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All Technical Articles - Sensing & Measurement

All Newsroom Technical Articles, starting with the most recently posted:


World's oldest dedicated university optics center celebrates a hundred years of optics-related research and education, but notes the need to widen participation.

19 March 2018

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: Quantum technology on exhibit at Moscone Center.

7 March 2018
SPIE logo

The Photonics West Show Daily spoke with recruiters and students about the optics and photonics job market.

26 February 2018

Can quantitative phase imaging help combat dementia and find a cure for cancer? The technology is set but developers need to increase awareness among biologists, hears Rebecca Pool.

19 February 2018

SPIE, one of seven international organization members of the International Commission for Optics, has supported the mission of the organization for many years.

14 February 2018

Developing the optics behind LIGO's gravitational wave detectors saw photonics engineers and vendors collaborating on ground-breaking technology. Now those systems are being upgraded further.

12 February 2018
SPIE PW orange

R&D highlights from the 2018 session: Presentations from leading researchers in biophotonics.

5 February 2018

Taking a path less traveled by women.

29 January 2018
SPIE logo

The 2018 SPIE President shares her career path, education, and other interests with the members of SPIE.

27 January 2018
SPIE logo

Since its inception in 1955, SPIE has focused on providing a conduit for ideas in photonics and optics in a growing and vibrant global marketplace.

26 January 2018

The deployment of DFOS is still in its infancy, but as more people become aware of the technology, it will gain wider use.

24 January 2018

Optics plays dominant role in medical imaging market.

22 January 2018

SPIE Classics celebrates 25 years of research and development in optical coherence tomography.

10 January 2018

New medical imaging technologies may accelerate the early detection of cancers.

16 November 2017
SPIE logo

Struggles for opportunity and inclusion are familiar to many women and minorities working to make a career in a STEM.

15 November 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt discusses the usefulness and versatlity of fiber Bragg gratings.

10 November 2017

SPIE Classics offers a look at STEM education and outreach programs.

8 November 2017
Mt Wilson Observatory

SPIE Classics and the SPIE Digital Library celebrate the 100th anniversary of the telescope that revealed the universe.

3 November 2017
from article 4125

SPIE Classics celebrates 100 years of optics education and research at top-ranked institution.

20 October 2017
OE_Evaluation of_thumb

An SPIE journal article describes three different methods of assessing the effects of dazzle with two different dazzle protection schemes.

16 October 2017
SPIE logo

Several conferences scheduled for SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2018 will provide forums for the latest information on systems and technologies enabling -and ensuring security within - the IoT.

13 October 2017
SPIE logo

Hyperspectral imaging, like many other of today's technologies, is moving into numerous commercial markets after developing and maturing in the defense sector.

9 October 2017

SPIE Classics celebrates the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.

3 October 2017
from OP presentation, M. Mantysalo,  TTY

A presentation from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

29 September 2017
SPIE Optics + Photonics plenary talks

A plenary talk from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

21 September 2017
The reflected light from photonic crystal mirrors exhibits a phase shift that varies rapidly with wavelength, complicating design but also enabling new applications.
18 September 2017

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) covers the rapid developments in autonomous remote sensing.

11 September 2017
Thumb from article 4475

SPIE Classics looks at progress in weather satellite technology.

30 August 2017

Photonics-based radar with optical generation and de-chirp processing of broadband linear frequency modulation (LFM) signals enables real-time ultra-high resolution target detection and imaging.

28 August 2017
GOES-R_GOES-16 logo

SPIE Classics celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Voyager space probes.

21 August 2017
A single photomask is used to align the coordinate systems of two separate metrology tools, to within 25 parts per billion.
9 August 2017
A novel multiple-edge anomalous x-ray diffraction technique can probe and quantify lattice-site-specific elemental occupancy in nanoscale complex alloys, including ultrathin epitaxial films of Heusler alloys.
7 August 2017
GOES-R_GOES-16 logo

GOES-16 is the newest NOAA-NASA weather satellite in geostationary orbit and will provide high-definition images and other data for weather forecasting, severe storm tracking, and meteorology research.

4 August 2017

SPIE Fellow Joseph Shaw shows how to observe and photograph optical phenomena from aloft. (An SPIE Professional article).

28 July 2017

The magic of photonic circuitry. (An SPIE Professional article).

24 July 2017
Three lidar receiver technologies are compared using the total laser energy required to perform a set of imaging tasks.
17 July 2017
An atomic motion sensor, developed by modifying the dispersion of an atomic medium via electromagnetically induced transparency, shows promise for inertial sensing and studies in fundamental physics.
6 July 2017
Quantum cascade lasers and photoacoustic spectrophones are used to monitor atmospheric levels of methane and black carbon, respectively.
12 June 2017
LIGO detects gravitational waves

SPIE Classics offers a look at the timeline of LIGO's historic discoveries of gravitational waves.

1 June 2017

Space technologies find their place in healthcare applications. (An SPIE Professional article.)

20 April 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt discusses the use of strain gauges in optical engineering.

12 April 2017
Fully digital arrays of single-photon avalanche diodes enable simpler experimental setups and faster data aquisition rates compared with standard technologies.
11 April 2017

Optical technology defends against counterfeit drugs. (An SPIE Professional magazine article.)

7 April 2017

This SPIE Press Book excerpt focuses on UAV imaging platforms.

6 April 2017
Freestanding diamond nanostructures are etched from a bulk diamond substrate and integrated with evanescently coupled superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors.
23 March 2017
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering can be used as an alternative approach for evaluating the toxicity of nanoparticles in single living cells, bypassing the complications faced by conventional cytotoxicity assays.
13 March 2017

Optics and photonics technologies provide the eyes for self-driving cars. (An SPIE Professional magazine article. )

3 March 2017
Experimental results from highly scattering media are obtained with a novel refractometer and are contrary to standard theoretical predictions.
2 March 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt addresses the unique challenges of unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.

27 February 2017
Three rotational mirrors are used in the Saccade Mirror 3 system to achieve a wide gaze-control range of more than 180° and a high-speed response of less than 5ms.
23 February 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt provides an inside view of the automatic target recognition (ATR) field from the perspective of an engineer working in the field for 40 years.

21 February 2017
Photonics West_thumb

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily:The first-ever neurophotonics plenary session at Photonics West featured 10 rapid-fire presentations covering the broad spectrum of current neurophotonics R&D.

16 February 2017
A suite of flexible and biocompatible threads, embedded with sensors and electronics, can be sutured/woven into tissue for in situ measurements of physical and chemical biomarkers.
13 February 2017
An innovative full-field optical technique can be used to measure deformation of ocular tissue with nanometric accuracy.
8 February 2017
Results from a series of tests in a large saltwater tank demonstrate that IR polarimetric images provide much better contrast between oil and water than conventional visible and thermal IR measurements.
18 January 2017
A new aircraft-certified instrument is suitable for unattended operation on the Polar 6 aircraft, and will ultimately be redesigned as a future microsatellite payload.
4 January 2017
Recent advances in laser technology enable a betatron hard x-ray source, with which ultrahigh resolution and fast biomedical imaging may be realized.
26 December 2016
A unique optical phenomenon allows ultrafast, light-dependent control over the photocurrent response of a single-phase material.
21 December 2016
A new instrument operates in the far-UV wavelength range and is compatible with a range of satellite platforms for science and space-operation support endeavors.
20 December 2016
Plasmonic oscillations on graphene and 2D biocompatible nanomaterials are combined to yield ultrasensitive devices suitable for clinical diagnostics and early treatment of disease.
9 December 2016
Unraveling the coherent optical response of excited quasi-particles inside semiconductor devices will lay the foundation for the rational design of future photonic devices operating in the quantum regime.
7 December 2016
Diffuse correlation spectroscopy and time-resolved near-IR spectroscopy are used in the BabyLux tool to monitor cerebral oxygenation and hemodynamics.
6 December 2016
Characterizing the spectral features of exhaust gases via IR hyperspectral detection enables the standoff detection of distant ships.
22 November 2016
In the Active Learning in Optics and Photonics program teachers are taught inquiry-based strategies, and low-cost optics technologies are brought to the classroom.
21 November 2016
High throughput, enhanced detection performance, and full-body illumination can be achieved with a scanner concept based on existing millimeter-wave technology.
14 November 2016
Atmospheric absorption peaks and near-IR properties of common materials are used in a new method for studying water quality over large areas.
11 November 2016
A high-throughput and reproducible lithographic approach enables the formation of ordered nanostructures on optical fiber tips that act as efficient surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy detectors.
5 November 2016

A photoemitter x-ray source array, single-phase grating, and photonic-channeled x-ray detector array provide a larger field of view and improved fringe contrast than conventional systems.

1 November 2016
A 10cm3, physically robust instrument has been tested in wind-tunnel experiments, and is suitable for diffusion and convection studies.
28 October 2016
Metallic magnetoplasmonic nanostructures are used for the transducer layers in novel probes to achieve enhanced sensitivity.
24 October 2016
A novel laser ablation in liquids approach, with ultrashort laser pulses, is used to fabricate substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of secondary explosive molecules.
18 October 2016
Robotic ‘tongues’ that have continuous and compliant backbones enable robots to grasp objects that are otherwise difficult or infeasible to capture when using parallel jaw grippers.
26 September 2016

A decade's worth of advances in five years is the goal of the photonics community and partners, working on imaging, diagnostics and data management.

23 September 2016
Hyperspectral imaging and chemometric methods are combined in an innovative approach for fast, in situ, and low-cost asbestos recognition.
8 September 2016
The use of minimum resolvable contrast measurements enables a uniform approach to characterizing imaging sensor performance in the visible, near-IR, and shortwave IR spectral ranges.
31 August 2016
A novel all-optical technique allows conduction and valence band modifications to be studied on a femtosecond timescale.
31 August 2016
An assay based on silver nanoparticles of different colors provides rapid diagnosis for multiple diseases.
24 August 2016
Nanoscale patterning transforms weak absorbers into near-perfect absorbers that may be used for night vision and agricultural monitoring applications.
24 August 2016
The very high flux of an x-ray beam reflected from a mirror is used for rapid synchrotron microtomography, as an alternative to monochromatic beams.
22 August 2016

Tactile sensors and ‘electronic skin’ made from 2D materials could be worn on the body to enable continuous monitoring of motion.

18 August 2016
With an increasing number of microphone and reflector array elements, photoacoustic signals can be enhanced and noise can be suppressed, without an increase in detection time.
17 August 2016
Preliminary results from a single-trial rapid serial visual representation task demonstrate the potential for enabling generalized human-autonomy sensor fusion across multiple subjects.
13 August 2016
A new computational imaging approach to x-ray tomography enables real-time material identification of complex objects from a single measurement.
10 August 2016
Emerging interferometric techniques are combined with uncooled microbolometers in the Miniaturized IR Detection of Atmospheric Species instrument.
9 August 2016
A novel strategy is used to synthesize porous gold-silver alloy nanospheres encased in ultrathin silica shells that can act as highly sensitive single-particle probes.
4 August 2016
A microsphere superlens is used to convert evanescent waves into propagating waves and provide an imaging efficiency that is 40 times higher than for atomic force microscopy.
2 August 2016
A new three-probe measurement system has been developed and implemented with a data-stitching algorithm to improve its accuracy.
7 July 2016
Biosensors printed using laser-induced forward transfer can be optimized using a novel complementary-strand method to achieve high sensitivity for multiple-analyte detection.
28 June 2016

Wearable devices are rapidly advancing in terms of technology, functionality and size, with more real-time applications. The disruption has already begun in health monitoring.

21 June 2016
A new pixel-based absolute test method is used to determine the zero-gravity surface shape of a target mirror under normal gravity conditions and to remove interferometric errors.
17 June 2016
Material-specific spectral signatures are produced in a new methodology that enables simpler standoff detection.
11 June 2016
A variety of numerical tools can be used to compensate for unwanted aberrations in acquired digitized holograms and improve the precision of metrology measurements.
10 June 2016
Silica optical fiber Bragg grating sensors made with ultrafast lasers are ideally suited for sensing in high-temperature environments.
4 June 2016
Single-point terahertz inspection and time-domain terahertz reflection tomography methods are used in a new anomaly detection system that has high detection probabilities and low false alarm rates.
28 May 2016
Novel liquid-crystalline polymers that respond to specific stimuli by changing their shape or color can be used as soft actuators and optical sensors for environmental, energy, and biomedical applications.
17 May 2016
A novel elastomer-based device combines electroadhesion with electroactive polymer actuation, and can hold objects up to 80 times its weight.
11 May 2016

A physical analytical model has been developed for a novel graphene-nanoribbon-based device.

2 May 2016
Microspherical whispering gallery mode resonators provide a simpler, cheaper, and more compact laser source for emission in the continuous-wave regime at all visible wavelengths.
22 April 2016
A novel low-cost scanning microscope enables robust, scalable imaging for microfluidic systems and photonic integrated circuits.
22 April 2016
A new hardware-accelerated projective transformation engine is embedded within a high-speed digital light processing projector.
18 April 2016
LIGO test mass

The first detection of a gravitational wave depended on large surfaces with excellent flatness, combined with low microroughness and the ability to mitigate environmental noise.

15 April 2016

Monitoring the properties of light transmitted through a thread of spider silk enables detection of trace amounts of chemical compounds.

5 April 2016
A laser Doppler vibrometer is used in a camera-based tracking system to survey the vibrations of rotor blades during normal operation of a power plant.
1 April 2016
Remote sensing technologies enable plant breeders and geneticists to characterize canopy function in thousands of plant varieties.
25 March 2016
A novel approach merges the sensitivity of plasmon-enhanced spectroscopies with the quality and integrability of semiconductor devices for mid-IR sensing.
25 March 2016
A tiny, low-cost evanescent-field biosensor chip with a directly integrated optical detector enables carcinogenic contaminant detection and shows promise for point-of-use application.
21 March 2016
A new type of chemical sensor is based on a magnetic surface spin wave oscillator as a magnetic field detector, combined with a layer of magnetic nanoparticles as the gas-sensitive medium.
16 March 2016
A variant of Raman spectroscopy allows detection and identification of concealed material without affecting the sample, showing promise as a defense technique.
8 March 2016
A statistical analysis shows that the predictability of extreme events is different for distinct rogue-wave supporting systems.
7 March 2016
Advances in laser cooling of atoms have produced a new generation of inertial sensors based on matter-wave interferometers, which are becoming an essential technology for accurate positioning or geodesy.
1 March 2016
Multimodal sensors enhance chemical selectivity and reduce false-positive/negative signals in explosive vapor detection.
24 February 2016
Terahertz images obtained with solid-state-based sensors at different frequencies can be used to analyze the chemical content of packaged materials when the spectra are known a priori.
22 February 2016
The DNA nucleobase guanine can maintain graphene's electrical properties, and may have potential applications in flexible, graphene-based sensors for use on the body.
18 February 2016
Photonic integrated circuits can be used with terbium-doped fibers or cerium-doped yttrium iron garnet waveguides to achieve high sensitivity and small footprints.
13 February 2016

The singly quantized vortices in superfluids can provide an ‘atomic theory’ of turbulence (for which there is no general theory), enabling a ‘video camera’ operating at ∼100 microkelvin to image vortices.

11 February 2016
LIGO detects gravitational waves

A hundred years after Einstein predicted them, gravitational waves from a cataclysmic event a billion years ago have been observed.

11 February 2016
A miniature wireless optical remote chemical sensing network improves the accuracy of mid-wave and long-wave IR chemical detection.
8 February 2016
DNA electronic devices can distinguish various forms of DNA damage and are now being used to follow anticancer drug activity.
6 February 2016
Absolute interferometric length measurements can be used to characterize ultrastable structures at cryogenic temperatures.
3 February 2016
Imaging luminescence polarization under excitation by a tightly focused laser reveals novel phenomena related to spin transport in semiconductors.
29 January 2016
Integration of planar nanophotonics and microfluidics offers a new route for high-throughput sorting of bacterial cells in real time.
28 January 2016
Coupled dipole-patch nano-antenna cells are used in a new approach to impose an arbitrary phase profile on reflected light.
28 January 2016
A near-IR laser spectroscopic technique enables continuous in situ measurements of methane emissions in rural northern India.
27 January 2016
Long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguides are used in a novel sensor for the detection of kappa and lambda light chain immunoglobulin relative concentrations.
22 January 2016
A continuous-wave external-cavity quantum cascade laser is integrated with a multipass absorption cell to target a hydrogen peroxide interference-free absorption line at 1234.055cm−1.
15 January 2016
A coating of tungsten oxide, palladium, and platinum on optical fibers produces a hydrogen sensor capable of detecting and measuring concentrations down to the parts-per-million level.
13 January 2016
Ubiquitous capable devices, which are empowered by the Internet of Things, have the potential to transform science and diagnostics by enabling large networks of remote measurements.
8 January 2016
Coating short optical fibers with a layer of nanoporous metal-organic-framework material significantly improves the near-IR absorption of various gases, achieving part-per-million sensitivity.
29 December 2015

Microlasers can be embedded inside single mammalian cells, enabling the tagging of a large number of cells and very sensitive real-time sensing of the forces and refractive indices within cells.

21 December 2015
A novel double-pulse 2μm integrated path differential absorption lidar instrument has been developed for measuring carbon dioxide column content.
15 December 2015
Simulations of a new backscatter imaging approach are compared with experimental results.
14 December 2015
A technique combining Raman and Fourier transform IR spectroscopies enables simultaneous topographical and chemical imaging at high resolution.
4 December 2015
Imaging techniques based on autofluorescence and reflectance offer objective diagnosis of middle-ear pathological conditions.
30 November 2015
Significant improvements in renewable energy forecasting have been demonstrated via situation-dependent error correction and blending of models using machine learning.
18 November 2015
Supercontinuum sources for incoherent broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy enable high-sensitivity measurements.
16 November 2015
Advancements in processing and design enable printed electronics for applications including ultra-low-cost sensors to monitor food quality.
11 November 2015
A graphene-based quantum-point-contact transistor with a nanopore enables the sensing of double- and single-stranded DNA.
4 November 2015
A beamline to characterize electrons with very high energy resolution would help explore the link between electron behavior and material properties.
28 October 2015
Europium-doped strontium iodide is a recently discovered material that may present a good choice for future geochemical investigations of solar system bodies.
23 October 2015
Electrochemical transistors based on organic polymers enable a potentiometric sensing platform for flexible, versatile, and disposable biosensors.
22 October 2015
A new tactile sensing device that simultaneously detects thermal and mechanical stimuli could find use in artificial skin systems.
14 October 2015
Streetlights in Durham, NC  (Christopher Kyba, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

New streetlight installations have resulted in a dramatic increase in scattered light, but cities can avoid adding to it by asking the right questions.

5 October 2015
Ultrafast electron diffraction and intense femtosecond laser pulses are used to achieve unprecedented imaging resolutions.
2 October 2015
Grade-school students in New York City can have a hands-on educational experience with a scanning electron microscope on board the BioBus.
2 October 2015
Silicon nanowires prepared by wet etching and decorated by metal nanoparticles enable interference-free laser desorption-ionization mass spectrometry of low-molecular-weight analytes.
18 September 2015
A novel spectroscopic imaging technique reveals local variations in the recombination and transport of charge carriers within polycrystalline materials.
16 September 2015
Diluting organic molecules in a polymer matrix material suppresses non-radiative behavior, leading to biluminescence, wherein light is emitted efficiently from both singlet and triplet states.
11 September 2015
A novel interferometer setup, which is based on liquid crystal media, allows small optical modulations to be measured in noisy environments and with distorted wavefronts.
13 August 2015
Smart design of optofluidic labs-on-chips offers the sensitivity of laboratory-scale optical detection instruments with portability, fast response times, low sample consumption, and parallel processing and read-out.
12 August 2015
Pump-probe imaging can generate 3D images of artwork, pottery, and other objects using less power than a laser pointer.
12 August 2015

A new technique enables full-field, non-contact, and highly sensitive measurements.

6 August 2015

A novel experimental approach is used to measure spectral correlations between photoexcitations and thus investigate the generation of photocarriers in excitonic solar cells.

4 August 2015
Raman spectroscopy can be used to measure small misalignment distances between top and bottom graphene layers.
31 July 2015
A novel approach can be used for industrial sorting and presents several advantages over conventional hyperspectral imaging techniques.
30 July 2015
When in relative motion, plates of a Fabry-Perot interferometer generate a unique resonance with negative frequency if separated by a gap of critical size.
27 July 2015
Field-effect transistors based on semiconductor nanowires can operate as fast and sensitive plasma-wave terahertz detectors that are versatile and easy to grow.
21 July 2015
Calculating emissivity from IR thermal images offers an indirect method of measuring water in soil some millimeters below ground.
1 July 2015
Changes in the whispering gallery mode resonance of liquid crystal droplets offer insight into their internal ordering.
26 June 2015
A lock-in algorithm is used to combine digital image correlation with thermoelastic stress analyses to offer greater data richness, paving the way to strain-based nondestructive evaluation.
15 June 2015

Quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR spectrometers are used to detect threats in the air, and on various surfaces, at both short and long standoff distances.

11 June 2015
Random measurements, based on compressive sensing, are used to overcome the uncertainty principle of standard techniques.
10 June 2015
New fiber sensors are structured by laser writing and chemical etching to interconnect optical circuits with the core waveguide and probe integrated sensors embedded within the surrounding fiber cladding.
8 June 2015
Radar backscatter using L-band microwave frequencies from the Advanced Land Observing Satellite enables the generation of maps of global forest cover for 2007–2010.
5 June 2015
Use of high-power laser pulses to ablate samples enables reliable identification of solid materials on a high-speed conveyor belt.
1 June 2015
Nepal earthquake response with Aeryon sUAV

From satellites to smartphones, today's imaging technologies have proven instrumental to relief efforts in Nepal.

21 May 2015
Electrolyte-gated field-effect transistors enable reliable and highly sensitive biosensors on flexible and disposable substrates, ideal for next-generation point-of-care devices.
18 May 2015
Capillaries filled with brightly fluorescent quantum dots act as durable, inexpensive microfluidic biosensors.
11 May 2015
Photonic approaches enable measurements with wide frequency coverage and large instantaneous bandwidth.
7 May 2015
A small and inexpensive sensor system detects a variety of target molecules in the air with very high sensitivity and good selectivity.
5 May 2015
Variations in layer thickness within the multilayer structure of organic LEDs produce shifts in color and radiance, with angular variations due to interference fringes.
29 April 2015
A flexible, non-invasive organic optoelectronic device can be worn on the body to measure signals from muscles and control artificial limbs.
20 April 2015
Novel electronic properties displayed by 2D materials may allow the energy-efficiency limit of silicon transistors to be broken.
14 April 2015
Methods for measuring the mechanics of surface-attached bacterial systems on a range of lengthscales enables enhanced understanding of their disease-causing properties.
9 April 2015
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering captures spectral information from living cells, improving our understanding of a cell's molecular status.
6 April 2015
Magnetoelastic biosensors detect food-borne pathogens on-site, directly, and in real time.
3 April 2015
Using terahertz pump–terahertz probe spectroscopy in conventional superconductors enables the observation of the Higgs mode, revealing its resonant nonlinear coupling to the light field.
30 March 2015
Advances in material purity and laser light absorption offer new possibilities for vibration-free cryogenic cooling.
13 March 2015
Exploiting optical modes generated at the surface of some metals or nanoparticles can enhance absorption, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy for sensing applications.
20 February 2015

A new method from the lab of Nobel laureate W. E. Moerner enables the direct visualization of the binding and unbinding interactions between single biomolecules in aqueous solution by observing the diffusion coefficient and electrokinetic mobility.

17 February 2015
Methods such as digital photoelasticity and digital moiré interfero metry can be customized to examine and characterize the response of dental hard tissue to mechanical and thermal forces.
10 February 2015
Single-photon avalanche diodes are integrated with high-speed time-to-digital converters in new cost-effective image sensors.
2 February 2015
A new instrument can measure objects with apertures that range from 20 to 200mm or more, and consists of a laser diode, a conical mirror, and a miniature CCD or CMOS camera.
30 January 2015
Two designs, one based on a wavelength filter and one on Fourier domain mode locking, enable dynamic measurements to be made using fiber-optic sensors.
15 January 2015
Two novel deformation carrier fabrication methods, using nanoimprint lithography and micromachine technology, respectively, enable the measurement of mechanical behavior under thermal shock.
13 January 2015
A novel artificial optical material combines the most interesting features of hyperbolic metamaterials and photonic crystals.
9 January 2015
A coordinated lidar network in the northeastern United States explored the optical properties of transported plumes from fires and dust and diagnosed chemical transport model concentration biases.
30 December 2014
A home monitoring system uses ambient sensors to observe the daily activities of multiple inhabitants, and provides tools to analyze short- and long-term behavior patterns.
24 December 2014
A low-resolution visual sensor network enables monitoring of elderly people's health and safety at home, postponing institutionalized healthcare.
23 December 2014
A label-free optical biosensing platform, capable of monitoring single DNA molecules and their interaction kinetics, achieves unprecedented sensitivity in the optical domain.
22 December 2014
A new generation of robust multimaterial chalcogenide optical fibers offers transparency across the mid-IR range.
12 December 2014

Success stories from teachers show that STEM curriculum using the scanning electron microscope excites their students and improves academic performance.

3 December 2014

Novel combinations of polishing techniques on fused silica substrates produce super-polished mirrors with effective surface roughness of 0.25nm.

2 December 2014

In-flight radiometric calibration procedures will be used to track changes in instrument throughput during the mission and to verify pre-flight laboratory tests.

1 December 2014

Metasurfaces that can be reconfigured by microelectromechanical systems allow extreme switching in scattering parameters.

19 November 2014
The optical serial coherent analyzer of radio frequency combines aspects of electronic and photonics-assisted devices.
11 November 2014
Polarization-controlled focusing of surface plasmon polaritons is investigated experimentally and theoretically with a novel system.
3 November 2014
Disposable free-form plastic prisms and common-path phase interrogation cut development costs.
23 October 2014

The Visible and Near-IR Imaging Spectrometer onboard China's Chang'E 3 lunar rover uses non-collinear acousto-optic tunable filters to make mineralogical and compositional measurements.

22 October 2014
The gas sensitivity of hybrid materials formed by an organic dye and a wide-bandgap semiconductor is enhanced by the exposure to visible light.
14 October 2014

A novel imaging and tissue analysis scheme in the terahertz frequency band has the benefits of simplicity, coherence, and high sensitivity.

2 October 2014

Difference-frequency generation in quantum cascade lasers enables room-temperature emission from 1 to 6THz.

1 October 2014

Ordered lattices of nanostructures with unique electromagnetic properties not found in nature offer novel sensing possibilities for diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease.

30 September 2014
Spin-dependent spatial beam splitting in the photonic spin Hall effect is sensitive to variations in the thickness of metal and graphene nanofilms.
16 September 2014
New up-conversion interferometers use sum-frequency generation processes and allow efficient analyses at IR and visible wavelengths.
9 September 2014
Incorporating a lithium niobate electro-optic phase modulator into an interferometric fringe projection system could permit imaging at rates of megahertz or even gigahertz.
29 August 2014
New lidar systems and algorithms permit in situ real-time monitoring as part of a global network.
26 August 2014
Breaking down statements into their component facts, and developing a reporting format that includes the methods used to obtain them, helps improve the quality of image analysis.
21 August 2014
A single-shot exposure of a commercial monochromatic image sensor can simultaneously record 3D spatial information as well as quantitative phase, multiwavelength, and polarization data.
14 August 2014
Adaptive confocal laser scanning microscopy and laser interferometry systems have several applications in the fields of biomedicine and fluid mechanics.
7 August 2014

A new light-intensity modulation technique arising from a changing surface normal can measure the physical properties of a vibrating surface.

1 August 2014
Game theory using physical constraints, time-delay feedback, and asymmetric information structures guides autonomous vehicles.
1 August 2014
Ultraviolet light and nanospherical-lens lithography together fabricate large-area nano-ellipse arrays.
30 July 2014
Stress-induced light scattering can identify micro/nanoscale cracks caused by fine polishing.
18 July 2014
Airy light fields, with their unique transversal structures, offer new possibilities for 3D imaging by light sheet microscopy.
18 July 2014
A new label-free 3D imaging method using a commercial microscope and a quantitative phase imaging module reveals cellular structures of live cells with submicron resolution.
11 July 2014
A simple and low-cost direct laser writing technique using an ultralow linear absorption process enables production of specific 2D and 3D sub-microstructures.
9 July 2014
Techniques for reliable estimation of phase and its derivatives enable optical metrology with high estimation accuracy, good computational efficiency, and robustness against noise.
8 July 2014
The integration of photon-number-resolving detectors based on an array of niobium nitride nanowires into quantum photonic integrated circuits shows promise for future quantum computing applications.
7 July 2014
A new, simple, knowledge-unaided power-centroid radar approach yields high signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratios.
7 July 2014
An IR fiber-optic pyrometer measures temperatures above 250°C close to rotating components where other sensing techniques are unsuitable.
3 July 2014

A new approach has achieved quantum-enhanced contrast and resolution in biological microscopy, opening the possibility of subcellular imaging with unprecedented resolution.

26 June 2014
A system that analyzes data from networks of affordable platform-mounted sensors recognizes security threats to trucks, ships, trains, and other mobile assets.
17 June 2014
A reflective, intensity-modulated optical fiber sensor enables monitoring of tip clearance and tip timing in aircraft engines at low cost and high resolution.
17 June 2014
The implementation of polarization gratings enables a new kind of compact monolithic spectrometer capable of high spectral resolution with wide application in spectral measurements.
11 June 2014
Novel functional materials enable a class of embedded sensors suitable for extreme conditions.
10 June 2014
A project to develop new methods to rapidly model and analyze infrastructure using small, low-flying robots addresses many of the limitations of existing inspection processes.
9 June 2014
Advanced integrated pixels based on CMOS avalanche photodiodes could enable compact, low-cost, time-resolved image sensors.
4 June 2014
Filter paper decorated with plasmonic nanostructures acts as a flexible surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate for trace detection.
2 June 2014
Wearable wireless sensors and nonlinear dynamics identify postural characteristics relevant to balance control and dynamic stability, revealing predictive risk of falls among older adults.
28 May 2014
A handheld mid-IR laser imaging platform detects trace materials quickly and with high sensitivity for explosives detection and medical diagnosis.
20 May 2014
Controlling the spatial coherence and polarization of electromagnetic waves sheds new light on the measurement of the polarized bidirectional reflection distribution function in remote sensing.
15 May 2014
Printing ammonium nitrate onto a surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate using an inkjet system enables characterization of the material's polymorphic phases.
14 May 2014
The most ambitious biometric deployment in history, to enroll the iris patterns and other identifying data of all 1.2 billion Indian citizens in three years, has now passed its halfway mark.
7 May 2014
A novel portable instrument design for thermal analysis improves the differential temperature and temporal resolution of images that can be obtained even with uncooled detectors.
6 May 2014
A new optical multicore fiber design produces low levels of loss and cross talk.
5 May 2014
3D-printed robots are easily adapted to specific tasks and payloads and can be quickly dispatched in emergency situations.
25 April 2014
A 3D commercial vision sensor helps older people live autonomously at home for longer.
17 April 2014
Fiber optic sensors can detect the moisture, expansion, and cracks in reinforced concrete, enabling engineers to observe a structure's condition and predict its lifetime.
15 April 2014
Calibrating wavelength-dependent speckle patterns enables a multimode optical fiber to function as a spectrometer that is compact, lightweight, low cost, and provides high resolution with low loss.
8 April 2014
A mini array of five small-size telescopes has the potential to be used as part of the Cherenkov Telescope Array and to make highly sensitive observations.
8 April 2014
Combining low-order adaptive optics with lucky imaging removes the effects of atmospheric turbulence and produces images with unprecedented clarity at visible wavelengths.
8 April 2014
Novel fiber grating pressure sensors enable monitoring of highly energetic materials during nanosecond periods of burn, deflagration, and detonation.
2 April 2014
A smartphone high-resolution LCD allows efficient and accurate calibration of an inexpensive array of handheld microscopes for measuring dynamic events over a large field of view.
1 April 2014
Lithium/carbon fluoride chemistry makes possible an injectable novel microbattery that packs twice the energy of current commercial microbatteries.
31 March 2014
Microspheres of rare-earth-doped chalcogenide glass coupled to mid-IR amplifiers and lasers of tapered fibers may serve as efficient biomedical sensing devices.
18 March 2014

Strain-induced polarization charges in piezoelectric semiconductors modulate the electronic and optoelectronic processes of charge carriers at the interface, opening up novel applications.

17 March 2014
An on-telescope system that compensates for atmospheric turbulence will improve the telescope sensitivity, expand the target pool, and allow the study of young stars.
5 March 2014
Sequential full-field optical measurements of acoustic amplitude and phase of ultrasonic fields can be used to investigate scattering phenomena.
4 March 2014
Destructive interference greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio of fluorescence detection based on stimulated emission.
25 February 2014
High-contrast images can be obtained with space telescopes that are equipped with microelectromechanical systems deformable mirrors.
24 February 2014
A novel technique can be used to make high-resolution, wide-band, and high-speed measurements of amplitude, phase response, and polarization.
18 February 2014
Combining imaging, computation, software modeling, and satellite hosting systems with firefighting methods may enable cost-effective detection and monitoring of wildland fires in their first few minutes.
14 February 2014
A freeform fabrication process based on ultrasonic metal welding enables production of dense, gapless 3D structures of dissimilar metals, smart materials, heat management devices, and electronic components.
11 February 2014
A model-based scheme for characterizing mask features may enhance semiconductor pattern placement, enabling manufacturers to meet shrinking lithography error budgets and improve production yields.
10 February 2014
Using atomic force microscopy, metallic and semiconductor nanoparticles can be combined into arbitrary geometries to shape electromagnetic fields and change the emission properties of single-photon sources.
7 February 2014
Thoughtful design promotes and supports the parent-child bonding process in a neonatal intensive care unit during periods of parental absence.
6 February 2014
A novel grating fabrication technique based on nanoimprint lithography includes a composite stamp design with an optimized profile.
3 February 2014
A new imaging technique based on second harmonic generation can detect thickness, crystal orientation, and single-crystal domain size of novel 2D crystals.
29 January 2014
A novel instrument design, combined with careful calibration analysis techniques, enables accurate astronomical observations.
29 January 2014
Redesigned mid-IR devices have an asymmetric two-section master-oscillator power amplifier configuration.
28 January 2014
A thermal measurement system architecture designed for real-time, long-term monitoring of transportation infrastructures was evaluated on a bridge in Switzerland.
23 January 2014
A quartz-enhanced photo-acoustic gas sensor employing a custom quartz tuning fork enables extension of the technology into the terahertz range.
23 January 2014
A new method uses an ultra-stable mode-locked femtosecond laser, a single-pixel camera, and the compressive sensing technique to measure objects with depths of several centimeters.
21 January 2014
Liquid droplets are flexible and easy to produce, making them attractive as tunable light sources for a range of biologically relevant applications.
17 January 2014
A novel sensor technology uses only dielectric materials by attaching a nonlinear optical crystal to the flat surface of a D-shaped optical fiber.
10 January 2014
Nanoprobing is one of several novel approaches in processing, metrology, and process control that may enable integrated circuit manufacturers to cut their products' time to market.
6 January 2014
A novel laser-terahertz emission microscope is used to visualize changes in chemical and electrical potential.
31 December 2013
The combination of highly integrated radio systems-on-chips, ultra-low-power processing, and smart textiles enables body area networks and novel human-to-machine applications.
23 December 2013
Dual-wavelength laser pulses on red blood cells create a photoacoustic effect that enables high-resolution study of in vivo cellular oxygen consumption in normal and diseased tissues.
16 December 2013
A spectrally adjustable concentrator simulator permits more accurate assessment of high-performance photovoltaics.
12 December 2013
A new technique combines femtosecond laser spectroscopy and nanostructured gallium nitride semiconductor materials to increase the frequency of coherent acoustic spectroscopy measurements.
10 December 2013
Distributed sensors are used to simultaneously measure train speed, axle number and spacing, and dynamic load.
2 December 2013
A fast-response optical sensor based on a slot-waveguide micro-ring resonator with liquid-crystal filling enables more accurate temperature measurement with a nearly fivefold increase in sensitivity.
2 December 2013
A novel digital shearography system based on spatial phase shifts operates at high speed.
8 November 2013

A novel approach that stitches images from the highly sensitive Shack-Hartmann sensor system offers accurate measurement of x-ray optics.

30 October 2013
Recent progress in superconducting nanowire single-photon detector arrays is enabling advances in infrared photon-counting measurements and applications.
28 October 2013
The Laser Relativity Satellite is built from a specifically chosen, dense tungsten alloy and is covered with laser retroreflectors to test general relativity and fundamental physics.
21 October 2013

A nanosensor based on molecularly imprinted polymers and surface-enhanced Raman scattering provides an effective and robust chemical sensing platform for detecting explosive targets.

17 October 2013
Combining light projection with Fourier analysis, Fourier transform prolifometry promises to help researchers design better unmanned air vehicles based on flying insects and birds.
16 October 2013
The generalized Harvey-Shack surface scatter theory is the missing link that enables derivation of optical fabrication tolerances necessary to meet specific image quality requirements.
10 October 2013
Intentionally designing for perceptive qualities allows a person and an artifact to engage in reciprocal interplay of perceiving and being perceived, and gives insight into how to frame an artifact's intelligence.
2 October 2013
Enhancements to the whispering-gallery-mode plasmonic biosensor enable a high level of sensitivity in detecting nanoscopic protein particles, with application to the early treatment of disease.
30 September 2013

A highly accurate optical metrology method with wide dynamic range offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to interferometry.

18 September 2013

A new technique that automatically merges temporally distributed data is used to monitor changes both in power station pipelines and art conservation.

18 September 2013

A new pulse-modulated phase-shifting instrument eliminates variations in the intensity of interference signals.

13 September 2013
Modern scanning electron microscopes have become very user-friendly, but better understanding of the imaging mechanisms is needed to ensure accurate, quantitative data.
4 September 2013
Advances in microfabrication have led to the development of silicon-based chips capable of ultra-sensitive flow measurements of clinical bioparticles.
3 September 2013
Multilayered graphene petal nanosheets enhanced with platinum nanoparticles and enzyme glucose oxidase can monitor the wide range of glucose concentrations found in saliva, tears, blood, and urine.
3 September 2013
A novel approach uses advanced computational methods to record wave fields.
23 August 2013
A new approach uses hyperspectral and wideband data to identify concealed fissile materials remotely.
22 August 2013
Radially polarized light beams are produced using liquid crystal devices, manipulated with half-waveplates, and detected by vortex sensing gratings.
19 August 2013
A lensless optical configuration comprising laser and camera provides an ‘instant snapshot’ of the contraction statistics of muscle cells in an illuminated culture.
14 August 2013
Conventional optical microscopes can generate 3D data for economical, fast phase-defect analysis of masks used in extreme UV lithography.
8 August 2013
Full well depth is a better measure of camera performance than noise floor, the parameter that is more commonly used in the machine vision industry.
1 August 2013
A trio of advances address the performance challenges in an otherwise popular, easy-to-implement method of assessing displacement and strain in materials and structures.
30 July 2013
Better laser processing of electronics may result from using a microscope that captures images of laser-generated stress waves and transient strain distribution in single crystals.
16 July 2013
Micromachined probes permit on-wafer, in-situ measurements at submillimeter wavelengths and have been demonstrated at frequencies up to 900GHz.
10 July 2013
Excitation of multiple surface-plasmon-polariton waves guided by the interface of a metal and a chiral sculptured thin film promises robust multi-analyte sensing capabilities with a single sensor.
9 July 2013
A new spectroscopic Mueller matrix polarimeter evaluation technique measures periodic structures and identifies surface defects.
8 July 2013
The impact of Asia dust aerosols on aridity over Asia drylands can be detected by satellite data and ground Lidar measurements.
3 July 2013
A better way of characterizing light could enable innovative applications in areas such as biological diagnostics and remote sensing.
27 June 2013
Scanning laser interferometry with high-performance digital signal processors can measure distributed strain and characterize structural dynamics with millimeter resolution and at hundreds of Hertz.
14 June 2013
A novel laser instrument design has been developed for measuring vertical and horizontal profiles.
12 June 2013
Single-photon avalanche diodes offer ultra-sensitive light imaging for enhanced security surveillance and traffic safety.
10 June 2013
A new home tracking system based on a Microsoft Kinect sensor will help patients with the symptom of ‘freezing of gait.’
5 June 2013
By analyzing the content of electrical activity at the surface of the brain, researchers can distinguish between patients who are healthy and those with different types of cognitive impairment.
3 June 2013
Using inertial sampling, nanomechanical resonators can detect the concentration and individual mass of particles in the air and have the potential to become the next-generation portable mass spectrometers.
29 May 2013
A simple, accurate, and fast technique measures small displacements distributed across large structures by applying the sampling moiré method to digital images.
28 May 2013
Extending Deep Zoom technology allows the viewer to record a customized path through many image files, enabling further measurements.
24 May 2013
Piezoelectrically deformed substrates provide traveling wave-induced aerodynamic propulsive forces for a flat plastic sheet.
23 May 2013
Portable, microbench light sources based on diode lasers emitting at two wavelengths improve the ratio of signal-to-background noise for chemical analysis without wavelength calibration.
16 May 2013
New experiments characterize battery thermodynamics and highlight ubiquitous design problems that increase the risk of failure.
10 May 2013
Atomic physics techniques could enable a new design for gravitational wave detectors, allowing for a shorter baseline length and eliminating the need for multiple baselines.
6 May 2013
Sensitive, low-cost silicon carbide-based gas sensors can detect toxic emissions and hazardous nanoparticulate matter in previously untenable environments.
1 May 2013
Absolute measurement of luminescence enables the monitoring of spatial fluctuations that affect solar cell mechanisms.
26 April 2013
Optical instruments capable of measuring polarization properties without moving parts avoid misalignments and make fast measurements with high accuracy.
23 April 2013
The antiproton mass in units of the electron mass is determined with parts-per-billion scale precision by studying an exotic helium atom with two-photon laser spectroscopy.
22 April 2013
A digital holographic recording system that uses very short pulses of light to eliminate multiple scattering effects will provide images of liquid breakup in spray combustion.
4 April 2013
A new technique based on digital image correlation enables inspection and failure characterization of transparent solids.
25 March 2013
The plasmonic properties of metal nanocrystals deposited on surfaces can be fine-tuned to enhance the performance of novel sensing platforms based on tilted fiber Bragg gratings.
22 March 2013
Portable reflectance spectroscopy devices working in the UV, visible, and near-IR region allow non-invasive and in situ conservation assessment of artworks.
21 March 2013
An all-optical sensor enables non-contact temperature measurements of ceramic-coated turbine blades and vanes for the development and monitoring of advanced aircraft engines.
20 March 2013
A new portable, large field of view, schlieren camera system can be used to image air density gradients.
13 March 2013
A thermal annealing-assisted template stripping method can be used to mass-produce high-quality gold nanostructures.
12 March 2013
A European network of atmosphere sensors uses multi-wavelength elastic-Raman lidar instruments in its infrastructure.
11 March 2013
Microsensors inspired by blind cave fish can help submarine vehicles navigate and detect objects.
6 March 2013
Structural biologists use the ultra-intense pulses from x-ray lasers to overcome the problem of radiation damage in crystallography, removing the need for large, well-diffracting crystals.
21 February 2013
Plasmonic enhancement of whispering gallery mode sensors can increase their sensitivity by more than two orders of magnitude.
21 February 2013
Optical fiber technology employed in new, compact instruments can be used to measure atmospheric carbon dioxide content in previously unrepresented regions.
18 February 2013
A theoretical analysis shows that a sensor based on a white light cavity resonator implemented with a Brillouin fiber ring laser achieves ultra-high sensitivity.
15 February 2013
A high-resolution fluorescence microscope couples with the iPhone camera to analyze biological fluids where they are collected, saving time and money.
13 February 2013
A novel diffuse-light spectroscopy setup effectively grouped beers according to their main characteristics, predicted alcohol content, and distinguished Belgian beers from those of other countries.
12 February 2013
A unique 3D image correlation technique measures skin displacements, facial strains, and wrinkle formation.
6 February 2013
Compressive sensing provides a practical method for characterizing correlations between pairs of spatially entangled photons at high dimensions.
4 February 2013
A portable, advanced IR sensor in a hollow fiber matched to a silicon-micromachined fast gas chromatography column can analyze illegal stimulants and precursors with nanogram-level sensitivity.
30 January 2013
Monitoring of environmental nitrous acid and nitrogen dioxide at a suburban site is achieved using highly sensitive LED-based incoherent broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy.
18 January 2013

Parallelized imaging systems based on the chromatic confocal approach can be used for hyperspectral imaging and optical profilometry.

17 January 2013
Thousands of Dutch citizens will participate in a national experiment to measure aerosols with a spectropolarimetric add-on to their smartphones.
9 January 2013
Patterned photosensors using a light-sensitive protein can detect the speed and direction of a moving light spot allowing for improvements in robotic sensors.
27 December 2012
New strategies aim to produce fast, rectifying detectors of radiation at frequencies from 100GHz to beyond 1THz.
17 December 2012
A whispering gallery mode resonator inserted into the loop of a fiber ring laser promises a simpler, cheaper, higher-resolution detector for applications in ultra-sensitive sensing.
11 December 2012
The processing of mid-wave mercury cadmium telluride IR detector arrays grown by metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy was adapted to achieve high performance at high operating temperatures.
10 December 2012
Wearable skin sensors can monitor body signals with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, enabling in vitro diagnostics and the use of therapeutic devices.
3 December 2012
An optical technique detects small objects buried in turbid media with high lateral resolution and without the damaging effects of ionizing radiation that x-ray can cause.
3 December 2012
A hybrid whispering gallery mode/plasmonic biosensor can detect and size the smallest known virus, so that no viral particle can evade detection.
2 November 2012
A low-cost, battery-free wireless sensor for monitoring infrastructure safety can detect stress concentration and dangerous crack growth on various structures.
24 October 2012
A new compact, robust, and eye-safe scanning system detects and tracks respirable aerosols at mid- to long-range distances.
16 October 2012
A novel film architecture can potentially be used to detect trace contaminants in air and drinking water with high sensitivity.
15 October 2012
An algorithm inspired by hoverfly flight helps mobile sensor devices to navigate their surroundings by finding optimal trajectories through their environment.
11 October 2012
Combining multivariate statistical analysis, Raman spectroscopy, and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy helps to identify and classify the material constituents of artworks.
5 October 2012
Persistent surveillance in urban environments requires efficient sensing operations that can image sparse scenes for quick turnaround and reliable situational awareness.
27 September 2012
Craig BarrettThe former chairman of Intel weighs in on the Optics and Photonics report from the National Academies.
10 September 2012
Successful nanofabrication of daisy-like surface topologies for development of novel plasmonic sensors was accomplished.
24 September 2012
Acoustic waves can be used to effectively measure thermal conductance features at structural interfaces.
4 September 2012
A novel algorithm estimates a surface profile from an interference color image without any precalibration.
21 August 2012
Electrofluidic circuits enable easy, straightforward monitoring of pressure within microfluidic channels for next-generation lab-on-a-chip systems.
17 August 2012
Shear-sensing smart pads based on magnetofluidic, microstructured optical fibers with Bragg gratings improve performance in rehabilitation and soft-robotics applications.
10 August 2012
The GRACE Follow-on mission will use laser measurements of the distance between a pair of orbiting spacecraft to make gravity maps of Earth.
30 July 2012
A swing-arm profilometer measures highly aspheric surfaces with a precision rivaling full-aperture interferometric tests.
23 July 2012
Compact, robust optical fiber sensors achieve high accuracy without alignment.
9 July 2012
An experiment to study an exotic atom with infrared spectroscopy will measure a fundamental parameter related to the spatial dimensions of a proton.
9 July 2012
In a historic decision, FIFA has approved goal-line technology.
6 July 2012
Bragg gratings fabricated in a photonic crystal fiber can function as extremely sensitive, temperature-independent strain sensors.
5 July 2012

Whether you call it football or soccer, whether the ball crossed the goal line is critical to get right. FIFA will decide soon how to deal with controversial goal decisions.

21 June 2012
Tools developed to visualize snow microstructure and investigate processes leading to snowslides reveal the microscopic coarsening mechanisms that degrade the quality of frozen desserts.
20 June 2012
Attaching plasmonic nanoparticles to the surface of an optical biosensor can enhance its sensitivity by several orders of magnitude and might enable real-time detection of single-molecule binding events.
1 June 2012
A localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensor-based analytical platform can be used to study the chemistry of individual catalyst nanoparticles under industrial conditions.
23 May 2012
Slot photonic crystals offer enhanced light-matter interaction, making them ideal for the development of low cost, mass-producible, and ultra-sensitive integrated optical biological sensors.
18 May 2012
Underwater camera systems and sensors have advanced steadily since the wreckage was discovered in 1985.
12 April 2012
An electro-optical sensor system that includes automatic image processing enables detection of threats to naval platforms.
9 April 2012
Inkjet-printed paper dipsticks take Raman spectroscopy into the field to detect trace chemicals.
22 March 2012
Harnessing LightStakeholders hope that the forthcoming study provides a shot in the arm for awareness and funding.
14 March 2012
Numerical simulation is used to characterize a novel method for efficiently inhibiting vibration- and acceleration-induced frequency fluctuations in whispering-gallery-mode disk resonators.
12 March 2012
The unique transmission properties of micro- and nanostructured materials, combined with mature fiber-optics technology, enable novel ultra-compact, multifunctional sensor arrays.
7 March 2012
A special class of semiconductor material can now detect two wavebands of light with energies less than a tenth of an electron volt in high resolution using the same IR camera.
10 February 2012
Rare earths are critical for optical polishingThe cost and availability of these important materials have had their ups and downs. The optics industry is using several strategies to make sure future needs are met.
9 January 2012
Nanogenerators made from zinc oxide can power small electronics with energy made from tiny motions.
8 July 2011
The optical coupling in triangular resonators increases the evanescent field, allowing them to be used to monitor biological events that affect the refractive index of the surrounding medium.
8 June 2011
A compact and efficient sensor designed for small satellites uses an uncooled, commercial microbolometer array to measure interferometric IR radiation.
2 June 2011
Piezoresistive Wheatstone bridges allow acquisition of a variety of data in extreme environments.
27 May 2011
A laser-ranging sensor with picosecond timing resolution and sub-picosecond timing stability enables an order-of-magnitude improvement in synchronization precision and accuracy.
27 May 2011

A new way of interconnecting nanometric light-sensitive elements allows detectors to span areas up to 40 x 40µm2 without compromising the count rate.

26 May 2011
The Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke at SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2011 about the implications of the volume of data now available from deployed sensors.
24 May 2011
Even in the era of modern optimizing software, a fundamental understanding of the aberrations that lead to blurry images remains the best way to improve the entire lens-design process.
24 May 2011
Advanced digital-dominant circuitry techniques enable low-power, programmable, and efficient wireless devices that can adapt to modern communication standards.
17 May 2011
A convenient and low-cost approach for obtaining high-quality gratings larger than lens apertures employs exposure beams and latent gratings as alignment tools.
4 May 2011
Scanning probes with low force constants and integrated sharp tips enable fast visualization of small features in the subnanometer regime.
2 May 2011
Smaller, faster, cheaper optical biosensors offer the capacity to provide effective and actionable information.
28 April 2011
New optical sensors integrated in a very thin and flexible foil measure shear stresses unobtrusively and could find use in ‘smart’ artificial devices.
27 April 2011
Advances in the detection of explosives and other threats significantly improve the ability to determine various threats, from explosives to nuclear.
22 April 2011
The Deepwater Horizon incident required a wide variety of measurement techniques to find and track oil because of its deep source and the complicated ocean environment.
19 April 2011
An analytical assay detects Category A and B bioterrorism agents.
18 April 2011
A new, low-cost system based on geometrical imaging can measure distances with a sensitivity better than one part in 10,000.
12 April 2011
A new method of controlling polarization under the objective lens could unlock hidden information and provide better 3D perspective.
11 April 2011
A straightforward and economic method for nanostructuring alumina waveguides for molecular sensing applications yields promising results.
7 April 2011
Extracting dynamic surface profiles using ridge-based methods produces better phase retrieval than filter-based approaches when noise and nonsinusoidal waveforms are involved.
6 April 2011
Modeled after the nanoscale morphology of butterfly wings, a new chemical sensor may deliver laboratory-level sensitivity and selectivity in a low-cost, portable package.
5 April 2011
Expanding alternatives for self-oscillating gels may lead to new models for developing autonomous materials and complex device architectures.
25 March 2011
A new chemical-analysis technique uses the shifting, ultrasonic pitch of a small quartz crystal to determine the composition of samples of only a few micrograms of material.
25 March 2011
Optical-fiber sensors embedded into suspect hillsides track subsurface differential forces, enabling accurate, early warning of major rock and soil events.
25 March 2011
While our sensing capabilities have expanded rapidly, so have the questions about what we do with all that data.
22 March 2011
New quantum-cascade semiconductor lasers operating at mid-IR wavelengths are leading to new, compact sensors that monitor greenhouse gases.
18 March 2011
A technique that takes its cue from animal olfaction enables chemical sensor arrays to recognize similarities between new substances and those identified previously.
14 March 2011
Statistically traceable testing procedures employ terminology selected to be familiar to those who regularly work with geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing.
9 March 2011
A novel optofluidic chip avoids the bulk of traditional optical manipulation devices and enables unique applications.
8 March 2011
A radio-transmission protocol enables real-time streaming of sensor data to provide a measure of local structural deterioration.
4 March 2011

Based in Jena, the birthplace of optical technology in Germany, JENOPTIK's Michael Mertin has a unique perspective on the industry's past and future.

28 February 2011
Plasmonic nanoholes as optical and fluidic structures enable faster detection by increasing analyte transport.
28 February 2011
A combination of high-resolution spectroscopy and morphology imaging allows visualization of morphology-dependent electron transfer.
16 February 2011
A novel imaging system based on a form of visual-light photon scattering provides real-time views of biological samples.
10 February 2011
Audio recordings and slides from plenary presentations at SPIE Photonics West 2011.
7 February 2011
Nematic liquid crystals, the basic material of most flat-panel displays, enable detection of chemical and biological agents.
1 February 2011
Off-the-shelf components can measure precision astronomical mirrors and solar-energy collectors as accurately as interferometric methods but much more cheaply.
20 January 2011
A novel technique that enables a significant increase in the sensitivity of gas sensors can be applied to isotope-abundance quantification, temperature measurements, and detection of large molecules.
11 January 2011

His underwater tools include cameras and sensors, and he uses them to unlock the mysteries of life in the ocean.

5 January 2011

Training more high-school physics teachers and increasing student learning are two of the challenges facing math, science, and engineering education in the United States.

17 December 2010
Will the sun come out? Knowing the answer can have a big impact on the power grid. Jan Kleissl explains a prototype system at UCSD.
13 December 2010
Mid-wave IR photodetectors can be optimized by incorporating an ‘nBn’-layered design.
6 December 2010
Real-time locating systems measure and track objects in an indoor enivornment using a variety of technologies.
23 November 2010
A comprehensive program is underway to prepare silicon detectors for use in the tracking systems of future experiments at high-luminosity hadron colliders.
17 November 2010
Recent progress in advanced semiconductor light sources, together with their brightness and narrow linewidth, should help overcome resistance to their widespread application.
17 November 2010
Novel light sources may enhance the efficacy of UV technology to pasteurize foods and result in a better, cheaper process.
16 November 2010
With properties that don't exist in nature, metamaterials open up an exciting range of possibilities.
10 November 2010
Optical sensing methods, in particular IR absorption spectroscopy combined with quantum-cascade lasers, enable rapid and autonomous operation in a compact and rugged package.
10 November 2010
A micropolarizer phase-shifting array interferometer provides high-quality measurements in less-than-ideal environments.
21 October 2010
Using a single, continuously tunable laser provides better molecular discrimination and enables simultaneous detection of several molecules.
18 October 2010
New automotive technologies including photonics are about to change how and what we drive
4 October 2010
Combining an appropriate theoretical model with x-ray micro-computed-tomography data sets acquired using synchrotron-beam energies allows detailed visualization of material phases inside a solid sample.
29 September 2010
Application of holographically ordered porous-polymer gratings and dry-etched porous silicon enhances optical sensing of oxygen.
24 September 2010
The winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics reflects on a career spent with a fascination for lasers and science.
13 September 2010
Photonic-bandgap fibers allow a unique, simple production method without compromising sensitivity or the ease of microfluidic integration.
17 August 2010

A late start at entrepreneurship and an uncertain situation in Russia did not deter the founder of IPG Photonics from writing a success story with fiber lasers.

10 August 2010
Quantum-cascade lasers combined with photoacoustic spectroscopy allow for the design of compact, sensitive gas sensors for environmental applications.
9 August 2010
A new instrumentation platform allows for battery-powered sensors in a wide-area network that can accurately monitor trace gases.
2 August 2010

From locating buried explosive devices to detecting reservoirs of oil, Thomas George discusses the challenges of finding things underground.

29 July 2010
A network of small, optical imaging sensors may help prevent future clashes between satellites and space debris.
19 July 2010
A technique that exploits different pulse widths delivers the best spatial resolution and sensing length to date for distributed sensors based on scattering of light by sound waves.
16 July 2010
Demonstrations of photonic quantum-information science, including an integrated circuit that can factorize the number 15, promise applications on a feasible scale.
12 July 2010
Micro- to nanosize scaling enables development of reconfigurable radio-frequency front ends, miniaturized and sensitive chemical and biological sensors, and low-power computers.
8 July 2010
A novel 3D scanner based on structured light can extract depth information of floor coverings.
6 July 2010
Long-range, non-contact acoustic measurement devices can be used to obtain the audio signals of a human, a vehicle, or another object.
30 June 2010
Continuing development of small and smart sensor systems enables significant progress in a range of application environments.
30 June 2010
Multimodal input channels show great promise for cognitive systems.
30 June 2010
Femtosecond-laser micromachining of air-silica fibers enables improved sensing performance.
21 June 2010
Advances in efficient detection and recognition of surfaces' shapes have led to ways to rapidly locate objects from a large known set.
17 June 2010
Chemical grafting of carefully chosen conducting particles to a dielectric elastomer can enhance physical changes that occur when a voltage is applied.
15 June 2010
After more than 30 years at Bell Labs, Patel founded a company dedicated to trace-gas measurement technologies for industrial, environmental, and security applications.
11 June 2010
A fascination with robotics and the history of science led this entrepreneur to uncover a robot designed by DaVinci.
3 June 2010
Self-powered, integrated systems-on-a-chip are key to developing extremely low-power devices for applications in commercial, defense, space, harsh-environment, and medical settings.
26 May 2010
A new imaging device offers high spectral resolution, a large wavelength range, and a very compact optical setup.
18 May 2010
Passive fiber-optic networks for gas detection offer unparalleled benefits in interrogation range, multispecies selectivity, high sensitivity, long-term reliability and stability, and intrinsic safety.
7 May 2010
A 9mm3 measuring device harvests solar energy and consumes only picowatts of power, allowing collection of environmental data for decades until components wear out.
4 May 2010
An optical method of detecting strain has practical application in tapestry restoration, embedded sensors in flexible skins, and sensing relative humidity and water content in aviation fuel.
4 May 2010
A biomimetic approach that bends a helium-filled body may optimize thrust.
30 April 2010
Ultra-short fiber-grating lasers less than 1cm long have proven robust for sensing uses.
27 April 2010
A new spectral device that exploits optical resonances achieves wavelength determination with an accuracy better than 1pm.
19 April 2010
A new generation of intelligent electrical tools and devices mimic biological composition and functions, and also sense the surrounding physical and chemical environment.
16 April 2010

The mature technology of the QCL is now finding commercial applications.

8 April 2010
Commercial digital cameras can detect constituent concentrations from in situ ocean-color measurements.
7 April 2010
A newly developed imaging system aids companies in the agri-food and industrial sectors to achieve high-speed online inspection and enhanced quality control.
6 April 2010
Regenerated gratings can extend the operational measurement range up to 1200°C.
6 April 2010
An all-fiber laser system produces detectable broadband pulses from 0.1 to 27THz, while metallic-mesh sensors can measure terahertz transmission spectra and capture 2D images.
31 March 2010
High-speed, synchronous interrogation using multiple-fiber Bragg grating sensors enables design and delivery of robust inspection and analysis systems.
26 March 2010
A novel wireless-wired design promises to deliver robust next-generation gas-turbine temperature-sensing devices.
23 March 2010

After a recent move from Laser Zentrum Hannover to Ruhr-University Bochum, Ostendorf has a broad perspective on laser research in Germany.

11 March 2010
Multifunctional sensor-embedded reinforcing textiles detect and strengthen vulnerable civil engineering structures.
10 March 2010

The president and CEO of nLight talks about building a laser company and keeping track of where the market is headed.

5 March 2010
A newly developed detector for toxic industrial chemicals is highly sensitive, simple, fast, and inexpensive, and it works by visualizing odors.
3 March 2010
Peter Leibinger, TRUMPF

The executive of Germany's industrial laser giant talks about the evolution of the company and its future directions.

18 February 2010
Bistable electroactive polymers comprise a new category of smart materials that can achieve electrically induced rigid deformation.
17 February 2010
Novel solid-state emitters and detectors exploit electronic-charge vibrations to improve the operating frequency of devices intended for safety and security applications.
15 February 2010
Using a laser with a coherence length much longer than the loop length and an air-core fiber coil significantly reduces short- and long-term noise in a fiber-optic gyroscope.
10 February 2010
The performance of new types of artificial skin closely resembles the human touch.
25 January 2010
Organic LED and field-effect-transistor-based sensor devices can potentially be used in modern, intelligent integrated sensing systems.
5 January 2010
Vacuum monitoring with novel pressure sensors enhances long-term stability and calibration in uncooled, mid-IR detector assays.
28 December 2009

Since 1969, retroreflectors on the Moon have been measuring the distance from Earth with increasing precision.

18 December 2009
Exploiting the flexibility, compactness, and optical properties of photonic-resonance-based structures enables fabrication of miniature yet sensitive gyroscopes.
18 December 2009
A photorefractive-crystal-based two-wave-mixing interferometer allows structural-health monitoring of civil, aerospace, and mechanical structures.
3 December 2009
Optical processing of transparent matter induces modifications that can be controlled by reversing the laser's pulse-front tilt or the light-propagation direction.
23 November 2009
Using a simple point-source hologram and a grating in a grazing incidence configuration can yield a field-of-view that is unaffected by magnification.
20 November 2009
Advanced sensing can provide recognition and location capabilities that improve robot operation in dynamic environments.
2 November 2009
Thin, long polymer fibers can be woven into 2D and 3D constructs and fabrics capable of radiation sensing and lensless imaging over unprecedented lengths.
2 November 2009
The combination of microfluidics and plastic electronics could bring laboratory-quality analysis to the practitioner in the field.
16 October 2009
Very thin absorbing layers that can absorb 99% of the incident light facilitate construction of more efficient single-photon detectors.
14 October 2009
A simple, affordable light-source rotation system provides automatic detection and defect-angle estimation of bent pins.
7 October 2009
Upgrading older autonomous workstations with imaging technologies for finding and identifying parts is gratifying, but not easy.
30 September 2009
Arrays of actuated dots may one day produce refreshable Braille that allows the visually impaired to read a full screen of electronic text.
11 September 2009
Adaptive-sensor networks will assess structures, diagnose emerging problems, and provide early-warning systems.
10 September 2009
The metallic-layer structure in waveguide-based surface-plasmon-resonance sensors can be optimized by employing rigorous coupled-wave analysis and genetic algorithms.
1 September 2009
An operational monitoring system based on acceleration sensors may improve turbine performance and reliability.
13 August 2009
A new approach uses embedded data from reference metrology to reduce parametric correlation and improve measurement performance.
11 August 2009
A method for identifying key gas-detection mechanisms correlates reactions at the semiconductor surface with changes in electrical conductivity.
11 August 2009
Very sensitive, tunable, and scalable sensors for low-frequency seismic-noise detection can be configured as both seismometers and accelerometers.
4 August 2009
A new method rapidly acquires depth scans at extended distances, paving the way for resolving low-signature targets at power levels safe for human eyes.
29 July 2009
A novel approach to 3D scanning holds promise for imaging see-through objects, such as those made from glass.
22 July 2009
Large-aperture scintillometers can be used for evapotranspiration measurements on scales of individual fields.
13 July 2009
Measurement devices for direct observation of 3D coordinates using active ranging show systematic errors, but range calibration methodologies have great potential for error removal.
7 July 2009
A new method of generating illumination distributions for modeling lighting systems reduces space requirements and improves accuracy.
7 July 2009
An industrial assessment of 21 devices verifies their actual, 3D metrological performance.
2 July 2009
Intensity-based Doppler optical coherence tomography gives an accurate, high-speed, 3D readout of ocular blood flow.
24 June 2009
A new system offers an affordable and versatile alternative for applications requiring actuation and sensing at very small resolution.
16 June 2009
Top SPIE Newsroom articles from the previous month, and papers from SPIE Journals and Conference Proceedings.
9 June 2009
Monitoring biochemical interactions can serve as the basis for many diagnostic techniques.
5 June 2009
A dedicated finite-element solver enables accurate and fast simulations of light interaction with metallic nanostructures.
2 June 2009
Frameworks with adjustable nanoporosity, high surface area, and many known structures may pave the way for portable, low-cost chemical sensors.
19 May 2009
Krohn discusses the near-term and future applications of fiber optics sensors, photonics sensors, and laser technologies in the transportation industry.
15 May 2009
Innovations in photonics and microfluidics have enabled the development of a novel, rapid, sensitive, low-cost, and portable micro-gas analyzer.
4 May 2009
OCT has migrated successfully from medical imaging to materials science, where it is used online to monitor varnish removal from paintings.
21 April 2009
A novel method simplifies the process of interferometric computation while increasing speed and decreasing storage requirements.
16 April 2009
An optical solution with embedded computing for distance measurement eliminates errors associated with surface tilt and surface shape in manufacturing process control applications.
9 April 2009
A new approach enables precise, quantitative, and autonomous pipeline inspection, which improves the effectiveness of proactive maintenance.
7 April 2009
New spectral-imaging technologies can deliver online safety and quality inspection of food and agricultural products on high-throughput processing lines.
20 March 2009
Novel serial optical-fiber sensors observe strain in bridges and other civil-engineering structures.
17 March 2009
A novel 3D noncontact profiler can accurately measure the roughness and shape of high-precision bearing assemblies, vastly improving on 2D stylus techniques.
27 February 2009
Efforts to develop highly complex and adaptable machines that meet the ideal of mechanical human equivalents are now reaching the proof-of-concept stage.
24 February 2009
Telltale spectra can identify illicit drugs hidden in packages.
24 February 2009
The durability and sensitivity of fiber-optic sensors have made them a logical choice for extreme environments.
17 February 2009
New low cost, high resolution data acquisition nodes may facilitate automated bridge inspection.
13 February 2009
Satellite sensors track sources of desert dust for models that predict particle entrainment and atmospheric pollution, resulting in new tools to support public safety and health services.
9 February 2009
Employing a top nanolayer characterized by a high refractive index increases the electromagnetic field at the sample interface and, correspondingly, sensor responsiveness.
21 January 2009
A new heterogeneous integration technique enables the integration of acoustic microsensors and radio frequency (RF) circuitry.
20 January 2009
A water-resistant surface inspired by the lotus leaf could enable applications in microfluidics, underwater coatings, and controlled deposition.
19 January 2009
Current research in materials and manufacture envisages significant improvements with implications for process control, tool technologies, helmet-mounted sensors, and in situ sensing.
9 January 2009
The superior image definition and nondestructive testing technology provided by optical-coherence tomography targets the characterization issues posed by nanometer-scale devices.
7 January 2009
Single-frequency, low-phase-noise planar semiconductor lasers enable low-cost, reliable, and compact optical-sensor fabrication for oil and gas, civil-structure engineering, and security markets.
6 January 2009
Challenges introduced by new transmission standards and the ability to store programs for later viewing are addressed with audio watermarking and fingerprinting.
30 December 2008
A committee of the International Standards Organization has begun the process of rationalizing the performance assessment of optical measuring instruments.
22 December 2008
Coupling small multifunctional sensors onboard unmanned aerial robots guided by autonomous navigation systems enables precision agriculture.
17 December 2008
Semiconductor devices based on high-electron-mobility transistors can be functionalized for specific applications.
16 December 2008
Distributed sensing and data processing may enable in-flight monitoring of aerospace vehicles, revealing damage quickly and accurately.
15 December 2008
3D-metrology is becoming mandatory for nanofabrication in the production environment.
4 December 2008
Biometric authentication methods are becoming more widespread in security, industrial, and even ergonomic applications.
1 December 2008
A passive mechanical approach to minimizing motion makes it possible for sophisticated instruments such as scanning probe microscopes to operate in environments that would otherwise not be practical.
24 November 2008
Advantages in efficiency, beam quality, scalability, and operating cost make new optical fiber technology highly competitive compared to traditional laser designs.
17 November 2008
Nanocomposites synthesized from different combinations of nanoparticles and matrix materials demonstrate notably increased strength, thermal stability, and electrical conductivity.
31 October 2008
The Army seeks to develop fundamental technologies that will enable ensembles of palm-sized unmanned systems to support personnel operating in a variety of dangerous environments.
29 October 2008
Characterizing the modulation response of sensors used in time-of-flight imaging systems offers better understanding of their performance and limitations, enabling increased measurement precision.
20 October 2008
An inexpensive, durable, and portable chemical-sensing device can assess the quality of prepacked meat in real time.
9 October 2008
Adjusting the threshold level for defect judgment separately for each local area, based on the pattern importance assigned to that area during device design, dramatically speeds mask inspection.
8 October 2008
Imaging technology for parts inspection can deliver results quickly and accurately at ranges from microns to meters.
7 October 2008
Novel coatings composed of carbon nanotubes embedded in cadmium arachidate matrices improve the robustness and performance of fiber-optic chemical sensors.
21 September 2008
A reflective light-coupling scheme improves advanced photodetector performance and resolution while making the camera more affordable.
16 September 2008
A new method for characterizing shape changes over time may improve nondestructive testing.
1 September 2008
An extensive numerical study reveals features that explain the advantages of "aerial imaging" in distinguishing printing and nonprinting defects.
27 August 2008
A novel near-infrared imaging technique could catch threats using portable equipment.
14 August 2008
Algorithms applied to low-resolution images can help develop non-intrusive remote-sensing instrumentation for indoor tracking.
4 August 2008
An instrument that provides real-time wavefront analysis in combination with automation algorithms can meet the high-volume demands of lens production for mobile camera phones.
17 July 2008
A combination of advanced spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence aids in quantifying the stress states in sub-micron-sized electronic heterostructures.
27 June 2008
Sensors not only monitor the health of a structure, but also provide feedback for adaptive systems that can actively respond to physical deformation.
27 June 2008
Electronic circuits and optical devices can be integrated on a single silicon chip using low-cost fabrication processes and simple packaging.
16 June 2008
TriPleX waveguide technology has the potential to become the standard for industrial integrated optics in visible and infrared light applications.
12 June 2008
Laser technology applications are indispensable in the photovoltaic industry, allowing both enhanced energy-generating efficiency and reduced costs.
5 June 2008
Fabrication of integrated optochemical sensors from organic electronics benefits from using two crossed polarizers.
31 May 2008
Manufacturers today demand optical sensing instruments that are more versatile and adaptable than ever, challenging technology suppliers to provide rugged, reliable, and customized solutions.
15 May 2008
Improved optical interferometry allows simultaneous measurement of complex surfaces and thin-film thickness profiles, enabling rapid inspection of metallic bumps fabricated directly on silicon wafers.
30 April 2008
Innovative applications include terahertz pulsed spectroscopy for solid-state analysis and terahertz pulsed imaging for tablet coating analysis.
25 March 2008
Integrating narrow optical fiber sensors into composite structural materials provides real-time detection of injury, including its location and severity.
13 March 2008
When liquid crystals are combined with optical waveguides, unprecedented voltage control over light becomes possible, enabling new types of light-controlling devices.
5 March 2008
Single-mode fibers demonstrate coherent lightwave propagation and show promise as interferometry-based sensors for large-scale strain applications.
3 March 2008
New sensor systems are being developed to scan banknote security features such as holographic patterns, ink fluorescence, watermarks, microprinting, and intaglio patterns.
3 March 2008

As the CEO of Edmund Optics, Robert Edmund has a unique perspective on the industry. He talks about growing up in optics, how the company has changed, globalization, and his outlook for the industry.

27 February 2008
Optical approaches provide robust and relatively non-invasive methods for excitation and detection of the motion of micro- and nanomechanical structures.
25 February 2008
Fuzzy-logic-based systems enable robots exploring the outer solar system to perform scientific tasks with almost no human instruction.
17 February 2008
Novel swept light sources find applications in optical coherence tomography imaging systems.
5 February 2008
A digital holographic technique has an extended measurement range and improved resolution at infrared wavelengths.
4 February 2008
Machine vision is used to remotely control water access by wildlife and livestock.
11 January 2008
High-sensitivity compact gas-sensing devices may soon replace current bulky detectors used in industry and medicine.
10 January 2008
Parallel optical processing allows a new instrument to capture both images and spectra without scanning.
11 December 2007
Spectral orders of diffraction gratings, together with multiwaveband focal plane arrays, enable an imaging spectrometer that operates over an exceptionally broad range.
9 December 2007
Using a common chemical reaction to produce an easily detected gas simplifies the measurement of breath acetone for medical diagnostics.
6 December 2007
A holistic, Internet-based approach to quality control integrates an information network, sensor data, decision support system, and a web-enabled production facility.
27 November 2007
At the DARPA Urban Challenge, autonomous vehicles proved they have a future. This SPIE Newsroom video shows some of the action and talks about the technology.
14 November 2007
A novel design senses curvature, twisting angle, and temperature gradient in a single optical fiber for structure monitoring.
13 November 2007
A heterodyne interferometer originally designed to detect gravitational waves in space can be further miniaturized and achieve very low noise levels in both translation and tilt measurements.
13 November 2007
A system that monitors the presence of walkers at street intersections can be tied to traffic light controllers to improve safety.
12 November 2007
Developing integrated hardware interfaces for different actuators allows rapid and easy integration into existing wireless networks.
12 November 2007
Wide-format stereo image pairs well-suited to robot navigation are combined into a single camera frame with vertical offset of images.
6 November 2007
Autonomous vehicle technology took a big step closer to reality as six robotic cars completed a 60-mile course on city streets.
5 November 2007
A novel architecture for sensing weak dc magnetic fields exploits the cooperation between nonlinear coupled systems and ferroelectric devices.
1 November 2007
Video-rate imaging has been made possible with high repetition rates and demonstrated in an environmental monitoring application.
7 October 2007
The use of digital optics to compensate for aberrations simplifies the digital holographic microscope while increasing the accuracy and resolution of full-field phase measurements.
3 October 2007
The condition of structures incorporating fiber-reinforced polymer composites can be visualized using distant inverse synthetic aperture radar measurements integrated with tomographic image reconstruction.
23 September 2007
Digital processing for rapid pattern-matching with sub-pixel accuracy can enhance a wide variety of vision-based systems for measurement applications.
5 September 2007
Extending a novel technique efficiently analyzes patterns of sound waves caused by defects in solid materials.
5 September 2007
Permanent sensor infrastructure can provide smart capabilities and help monitor aging.
14 August 2007
Mixed metal oxide thin-film sensors can provide cost-effective real-time monitoring of radiation and toxic gases.
12 August 2007
A fast-response integrated opto-chemical sensor system can detect ultra-low concentrations of ammonia with high reproducibility.
8 August 2007
Adaptive filters for speckle removal can halve the measurement variations for systems using fringe projection with infinitesimal penalty in process time.
26 July 2007
A new algorithm for determining the phase of reference points allows for better calibration.
18 July 2007
Color and range video images can be combined into 3D data sets and used to produce stereoscopic video.
15 July 2007
By checking breakpoints and reconfiguring fiber sensor connections as links fail, the survivability of the network is improved.
15 July 2007
The wireless ShapeAccelArray sensing system can simultaneously measure 3D acceleration and permanent ground deformation down to depths of 100m.
4 July 2007
Concave micro-gratings for optical communication applications can be fabricated using deep x-ray lithography.
24 June 2007
Revealing a product's chemical structure makes it easy to differentiate real pharmaceuticals from pretenders.
17 June 2007
A liquid level measurement system based on a high-resolution camera allows for fuller automation.
13 June 2007
A monolithic prism interferometer achieves odor sensing with high sensitivity at high speed and low cost.
30 May 2007
Optical detection of wear and defects in an electro-supply network shows promise for railways and other electrically powered vehicles.
23 May 2007
A computational model for scaling an experimental CO laser installation suggests its feasibility in a number of important industrial applications.
20 May 2007
A doped polymer fiber doped with a star cross-section can be used in chemical and biochemical sensing.
20 May 2007
A variety of alternative approaches to 3D microscopic imaging can overcome various shortcomings and expand the range of areas and applications.
13 May 2007
Multicolor pulsed illumination enables rapid capture of high-quality images suited to 2D and 3D digital image correlation.
12 May 2007
Wood pulp fibers with arbitrarily oriented microfibril angles and phase retardation values can now be assessed in real time.
10 May 2007
Theodore Maiman, who died in May 2007, is known for creating the first working laser out of a discredited material -- ruby -- in May 1960.
9 May 2007
An atmospheric monitor based on a microcantilever device coated with a reactive metal measures exposure to low levels of corrosive gases.
4 May 2007
Fast surface-profile measurements have been conducted with an uncertainty of just 4.1nm and no active noise compensation.
4 May 2007
Incorporating gold nanoparticles into viral protein provides a tool for studying viruses.
5 April 2007
We suggest a rule of thumb for comfortably viewing stereoscopic displays, and also highlight circumstances under which visual comfort may be compromised.
2 April 2007
Direct attachment of carbon nanotubes makes silicon substrates conduct even in the presence of a normally insulating oxide layer.
22 March 2007
A remote measurement and analysis system based on DataSocket technology from National Instruments' Measurement Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework offers improved flexibility and speed.
16 March 2007
Optical metrology's superior test and measurement capability has both expanding uses and growing challenges in industrial applications.
10 March 2007
A simple point-diffraction interferometer with phase-shifting capability has been designed using a pinhole fabricated from a lithium niobate crystal.
2 March 2007
A C-band external cavity diode laser, coupled to an inexpensive phosphor-coated camera, can be used to implement full-field interferometric phase measurement.
27 February 2007
Embedding a Bragg grating in an optical fiber improves the sensitivity and measuring resolution of micro- and nano-scale 3D probes.
27 February 2007
Novel mesoporous Bragg stacks consisting of spin-coated multilayers of mesoporous TiO2 and SiO2 have a sensitive tunable chemical detection ability.
27 February 2007
A novel integrated optical ammonia sensor can be fabricated using refined waveguides, a highly-stable electronic comparison scheme, and computerized data storage and processing.
27 February 2007
Combining two types of interferometry reveals in-plane motion with subnanometer resolution.
14 February 2007
Prototypes of autonomous visual perception systems that attempt to mimic biological vision can be fabricated using small, low-power chips and a depth perception design based on motion parallax.
14 February 2007
Diagnostic techniques for Sarin, a highly toxic nerve agent, have been translated to a real-time, low-cost microfluidics device.
12 February 2007
Sensor network survivability is dramatically improved with use of a self-healing design that allows transmission along alternate routes to compensate for network link failures.
9 February 2007
A specialty optical fiber has potential in both sensing applications and communications.
8 February 2007
In this video of his Photonics West presentation, David Krohn shares expert advice and perspective on the market potential, technology, opportunities and barriers in biophotonics.
5 February 2007
A low-cost technique for photometric characterization of extended sources allows accurate photometric measurements at long distance from near-distance measurements.
4 February 2007
A novel band selection technique developed for feature extraction of hyperspectral images uses a heuristic optimization algorithm.
29 January 2007
Combining a deformable mirror with a super-resolution algorithm enables higher-resolution images from a relatively simple system.
22 January 2007
Electroactive polymers represent the actuators of the future.
16 January 2007
Asynchronous optical sampling elevates laser-based ultrasonics to a new performance level.
16 January 2007
Technology developments have enabled the deployment of hyperspectral sensors to new application areas.
4 January 2007
Developments in hand-held assay device technology improve the detection and quantification of chemical and biological warfare agents in real time.
26 December 2006
Golf gadgetry incorporates optics in nearly 20 percent of recent applications, according to the latest featured patent review by analysts from Nerac.
14 December 2006
Optical tools originally developed for in-vivo coronary artery inspection prove adept at profiling the internal surface of a worn plasma torch electrode.
13 December 2006
Temperature-insensitive fiberoptic sensors can be made with low cost simply by measuring all the light reflected by a chirped fiber Bragg grating.
13 December 2006
A noninvasive ultrasonic optical technique provides a wealth of data that aids in locating and characterizing damage to structures.
30 November 2006
New standards make it easier to combine components from various manufacturers when building systems that automatically interpret images.
28 November 2006
A modular hardware and software system combined with a new calibration method enables measurements including fracture mechanics and vibration analysis.
21 November 2006
A single sensor can be used to extract 3D information from a scene by computing the orientation angles of the emitting surface normal vector.
17 November 2006
Simulations reveal that the dispersive properties of photonic-crystal structures can create chip-scale optical sensors to detect chemical, biological, and gaseous agents.
15 November 2006
Side-illumination tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of silicon structures provides unprecedented lateral resolution.
14 November 2006
A surprisingly simple device combines diffractive optics and digital holography to characterize the complete electric field of femtosecond laser pulses.
10 November 2006
By adapting techniques used for gravitational-wave detection, a new fiber-based sensing methodology enables unprecedented remote broadband strain detection at acoustic frequencies.
1 November 2006
By adjusting the composition of thin films, particularly the elements used for doping, these materials can detect gases with high sensitivity.
1 November 2006
A novel winding method promises smaller but still accurate fiber-optic rotation sensors made from less expensive components.
1 November 2006
Shearography can be used to scan large areas at high resolution to reveal delaminations and debonding in layered, composite materials.
15 October 2006
Tilted-drop casting creates densely packed, uniaxially aligned, carbon nanotubes that can form the semiconducting layer in thin-film transistors.
12 October 2006
A new method of processing vibration data can reveal mechanical faults in electric motors on the production line.
5 October 2006
This month's featured patent review by analysts from Nerac
2 October 2006
New techniques for incorporating nanostructures into hybrid nanoporous/microporous silicon allow both enhanced chemical sensors and efficient microreactors.
26 September 2006
An integrated module based on nematic liquid crystal technology has an accuracy better than 1%.
19 September 2006
The use of morphing structures, coupled with a neural-inspired control system, provides efficient propulsion for an autonomous underwater robot.
6 September 2006
Spectroscopic, ellipsometric, interferometric, photothermal, and combined methods that use dispersion and structural models, all allow optical properties to be determined.
4 September 2006
New methods extend the range of conoscopic holography for quality control in manufacturing by offering longer working distances, more efficient signal processing, and better resolution.
15 August 2006
This month's featured patent review by analysts from Nerac.
10 August 2006
A prototype system uses visible/near-infrared light and multispectral imaging techniques to automatically categorize the condition of chicken carcasses at industrial speeds.
7 August 2006
A standing-wave interferometer based on a novel photodetector can measure length to nanometer accuracy by sampling an optical standing wave.
28 July 2006
An innovative technique detects and localizes damage to aeronautical structures in real time.
13 July 2006
Controlled thermal interdiffusion was used to fabricate a two-color InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot IR photodetector with 0.8μm-offset peak responses.
12 July 2006
A new interferometer can measure even non-planar, rough surfaces with high accuracy, as well as being insensitive to vibration.
7 July 2006
Polymeric molecules that expand and contract with temperature are used to connect assemblies of nanoparticles, exemplifying nanoscale devices that can be used as probes for measuring temperature in fluids.
12 June 2006
A highly sensitive ZnO nanowire field-effect sensor has electrically controlled sensitivity, refreshability, and distinguishability.
8 June 2006
Microstructured and multicore fibers have been used to build compact, high power lasers, including one with of nearly 5W output from a 3.5cm active length.
7 June 2006
Emergency first responders can detect and identify chemicals with passive insruments mounted on an aircraft sent to monitor the scene.
7 June 2006
An innovative bio-inspired approach has achieved a strong attachment between polymer sheets and the ceramic films using a buffer nanolayer.
26 May 2006
Compact, inexpensive, temperature-tunable thin-film filters take advantage of thermal properties of amorphous semiconductors.
23 May 2006
Acoustical and physical measurements—like temperature, pressure, etc.—are combined with image-processing inspection methods in a new approach for print-flaw detection in printing machines.
22 May 2006
An intelligent robot camera using so-called ‘creative control’ can solve a set of problems in dynamic programming and optimal control.
15 May 2006
Optical sensors and signal processing algorithms can analyze the radiation emitted by flames to monitor and control industrial burners.
12 May 2006
Low-coherence interferometry of translucent industrial materials may prove to be an invaluable non-destructive characterization technique.
10 May 2006
A prototype chemical device can perform micro-stirring, pH measurement and control, and even the sensing of single molecules.
1 May 2006
IR spectrometer measurements can determine the temperature of a stack plume, with the help of molecular physics.
28 April 2006
A comprehensive reference library, critical to interpreting spectral data from IR spectroscopy, is in development at PNNL
12 April 2006
The first long-wave infrared camera based on self-assembled nanoscale quantum dots has been used to image objects at room temperature.
10 April 2006
A new platform of photoluminescent sensors excited by an array of OLED pixels is being developed for a broad range of medical, environmental, and industrial applications.
2 April 2006
SPIE Professional April 2006
31 March 2006
A technique that allows soft x-rays to be focused using reflective elements that mimic a lobster's eye is extended to hard x-rays.
21 March 2006
Coupled with an odor-sample concentrator, these devices can be extremely effective for identifying the presence of fragrant natural products and chemicals, even in very low concentrations.
17 March 2006
MEMS systems technologies make possible portable IR micro-spectrometers that are small, insensitive to vibrations, and potentially low cost.
13 March 2006
Manufacturers need a better way to inspect devices for defects before shipping diode lasers to customers.
7 February 2006
By applying near-infrared en-face OCT to paintings, we can examine the optical properties of the varnish and paint layers, drying processes, and the underdrawings.
7 February 2006
A new microchip analyzes thousands of cells per minute in an enclosed microfluidic environment.
7 February 2006
Highly localized solid state molecular sensors can be tuned to detect the signatures of specific chemical and biological agents in real time and can be integrated with existing silicon devices in miniature systems.
7 February 2006
A specially-designed refractometer system measures refractive index to one to two orders of magnitude better accuracy than before. This new system has been used for many infrared lens materials down to temperatures as low as 15K.
7 February 2006
New fiber-optic sensor systems enable non-destructive plant biotechnology monitoring.
1 February 2006
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From OE Reports Number 202 - October 2000
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From OE Reports Number 201 - September 2000

31 September 2000
From OE Reports Number 201 - September 2000
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From OE Reports Number 201 - September 2000
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From OE Reports Number 193 - January 2000
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From OE Reports Number 192 - December 1999
30 December 1999
In this article from the June 1999 edition of OE Reports, the late Douglas Goodman explains the value of defining terms explicitly in the field of optics.
1 June 1999
From OE Reports Number 186 - June 1999
31 June 1999

From OE Reports Number 183 - March 1999

An Interview with Anthony Gleckler, Senior Systems Engineer; Arete Associates; Sherman Oaks, CA.

28 March 1999
From OE Reports Number 183 - March 1999
28 March 1999

From OE Reports Number 182 - February 1999

31 February 1999
From OE Reports Number 159 - March 1997
28 March 1997