
A simple, affordable light-source rotation system provides automatic detection and defect-angle estimation of bent pins.
7 October 2009
Upgrading older autonomous workstations with imaging technologies for finding and identifying parts is gratifying, but not easy.
30 September 2009
Arrays of actuated dots may one day produce refreshable Braille that allows the visually impaired to read a full screen of electronic text.
11 September 2009
Adaptive-sensor networks will assess structures, diagnose emerging problems, and provide early-warning systems.
10 September 2009
The metallic-layer structure in waveguide-based surface-plasmon-resonance sensors can be optimized by employing rigorous coupled-wave analysis and genetic algorithms.
1 September 2009
An operational monitoring system based on acceleration sensors may improve turbine performance and reliability.
13 August 2009
A method for identifying key gas-detection mechanisms correlates reactions at the semiconductor surface with changes in electrical conductivity.
11 August 2009
A new approach uses embedded data from reference metrology to reduce parametric correlation and improve measurement performance.
11 August 2009
Very sensitive, tunable, and scalable sensors for low-frequency seismic-noise detection can be configured as both seismometers and accelerometers.
4 August 2009
A new method rapidly acquires depth scans at extended distances, paving the way for resolving low-signature targets at power levels safe for human eyes.
29 July 2009
A novel approach to 3D scanning holds promise for imaging see-through objects, such as those made from glass.
22 July 2009
Large-aperture scintillometers can be used for evapotranspiration measurements on scales of individual fields.
13 July 2009
Measurement devices for direct observation of 3D coordinates using active ranging show systematic errors, but range calibration methodologies have great potential for error removal.
7 July 2009
A new method of generating illumination distributions for modeling lighting systems reduces space requirements and improves accuracy.
7 July 2009
An industrial assessment of 21 devices verifies their actual, 3D metrological performance.
2 July 2009
Intensity-based Doppler optical coherence tomography gives an accurate, high-speed, 3D readout of ocular blood flow.
24 June 2009
A new system offers an affordable and versatile alternative for applications requiring actuation and sensing at very small resolution.
16 June 2009
Top SPIE Newsroom articles from the previous month, and papers from SPIE Journals and Conference Proceedings.
9 June 2009
Monitoring biochemical interactions can serve as the basis for many diagnostic techniques.
5 June 2009
A dedicated finite-element solver enables accurate and fast simulations of light interaction with metallic nanostructures.
2 June 2009
Frameworks with adjustable nanoporosity, high surface area, and many known structures may pave the way for portable, low-cost chemical sensors.
19 May 2009
Krohn discusses the near-term and future applications of fiber optics sensors, photonics sensors, and laser technologies in the transportation industry.
15 May 2009
Innovations in photonics and microfluidics have enabled the development of a novel, rapid, sensitive, low-cost, and portable micro-gas analyzer.
4 May 2009
OCT has migrated successfully from medical imaging to materials science, where it is used online to monitor varnish removal from paintings.
21 April 2009
A novel method simplifies the process of interferometric computation while increasing speed and decreasing storage requirements.
16 April 2009
An optical solution with embedded computing for distance measurement eliminates errors associated with surface tilt and surface shape in manufacturing process control applications.
9 April 2009
A new approach enables precise, quantitative, and autonomous pipeline inspection, which improves the effectiveness of proactive maintenance.
7 April 2009
New spectral-imaging technologies can deliver online safety and quality inspection of food and agricultural products on high-throughput processing lines.
20 March 2009
Novel serial optical-fiber sensors observe strain in bridges and other civil-engineering structures.
17 March 2009
A novel 3D noncontact profiler can accurately measure the roughness and shape of high-precision bearing assemblies, vastly improving on 2D stylus techniques.
27 February 2009
Telltale spectra can identify illicit drugs hidden in packages.
24 February 2009
Efforts to develop highly complex and adaptable machines that meet the ideal of mechanical human equivalents are now reaching the proof-of-concept stage.
24 February 2009
New low cost, high resolution data acquisition nodes may facilitate automated bridge inspection.
13 February 2009
Satellite sensors track sources of desert dust for models that predict particle entrainment and atmospheric pollution, resulting in new tools to support public safety and health services.
9 February 2009
Employing a top nanolayer characterized by a high refractive index increases the electromagnetic field at the sample interface and, correspondingly, sensor responsiveness.
21 January 2009
A new heterogeneous integration technique enables the integration of acoustic microsensors and radio frequency (RF) circuitry.
20 January 2009
A water-resistant surface inspired by the lotus leaf could enable applications in microfluidics, underwater coatings, and controlled deposition.
19 January 2009
Current research in materials and manufacture envisages significant improvements with implications for process control, tool technologies, helmet-mounted sensors, and in situ sensing.
9 January 2009
The superior image definition and nondestructive testing technology provided by optical-coherence tomography targets the characterization issues posed by nanometer-scale devices.
7 January 2009
Single-frequency, low-phase-noise planar semiconductor lasers enable low-cost, reliable, and compact optical-sensor fabrication for oil and gas, civil-structure engineering, and security markets.
6 January 2009
Challenges introduced by new transmission standards and the ability to store programs for later viewing are addressed with audio watermarking and fingerprinting.
30 December 2008
A committee of the International Standards Organization has begun the process of rationalizing the performance assessment of optical measuring instruments.
22 December 2008
Coupling small multifunctional sensors onboard unmanned aerial robots guided by autonomous navigation systems enables precision agriculture.
17 December 2008
Semiconductor devices based on high-electron-mobility transistors can be functionalized for specific applications.
16 December 2008
Distributed sensing and data processing may enable in-flight monitoring of aerospace vehicles, revealing damage quickly and accurately.
15 December 2008
3D-metrology is becoming mandatory for nanofabrication in the production environment.
4 December 2008
Biometric authentication methods are becoming more widespread in security, industrial, and even ergonomic applications.
1 December 2008
A passive mechanical approach to minimizing motion makes it possible for sophisticated instruments such as scanning probe microscopes to operate in environments that would otherwise not be practical.
24 November 2008
Advantages in efficiency, beam quality, scalability, and operating cost make new optical fiber technology highly competitive compared to traditional laser designs.
17 November 2008
Nanocomposites synthesized from different combinations of nanoparticles and matrix materials demonstrate notably increased strength, thermal stability, and electrical conductivity.
31 October 2008
The Army seeks to develop fundamental technologies that will enable ensembles of palm-sized unmanned systems to support personnel operating in a variety of dangerous environments.
29 October 2008
Characterizing the modulation response of sensors used in time-of-flight imaging systems offers better understanding of their performance and limitations, enabling increased measurement precision.
20 October 2008
An inexpensive, durable, and portable chemical-sensing device can assess the quality of prepacked meat in real time.
9 October 2008
Adjusting the threshold level for defect judgment separately for each local area, based on the pattern importance assigned to that area during device design, dramatically speeds mask inspection.
8 October 2008
Imaging technology for parts inspection can deliver results quickly and accurately at ranges from microns to meters.
7 October 2008
Novel coatings composed of carbon nanotubes embedded in cadmium arachidate matrices improve the robustness and performance of fiber-optic chemical sensors.
21 September 2008
A reflective light-coupling scheme improves advanced photodetector performance and resolution while making the camera more affordable.
16 September 2008
A new method for characterizing shape changes over time may improve nondestructive testing.
1 September 2008
An extensive numerical study reveals features that explain the advantages of "aerial imaging" in distinguishing printing and nonprinting defects.
27 August 2008
A novel near-infrared imaging technique could catch threats using portable equipment.
14 August 2008
Algorithms applied to low-resolution images can help develop non-intrusive remote-sensing instrumentation for indoor tracking.
4 August 2008
An instrument that provides real-time wavefront analysis in combination with automation algorithms can meet the high-volume demands of lens production for mobile camera phones.
17 July 2008
A combination of advanced spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence aids in quantifying the stress states in sub-micron-sized electronic heterostructures.
27 June 2008
Sensors not only monitor the health of a structure, but also provide feedback for adaptive systems that can actively respond to physical deformation.
27 June 2008
Electronic circuits and optical devices can be integrated on a single silicon chip using low-cost fabrication processes and simple packaging.
16 June 2008
TriPleX waveguide technology has the potential to become the standard for industrial integrated optics in visible and infrared light applications.
12 June 2008
Laser technology applications are indispensable in the photovoltaic industry, allowing both enhanced energy-generating efficiency and reduced costs.
5 June 2008
Fabrication of integrated optochemical sensors from organic electronics benefits from using two crossed polarizers.
31 May 2008
Manufacturers today demand optical sensing instruments that are more versatile and adaptable than ever, challenging technology suppliers to provide rugged, reliable, and customized solutions.
15 May 2008
Improved optical interferometry allows simultaneous measurement of complex surfaces and thin-film thickness profiles, enabling rapid inspection of metallic bumps fabricated directly on silicon wafers.
30 April 2008
Innovative applications include terahertz pulsed spectroscopy for solid-state analysis and terahertz pulsed imaging for tablet coating analysis.
25 March 2008
Integrating narrow optical fiber sensors into composite structural materials provides real-time detection of injury, including its location and severity.
13 March 2008
When liquid crystals are combined with optical waveguides, unprecedented voltage control over light becomes possible, enabling new types of light-controlling devices.
5 March 2008
Single-mode fibers demonstrate coherent lightwave propagation and show promise as interferometry-based sensors for large-scale strain applications.
3 March 2008
New sensor systems are being developed to scan banknote security features such as holographic patterns, ink fluorescence, watermarks, microprinting, and intaglio patterns.
3 March 2008

As the CEO of Edmund Optics, Robert Edmund has a unique perspective on the industry. He talks about growing up in optics, how the company has changed, globalization, and his outlook for the industry.

27 February 2008
Optical approaches provide robust and relatively non-invasive methods for excitation and detection of the motion of micro- and nanomechanical structures.
25 February 2008
Fuzzy-logic-based systems enable robots exploring the outer solar system to perform scientific tasks with almost no human instruction.
17 February 2008
Novel swept light sources find applications in optical coherence tomography imaging systems.
5 February 2008
A digital holographic technique has an extended measurement range and improved resolution at infrared wavelengths.
4 February 2008
Machine vision is used to remotely control water access by wildlife and livestock.
11 January 2008
High-sensitivity compact gas-sensing devices may soon replace current bulky detectors used in industry and medicine.
10 January 2008
Parallel optical processing allows a new instrument to capture both images and spectra without scanning.
11 December 2007
Spectral orders of diffraction gratings, together with multiwaveband focal plane arrays, enable an imaging spectrometer that operates over an exceptionally broad range.
9 December 2007
Using a common chemical reaction to produce an easily detected gas simplifies the measurement of breath acetone for medical diagnostics.
6 December 2007
A holistic, Internet-based approach to quality control integrates an information network, sensor data, decision support system, and a web-enabled production facility.
27 November 2007
At the DARPA Urban Challenge, autonomous vehicles proved they have a future. This SPIE Newsroom video shows some of the action and talks about the technology.
14 November 2007
A novel design senses curvature, twisting angle, and temperature gradient in a single optical fiber for structure monitoring.
13 November 2007
A heterodyne interferometer originally designed to detect gravitational waves in space can be further miniaturized and achieve very low noise levels in both translation and tilt measurements.
13 November 2007
A system that monitors the presence of walkers at street intersections can be tied to traffic light controllers to improve safety.
12 November 2007
Developing integrated hardware interfaces for different actuators allows rapid and easy integration into existing wireless networks.
12 November 2007
Wide-format stereo image pairs well-suited to robot navigation are combined into a single camera frame with vertical offset of images.
6 November 2007
A novel architecture for sensing weak dc magnetic fields exploits the cooperation between nonlinear coupled systems and ferroelectric devices.
1 November 2007
Video-rate imaging has been made possible with high repetition rates and demonstrated in an environmental monitoring application.
7 October 2007
The use of digital optics to compensate for aberrations simplifies the digital holographic microscope while increasing the accuracy and resolution of full-field phase measurements.
3 October 2007
The condition of structures incorporating fiber-reinforced polymer composites can be visualized using distant inverse synthetic aperture radar measurements integrated with tomographic image reconstruction.
23 September 2007
Digital processing for rapid pattern-matching with sub-pixel accuracy can enhance a wide variety of vision-based systems for measurement applications.
5 September 2007
Extending a novel technique efficiently analyzes patterns of sound waves caused by defects in solid materials.
5 September 2007
Permanent sensor infrastructure can provide smart capabilities and help monitor aging.
14 August 2007
Mixed metal oxide thin-film sensors can provide cost-effective real-time monitoring of radiation and toxic gases.
12 August 2007
A fast-response integrated opto-chemical sensor system can detect ultra-low concentrations of ammonia with high reproducibility.
8 August 2007
Adaptive filters for speckle removal can halve the measurement variations for systems using fringe projection with infinitesimal penalty in process time.
26 July 2007
A new algorithm for determining the phase of reference points allows for better calibration.
18 July 2007
Color and range video images can be combined into 3D data sets and used to produce stereoscopic video.
15 July 2007
By checking breakpoints and reconfiguring fiber sensor connections as links fail, the survivability of the network is improved.
15 July 2007
The wireless ShapeAccelArray sensing system can simultaneously measure 3D acceleration and permanent ground deformation down to depths of 100m.
4 July 2007
Concave micro-gratings for optical communication applications can be fabricated using deep x-ray lithography.
24 June 2007
Revealing a product's chemical structure makes it easy to differentiate real pharmaceuticals from pretenders.
17 June 2007
A liquid level measurement system based on a high-resolution camera allows for fuller automation.
13 June 2007
A monolithic prism interferometer achieves odor sensing with high sensitivity at high speed and low cost.
30 May 2007
Optical detection of wear and defects in an electro-supply network shows promise for railways and other electrically powered vehicles.
23 May 2007
A computational model for scaling an experimental CO laser installation suggests its feasibility in a number of important industrial applications.
20 May 2007
A doped polymer fiber doped with a star cross-section can be used in chemical and biochemical sensing.
20 May 2007
A variety of alternative approaches to 3D microscopic imaging can overcome various shortcomings and expand the range of areas and applications.
13 May 2007
Multicolor pulsed illumination enables rapid capture of high-quality images suited to 2D and 3D digital image correlation.
12 May 2007
Wood pulp fibers with arbitrarily oriented microfibril angles and phase retardation values can now be assessed in real time.
10 May 2007
Theodore Maiman, who died in May 2007, is known for creating the first working laser out of a discredited material -- ruby -- in May 1960.
9 May 2007
An atmospheric monitor based on a microcantilever device coated with a reactive metal measures exposure to low levels of corrosive gases.
4 May 2007
Fast surface-profile measurements have been conducted with an uncertainty of just 4.1nm and no active noise compensation.
4 May 2007
Incorporating gold nanoparticles into viral protein provides a tool for studying viruses.
5 April 2007
We suggest a rule of thumb for comfortably viewing stereoscopic displays, and also highlight circumstances under which visual comfort may be compromised.
2 April 2007
Direct attachment of carbon nanotubes makes silicon substrates conduct even in the presence of a normally insulating oxide layer.
22 March 2007
A remote measurement and analysis system based on DataSocket technology from National Instruments' Measurement Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework offers improved flexibility and speed.
15 March 2007
Optical metrology's superior test and measurement capability has both expanding uses and growing challenges in industrial applications.
9 March 2007
A simple point-diffraction interferometer with phase-shifting capability has been designed using a pinhole fabricated from a lithium niobate crystal.
1 March 2007
A C-band external cavity diode laser, coupled to an inexpensive phosphor-coated camera, can be used to implement full-field interferometric phase measurement.
27 February 2007
Embedding a Bragg grating in an optical fiber improves the sensitivity and measuring resolution of micro- and nano-scale 3D probes.
27 February 2007
Novel mesoporous Bragg stacks consisting of spin-coated multilayers of mesoporous TiO2 and SiO2 have a sensitive tunable chemical detection ability.
27 February 2007
A novel integrated optical ammonia sensor can be fabricated using refined waveguides, a highly-stable electronic comparison scheme, and computerized data storage and processing.
27 February 2007
Combining two types of interferometry reveals in-plane motion with subnanometer resolution.
14 February 2007
Prototypes of autonomous visual perception systems that attempt to mimic biological vision can be fabricated using small, low-power chips and a depth perception design based on motion parallax.
14 February 2007
Diagnostic techniques for Sarin, a highly toxic nerve agent, have been translated to a real-time, low-cost microfluidics device.
12 February 2007
A specialty optical fiber has potential in both sensing applications and communications.
8 February 2007
Sensor network survivability is dramatically improved with use of a self-healing design that allows transmission along alternate routes to compensate for network link failures.
8 February 2007
In this video of his Photonics West presentation, David Krohn shares expert advice and perspective on the market potential, technology, opportunities and barriers in biophotonics.
5 February 2007
A low-cost technique for photometric characterization of extended sources allows accurate photometric measurements at long distance from near-distance measurements.
4 February 2007
A novel band selection technique developed for feature extraction of hyperspectral images uses a heuristic optimization algorithm.
29 January 2007
Combining a deformable mirror with a super-resolution algorithm enables higher-resolution images from a relatively simple system.
22 January 2007
Asynchronous optical sampling elevates laser-based ultrasonics to a new performance level.
16 January 2007
Electroactive polymers represent the actuators of the future.
16 January 2007
Technology developments have enabled the deployment of hyperspectral sensors to new application areas.
4 January 2007
Developments in hand-held assay device technology improve the detection and quantification of chemical and biological warfare agents in real time.
26 December 2006
Golf gadgetry incorporates optics in nearly 20 percent of recent applications, according to the latest featured patent review by analysts from Nerac.
14 December 2006
Optical tools originally developed for in-vivo coronary artery inspection prove adept at profiling the internal surface of a worn plasma torch electrode.
13 December 2006
Temperature-insensitive fiberoptic sensors can be made with low cost simply by measuring all the light reflected by a chirped fiber Bragg grating.
13 December 2006
A noninvasive ultrasonic optical technique provides a wealth of data that aids in locating and characterizing damage to structures.
29 November 2006
New standards make it easier to combine components from various manufacturers when building systems that automatically interpret images.
28 November 2006
A modular hardware and software system combined with a new calibration method enables measurements including fracture mechanics and vibration analysis.
21 November 2006
A single sensor can be used to extract 3D information from a scene by computing the orientation angles of the emitting surface normal vector.
17 November 2006
Simulations reveal that the dispersive properties of photonic-crystal structures can create chip-scale optical sensors to detect chemical, biological, and gaseous agents.
15 November 2006
Side-illumination tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of silicon structures provides unprecedented lateral resolution.
14 November 2006
A surprisingly simple device combines diffractive optics and digital holography to characterize the complete electric field of femtosecond laser pulses.
10 November 2006
By adapting techniques used for gravitational-wave detection, a new fiber-based sensing methodology enables unprecedented remote broadband strain detection at acoustic frequencies.
1 November 2006
By adjusting the composition of thin films, particularly the elements used for doping, these materials can detect gases with high sensitivity.
1 November 2006
A novel winding method promises smaller but still accurate fiber-optic rotation sensors made from less expensive components.
1 November 2006
Shearography can be used to scan large areas at high resolution to reveal delaminations and debonding in layered, composite materials.
15 October 2006
Tilted-drop casting creates densely packed, uniaxially aligned, carbon nanotubes that can form the semiconducting layer in thin-film transistors.
12 October 2006
A new method of processing vibration data can reveal mechanical faults in electric motors on the production line.
5 October 2006
This month's featured patent review by analysts from Nerac
2 October 2006
New techniques for incorporating nanostructures into hybrid nanoporous/microporous silicon allow both enhanced chemical sensors and efficient microreactors.
26 September 2006
An integrated module based on nematic liquid crystal technology has an accuracy better than 1%.
19 September 2006
The use of morphing structures, coupled with a neural-inspired control system, provides efficient propulsion for an autonomous underwater robot.
6 September 2006
Spectroscopic, ellipsometric, interferometric, photothermal, and combined methods that use dispersion and structural models, all allow optical properties to be determined.
4 September 2006
New methods extend the range of conoscopic holography for quality control in manufacturing by offering longer working distances, more efficient signal processing, and better resolution.
14 August 2006
This month's featured patent review by analysts from Nerac.
10 August 2006
A prototype system uses visible/near-infrared light and multispectral imaging techniques to automatically categorize the condition of chicken carcasses at industrial speeds.
7 August 2006
A standing-wave interferometer based on a novel photodetector can measure length to nanometer accuracy by sampling an optical standing wave.
28 July 2006
An innovative technique detects and localizes damage to aeronautical structures in real time.
12 July 2006
Controlled thermal interdiffusion was used to fabricate a two-color InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot IR photodetector with 0.8μm-offset peak responses.
11 July 2006
A new interferometer can measure even non-planar, rough surfaces with high accuracy, as well as being insensitive to vibration.
7 July 2006
Polymeric molecules that expand and contract with temperature are used to connect assemblies of nanoparticles, exemplifying nanoscale devices that can be used as probes for measuring temperature in fluids.
12 June 2006
A highly sensitive ZnO nanowire field-effect sensor has electrically controlled sensitivity, refreshability, and distinguishability.
8 June 2006
Microstructured and multicore fibers have been used to build compact, high power lasers, including one with of nearly 5W output from a 3.5cm active length.
7 June 2006
Emergency first responders can detect and identify chemicals with passive insruments mounted on an aircraft sent to monitor the scene.
7 June 2006
An innovative bio-inspired approach has achieved a strong attachment between polymer sheets and the ceramic films using a buffer nanolayer.
26 May 2006
Compact, inexpensive, temperature-tunable thin-film filters take advantage of thermal properties of amorphous semiconductors.
23 May 2006
Acoustical and physical measurements—like temperature, pressure, etc.—are combined with image-processing inspection methods in a new approach for print-flaw detection in printing machines.
22 May 2006
An intelligent robot camera using so-called ‘creative control’ can solve a set of problems in dynamic programming and optimal control.
15 May 2006
Optical sensors and signal processing algorithms can analyze the radiation emitted by flames to monitor and control industrial burners.
12 May 2006
Low-coherence interferometry of translucent industrial materials may prove to be an invaluable non-destructive characterization technique.
10 May 2006
A prototype chemical device can perform micro-stirring, pH measurement and control, and even the sensing of single molecules.
1 May 2006
IR spectrometer measurements can determine the temperature of a stack plume, with the help of molecular physics.
27 April 2006
A comprehensive reference library, critical to interpreting spectral data from IR spectroscopy, is in development at PNNL
12 April 2006
The first long-wave infrared camera based on self-assembled nanoscale quantum dots has been used to image objects at room temperature.
10 April 2006
A new platform of photoluminescent sensors excited by an array of OLED pixels is being developed for a broad range of medical, environmental, and industrial applications.
2 April 2006
SPIE Professional April 2006
31 March 2006
A technique that allows soft x-rays to be focused using reflective elements that mimic a lobster's eye is extended to hard x-rays.
21 March 2006
Coupled with an odor-sample concentrator, these devices can be extremely effective for identifying the presence of fragrant natural products and chemicals, even in very low concentrations.
17 March 2006
MEMS systems technologies make possible portable IR micro-spectrometers that are small, insensitive to vibrations, and potentially low cost.
13 March 2006
Manufacturers need a better way to inspect devices for defects before shipping diode lasers to customers.
7 February 2006
By applying near-infrared en-face OCT to paintings, we can examine the optical properties of the varnish and paint layers, drying processes, and the underdrawings.
7 February 2006
Highly localized solid state molecular sensors can be tuned to detect the signatures of specific chemical and biological agents in real time and can be integrated with existing silicon devices in miniature systems.
7 February 2006
A specially-designed refractometer system measures refractive index to one to two orders of magnitude better accuracy than before. This new system has been used for many infrared lens materials down to temperatures as low as 15K.
7 February 2006
A new microchip analyzes thousands of cells per minute in an enclosed microfluidic environment.
7 February 2006
New fiber-optic sensor systems enable non-destructive plant biotechnology monitoring.
1 February 2006
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