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All Technical Articles

All Newsroom Technical Articles, starting with the most recently posted:


World's oldest dedicated university optics center celebrates a hundred years of optics-related research and education, but notes the need to widen participation.

19 March 2018

New imaging tool for recording changes over time, space, and function

16 March 2018
Tsai_Achromatic Metalenses

A description of the fabrication and use of a broadband achromatic metalens with high focusing efficiency used in transmission for full-color imaging applications in the visible range of the spectrum.

14 March 2018
Ovsianikov_PW presentation

A presentation on 3D printing and bioprinting with multiphoton lithography from SPIE Photonics West 2018.

12 March 2018

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: Quantum technology on exhibit at Moscone Center.

7 March 2018
SPIE PW orange

Since its invention near the turn of the century, the optical frequency comb has heralded a new era in optical frequency measurements.

5 March 2018
SPIE logo

The Photonics West Show Daily spoke with recruiters and students about the optics and photonics job market.

26 February 2018

Can quantitative phase imaging help combat dementia and find a cure for cancer? The technology is set but developers need to increase awareness among biologists, hears Rebecca Pool.

19 February 2018

From precision components in breathtaking timepieces to micro-needles for vein cannulation, breakthrough laser writing from Photonics West exhibitor Femtoprint is reshaping microdevice fabrication.

16 February 2018

SPIE, one of seven international organization members of the International Commission for Optics, has supported the mission of the organization for many years.

14 February 2018

Developing the optics behind LIGO's gravitational wave detectors saw photonics engineers and vendors collaborating on ground-breaking technology. Now those systems are being upgraded further.

12 February 2018
optics key challenge_thumb

A new conference incorporating interactive experience at Photonics West reveals the rapid growth of augmented and virtual realities. Its chair, Bernard Kress of Microsoft's Hololens division, tells Matthew Peach that optics remains the key challenge in developing the ultimate virtual experience.

9 February 2018

SPIE is collaborating with other organizations to host grand challenge events aimed at solving problems in medical imaging.

7 February 2018
SPIE PW orange

R&D highlights from the 2018 session: Presentations from leading researchers in biophotonics.

5 February 2018
SPIE PW orange

A day-long industry conference at SPIE Photonics West highlighted optical technological challenges and successes for VR, MR and AR.

31 January 2018

Taking a path less traveled by women.

29 January 2018
SPIE logo

The 2018 SPIE President shares her career path, education, and other interests with the members of SPIE.

27 January 2018
SPIE logo

Since its inception in 1955, SPIE has focused on providing a conduit for ideas in photonics and optics in a growing and vibrant global marketplace.

26 January 2018

By placing quantum dots on top of graphene, a highly sensitive photodetector is constructed that works simultaneously for visible and IR light.

26 January 2018

The deployment of DFOS is still in its infancy, but as more people become aware of the technology, it will gain wider use.

24 January 2018

Optics plays dominant role in medical imaging market.

22 January 2018

SPIE Classics celebrates 25 years of research and development in optical coherence tomography.

10 January 2018

An article in the SPIE journal Optical Engineering presents an upgradable radio-over-fiber transport system based on a vertical-cavity surface emitting laser-composed wavelength selector.

22 November 2017
OE-Improving partial-th

An article in the SPIE journal Optical Engineering presents a two-step manufacturing process for polymer optical waveguides.

20 November 2017

New medical imaging technologies may accelerate the early detection of cancers.

16 November 2017
SPIE logo

Struggles for opportunity and inclusion are familiar to many women and minorities working to make a career in a STEM.

15 November 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt discusses the usefulness and versatlity of fiber Bragg gratings.

10 November 2017

SPIE Classics offers a look at STEM education and outreach programs.

8 November 2017
Mt Wilson Observatory

SPIE Classics and the SPIE Digital Library celebrate the 100th anniversary of the telescope that revealed the universe.

3 November 2017
from article 4125

SPIE Classics celebrates 100 years of optics education and research at top-ranked institution.

20 October 2017
OE_Evaluation of_thumb

An SPIE journal article describes three different methods of assessing the effects of dazzle with two different dazzle protection schemes.

16 October 2017
SPIE logo

Several conferences scheduled for SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2018 will provide forums for the latest information on systems and technologies enabling -and ensuring security within - the IoT.

13 October 2017
SPIE logo

Hyperspectral imaging, like many other of today's technologies, is moving into numerous commercial markets after developing and maturing in the defense sector.

9 October 2017
from OP presentation, Rajesh R. Naik, USAF

A keynote address from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

5 October 2017

SPIE Classics celebrates the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.

3 October 2017
from OP presentation, M. Mantysalo,  TTY

A presentation from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

29 September 2017
from OP planary _Alon Gorodetsky,  UC, Irvine

The Gorodetsky Lab explores the properties of structural proteins known as reflectins, which play crucial roles in the functionality of cephalopod skin.

27 September 2017
SPIE Optics + Photonics plenary talks

A plenary talk from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

25 September 2017
SPIE Optics + Photonics plenary talks

A plenary talk from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

21 September 2017
The reflected light from photonic crystal mirrors exhibits a phase shift that varies rapidly with wavelength, complicating design but also enabling new applications.
18 September 2017
from OP plenary_Deji Akinwande, UT Austin

A plenary talk from SPIE Optics + Photonics 2017.

14 September 2017

Photonics industry leaders at SPIE Remote Sensing and SPIE Security + Defence 2017 paint a vibrant picture of Poland's optics and photonics industry.

14 September 2017

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) covers the rapid developments in autonomous remote sensing.

12 September 2017

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) covers the rapid developments in autonomous remote sensing.

11 September 2017
A patterned hyperbolic metamaterial structure excites strong surface plasmon polariton resonance, providing resonant feedback to multiple quantum wells to produce a 289nm UV plasmonic nanolaser.
5 September 2017
Aluminum gallium arsenide nanocrystals fabricated on glass can convert the frequency of light with record efficiency and generate donut-shaped beams.
1 September 2017
Thumb from article 4475

SPIE Classics looks at progress in weather satellite technology.

30 August 2017

Photonics-based radar with optical generation and de-chirp processing of broadband linear frequency modulation (LFM) signals enables real-time ultra-high resolution target detection and imaging.

28 August 2017
Fluorescence, Raman, and nonlinear optical imaging techniques offer subcellular resolution, rapid real-time 3D image acquisition, and the ability to quantitatively analyze the uptake of drugs into skin.
25 August 2017
GOES-R_GOES-16 logo

SPIE Classics celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Voyager space probes.

21 August 2017
Alternative fabrication schemes based on concurrent engineering of plasma etching can overcome the limitations inherent in optical lithography and thus help to achieve ever smaller device dimensions.
18 August 2017
A new method is used to control the plasmonic resonance properties of gallium-doped zinc oxide so that its efficiency is maximized at desired wavelengths.
16 August 2017
The multitrigger resist system is associated with a low cost of ownership and is easily scalable for high-volume manufacturing in future lithography.
14 August 2017
A single photomask is used to align the coordinate systems of two separate metrology tools, to within 25 parts per billion.
9 August 2017
A novel multiple-edge anomalous x-ray diffraction technique can probe and quantify lattice-site-specific elemental occupancy in nanoscale complex alloys, including ultrathin epitaxial films of Heusler alloys.
7 August 2017
GOES-R_GOES-16 logo

GOES-16 is the newest NOAA-NASA weather satellite in geostationary orbit and will provide high-definition images and other data for weather forecasting, severe storm tracking, and meteorology research.

4 August 2017
Precisely designed metamaterials and nanostructures interact with electron beams to mold the flow of photons in a way that can be further exploited by advanced time-frequency analysis.
2 August 2017
Novel silicon-based optical circuits exhibit low propagation and coupling losses at a wavelength of 1.3μm.
31 July 2017

SPIE Fellow Joseph Shaw shows how to observe and photograph optical phenomena from aloft. (An SPIE Professional article).

28 July 2017

SPIE Classics celebrates the 100th anniversary of Nikon.

25 July 2017

The magic of photonic circuitry. (An SPIE Professional article).

24 July 2017

The role of laser technologies in sustainable manufacturing processes. (An SPIE Professional article.)

21 July 2017
A coherent Ising machine based on degenerate optical parametric oscillators enables us to find solutions to combinatorial optimization problems with as many as 2000 nodes.
19 July 2017
Three lidar receiver technologies are compared using the total laser energy required to perform a set of imaging tasks.
17 July 2017

A single chip consisting of six metasurface arrays enables versatile polarization generation at visible light.

14 July 2017
A miniature field-effect spin switch built on polariton condensates is demonstrated at a record-breaking operational energy.
12 July 2017
Super-resolution dipole orientation mapping provides high spatial resolution and accurate dipole orientation information on rapid timescales, and is particularly suited to biological imaging applications.
10 July 2017
An atomic motion sensor, developed by modifying the dispersion of an atomic medium via electromagnetically induced transparency, shows promise for inertial sensing and studies in fundamental physics.
6 July 2017
Enhanced laser-light absorption, achieved using an astigmatic Herriott cell and taking advantage of advances in material purity, offers a new approach for vibration-free, all-optical cryogenic cooling.
3 July 2017
Space-division multiplexing for long-haul submarine transmission increases capacity and improves system power efficiency.
29 June 2017
New ways to manipulate tiny devices by mass-transfer micro-assembly will open a world of possibilities for flat panel displays.
27 June 2017
Aluminum gallium nitride LEDs with glass electrodes can deliver high luminous efficiency in the UV region owing to low contact resistance and high transmittance.
26 June 2017
High-speed performance and DC electrical power generation are simultaneously achieved with novel devices that include specifically designed absorption/collector junctions.
23 June 2017
Glassy carbon nanolattices fabricated using 3D direct laser writing and pyrolysis are the smallest 3D printed lattice structures to date.
21 June 2017
In a two-step procedure, a low level of lysosomal photodamage can markedly increase damage to mitochondrial sites.
19 June 2017
Nanoparticles in a liquid-crystal nanocomposite can be sorted via elastic forces to form 3D solid structures such as capsules and networks.
16 June 2017

SPIE Classics remembers SPIE Fellow Jerry Nelson.

13 June 2017
An optically pumped device features a semiconductor membrane sandwiched between diamond heat spreaders to maximize heat dissipation from the active region.
13 June 2017
Quantum cascade lasers and photoacoustic spectrophones are used to monitor atmospheric levels of methane and black carbon, respectively.
12 June 2017
Using x-ray spectroscopy to analyze a photoelectrochemical cell during water oxidation and hydrogen formation sheds light on the physics and chemistry of photoelectrodes.
8 June 2017

Autostereoscopic (glasses-free) displays provide perspectives of images according to the position of the observer.

6 June 2017
A new mechanism for amplification has far greater efficiency than impact ionization and achieves high gain and ultra low noise, likely as a result of Auger excitation and electron-phonon interactions.
5 June 2017
LIGO detects gravitational waves

SPIE Classics offers a look at the timeline of LIGO's historic discoveries of gravitational waves.

1 June 2017
Fluorescent plastic beads introduced into cells act as microlasers, thus enabling the identification of individual cells, including cancer and brain cells, that can be tracked from one generation to the next.
31 May 2017
A new approach enables the fast simulation of chip-scale imprinting, helping to co-optimize layout designs and processing parameters for acceptable yield and throughput in memory manufacturing.
29 May 2017

A new color microcapsule stepwise transfer process for fabricating full-color electrophoretic displays produces the widest color gamut for these devices to date.

25 May 2017
A universal map, based on power conservation, reveals all allowable scattering states in a single plot and can be used to inversely design field-controllable structures.
23 May 2017
New assemblies have been designed and built, based on 20 years of experience, for use in the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System on NASA's upcoming Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2.
22 May 2017
A multicolor widefield-fluorescence-microendoscopy system enables the detection of multiple disease states within the human lung.
18 May 2017

SPIE Classics celebrates the birth of the laser -- 57 years ago this month.

16 May 2017
An emerging lithographic technique offers a promising alternative to electron beam lithography for fabricating new semiconductor devices with both traditional and non-traditional resists.
15 May 2017
A new class of microwave filters with unequaled performance, based on a tiny on-chip resonator combined with light-sound interaction, enable coherent control over light carrying microwave information.
12 May 2017
Specialized smart tips and topographic filters are used to fully realize high-spatial-resolution and high-chemical-sensitivity imaging with synchrotron x-ray scanning tunneling microscopy.
11 May 2017
The Autonomous Mobile Ozone Lidar Instrument for Tropospheric Experiments is used to obtain atmospheric profiles from near to the ground to altitudes of more than 10km.
9 May 2017
Frequency- and phase-diverse spatial light modulation can more than double terahertz image acquisition efficiency, effectively parallelizing the single-pixel imaging process.
8 May 2017
A novel experimental setup can be used for the generation of 192.3J output energy (at a near-800nm wavelength), which can support a 5PW laser pulse output.
4 May 2017
A novel fabrication procedure is used to produce flexible devices that include inorganic semiconductor nanowires and that can compete with organic devices in terms of brightness.
3 May 2017
A variant of optical coherence elastography offers a promising method of distinguishing between tumor and breast tissue in lumpectomy specimens in an intraoperative time frame.
1 May 2017

3D printing in space could have repercussions in manufacturing, machining, and space exploration.

26 April 2017
A new silicon waveguide device provides high-performance, ultra-broadband on-chip beamsplitting with a very compact footprint.
25 April 2017
New gold/titanium dioxide photonic band gap semiconductor materials with an inverse opal structure are promising photocatalysts for solar hydrogen production.
24 April 2017

Space technologies find their place in healthcare applications. (An SPIE Professional article.)

20 April 2017
The modulation and allocation of optimized multiplexed subcarriers in short-range data networks, based on a directly modulated bandwidth-limited optical source, enables the transfer of 25Gb/s over 20km of fiber.
18 April 2017
Tailored UV-curable inorganic-organic hybrid polymers are experimentally assessed for two-photon absorption lithography.
14 April 2017
Light can be used to fabricate, handle, power, and actuate microrobotics functionalities, such as the loading and unloading of microcargo, showing promise for drug delivery and biological-testing applications.
13 April 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt discusses the use of strain gauges in optical engineering.

12 April 2017
A simple and cost-effective sol-gel method produces stable titanium dioxide and titanium oxynitride photoresists, and is compatible with many photolithographic techniques.
10 April 2017

Optical technology defends against counterfeit drugs. (An SPIE Professional magazine article.)

7 April 2017

This SPIE Press Book excerpt focuses on UAV imaging platforms.

6 April 2017
Highly uniform coatings of novel Bragg-reflector materials decrease the optical losses and increase the sensitivity of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory mirrors.
5 April 2017
A whole family of promising nanoengineered photocatalysts have been identified to enable the generation of solar fuels, hydrogen, and oxygen via artificial photosynthesis.
4 April 2017

A number of activities conducted by a support team, including robust calibration and monitoring programs, are used to maintain the observatory's aging instruments and detectors.

31 March 2017
A new technique that computes the eigenmodes of the eddy-current problem provides an aid to classification using broadband electromagnetic induction sensors.
30 March 2017
A tactile display that enables stimulus localization, based on a 240Hz electrostatic force generated by the beat phenomenon, can present tactile sensations to multiple users.
28 March 2017
Enhanced rates of energetic photons are generated above the thermal emission limit in a hybrid thermal-photoluminescent device, which has an efficiency of about 70 at moderate operating temperatures.
27 March 2017
Hybrid-material optical fibers that enable supercontinuum generation show potential for application in widely tunable broadband light sources.
24 March 2017
Freestanding diamond nanostructures are etched from a bulk diamond substrate and integrated with evanescently coupled superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors.
23 March 2017
Room-temperature frequency mixing between terahertz and near-IR beams with a compact semiconductor laser provides new opportunities for nonlinear optics in the terahertz regime.
21 March 2017
Practical and high-image quality flexible LCDs can be realized through the use of polymer wall spacers, a coat-debond process for ultrathin substrates, as well as optical compensation for plastic substrates.
20 March 2017
An electron beam evaporation method is used to fabricate deep-sub-wavelength photonic devices with optical properties that are superior to similar gold components and that are suitable for commercialization.
16 March 2017
Compact dielectric and plasmonic slot waveguides have low loss characteristics and can be fabricated in a CMOS-compatible manner, and are thus suitable for integration in modern integrated circuits.
15 March 2017
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering can be used as an alternative approach for evaluating the toxicity of nanoparticles in single living cells, bypassing the complications faced by conventional cytotoxicity assays.
13 March 2017
A plasma-free etch technique for multi-patterning has the potential to deliver symmetric etch profiles and excellent line-edge and line-width roughness for 7nm semiconductor manufacturing and beyond.
11 March 2017
A new robust tool for estimating the 3D position of targets with sub-metric accuracy has been successfully tested on remotely sensed satellite data.
10 March 2017
SPIE Photonics West 2016 Plenary

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: 2D tunable materials would allow researchers to "move from still-life daguerreotype nanophotonics to the film and television era."

9 March 2017
Relaxing the assumptions behind many existing approaches to aerial perching and manipulation requires novel solutions using onboard sensors and processing.
8 March 2017
Electrochemically etching microfabricated silicon microstructures unveils a new approach for generating micro-optics with unique spatially graded refractive index profiles.
6 March 2017
An improved analysis method shows that Auger recombination and series resistance are the major causes of wall-plug efficiencies of less than 40%.
3 March 2017

Optics and photonics technologies provide the eyes for self-driving cars. (An SPIE Professional magazine article. )

3 March 2017
Novel nonimaging optics solutions are used to achieve maximized concentration and matched etendue and to thus reach high operating temperatures for low-cost, fully dispatchable electricity.
1 March 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt addresses the unique challenges of unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.

27 February 2017
Three rotational mirrors are used in the Saccade Mirror 3 system to achieve a wide gaze-control range of more than 180° and a high-speed response of less than 5ms.
23 February 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt provides an inside view of the automatic target recognition (ATR) field from the perspective of an engineer working in the field for 40 years.

21 February 2017
A novel spectroscopic method adds functionality for high-spatial-resolution and high-accuracy detection of lipid-rich plaques.
20 February 2017
Photonics West_thumb

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: The OPTO plenary talks at SPIE Photonics West explored the promise of technology from controlling thermal radiation, quantum dots, and LiFi - wireless communication using visible light.

17 February 2017
Photonics West_thumb

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily:The first-ever neurophotonics plenary session at Photonics West featured 10 rapid-fire presentations covering the broad spectrum of current neurophotonics R&D.

16 February 2017
Photonics West_thumb

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: Advances in microscopy dominated the BiOS Hot Topics presentations at Photonics West, detailing advances in new techniques that could dramatically influence molecular research, drug development, and clinical diagnostics.

15 February 2017
A suite of flexible and biocompatible threads, embedded with sensors and electronics, can be sutured/woven into tissue for in situ measurements of physical and chemical biomarkers.
13 February 2017
An innovative full-field optical technique can be used to measure deformation of ocular tissue with nanometric accuracy.
8 February 2017

Photonic circuits aligned to single NV centers are fabricated in diamond using femtosecond laser writing, to enable an integrated platform for the excitation and collection from these optically active spin defects.

7 February 2017
A novel approach for guiding spin waves on the nanoscale has been experimentally verified and is an important step toward realizing spin-wave information transport for wave-based logic circuitry.
6 February 2017
The FireFly architecture features free-space optics communication links and represents an extreme design approach to meet the requirements of modern robust data center networks.
3 February 2017
With fVisiOn, multiple people can view 5cm-tall full-color interactive computer-generated images over a full 360° range.
2 February 2017
Photonics West_thumb

Photonics West authors publish their work on SPIE Newsroom.

2 February 2017
A prototype endoscopic imaging system, based on flexible terahertz waveguide technology, detects tissue abnormalities in real time and may ultimately enhance in vivo cancer screening.
1 February 2017
Specifically designed instruments are used on 40 and 60cm telescopes on Mount Haleakala, Hawaii, to study phenomena such as volcanic activity on Io and exoplanetary polarization.
30 January 2017
High-resolution ex vivo imaging of the brain is achieved with a novel technique that will enable studies of normal brain structure and the effects of neurological disorders.
27 January 2017
The journey of a single molecule can be followed with nanometer spatial precision and microsecond temporal resolution by using interferometric scattering optical microscopy and an ultrahigh-speed camera.
25 January 2017
Four-dimensional scanning ultrafast electron microscopy is used to selectively map charge-carrier recombination, diffusion, and trapping, with extremely high spatial and temporal resolutions.
23 January 2017
Optical components move a high-resolution laser-scan pattern contained in a small field of view across a larger area, eliminating the need for heavy steering mechanisms on platforms such as helicopters.
19 January 2017
Results from a series of tests in a large saltwater tank demonstrate that IR polarimetric images provide much better contrast between oil and water than conventional visible and thermal IR measurements.
18 January 2017
An innovative technique is used to pattern ultrahigh-aspect-ratio coplanar electrodes and to enable inexpensive, high-throughput printing of devices on large-area, flexible substrates.
16 January 2017
Luminophores that consist of carbazolyl and benzonitrile moieties and are shielded by tert-butyl units, are included in novel blue molecules that exhibit high external quantum efficiencies and long lifetimes.
11 January 2017
A novel device is a reversed version of a standard light-field camera and can be used to reconstruct a 3D volume image from a 2D data set.
9 January 2017
Metal and metal oxide nanoparticles are produced on the gram scale with a novel ablation setup that includes a high-power pulsed-laser system, an ultrafast laser scanner, and a customized ablation chamber.
6 January 2017
A new aircraft-certified instrument is suitable for unattended operation on the Polar 6 aircraft, and will ultimately be redesigned as a future microsatellite payload.
4 January 2017
Stimulated Raman scattering is used together with a novel, small-alkyne-tagged glucose analogue to visualize glucose uptake activity at the single-cell level.
30 December 2016
Indium arsenide quantum dots in gallium arsenide wafers offer wider pump-wavelength range, significantly higher thermal tolerance, and higher conversion efficiency than typical terahertz radiation sources.
28 December 2016
Recent advances in laser technology enable a betatron hard x-ray source, with which ultrahigh resolution and fast biomedical imaging may be realized.
26 December 2016
The photoelectrochemical performance of hematite photoanodes for water splitting is boosted by increasing the charge-separation efficiency and suppressing surface electron–hole recombination.
22 December 2016
A new instrument operates in the far-UV wavelength range and is compatible with a range of satellite platforms for science and space-operation support endeavors.
20 December 2016
A spin metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor based on silicon represents a promising candidate for ‘beyond CMOS’ applications.
16 December 2016
3D curved waveguides, cut from tapered fiber faceplates, are combined with spherical optics to make a compact, 125 Mpixel/frame, 360° video camera that is useful for immersive virtual reality content.
15 December 2016
In a novel technique, x-ray nanoimaging is combined with spectroscopy to track the phase transformation inside the cathode material of an operating battery cell.
13 December 2016
Plasmonic oscillations on graphene and 2D biocompatible nanomaterials are combined to yield ultrasensitive devices suitable for clinical diagnostics and early treatment of disease.
9 December 2016
Unraveling the coherent optical response of excited quasi-particles inside semiconductor devices will lay the foundation for the rational design of future photonic devices operating in the quantum regime.
7 December 2016
A novel synergetic approach enables the identification of large-amplitude, short-period internal solitary waves from high-rate satellite altimeter data.
5 December 2016
The use of different fabrication modes for additive and subtractive processes in the novel LithoProf3D platform enables industrial-level scalability for the fabrication of 3D structures.
2 December 2016
Very low precipitable water vapor levels at the summit of Cerro Chajnantor provide the conditions for good transmittance observations.
30 November 2016
An adapted processing chain enhances targets of interest in camera images that have a non-static background, and can thus enable longer-range classification and identification of ships.
29 November 2016
A new principle enables dynamic full-color 3D images to be displayed based on position- and color-selective color transformations in the volume of photochromic materials.
25 November 2016
Characterizing the spectral features of exhaust gases via IR hyperspectral detection enables the standoff detection of distant ships.
22 November 2016
In the Active Learning in Optics and Photonics program teachers are taught inquiry-based strategies, and low-cost optics technologies are brought to the classroom.
21 November 2016
Immensely concentrated sunlight provides a novel method for the synthesis of many nanomaterials that possess remarkable photonic, tribological, electronic, and catalytic properties.
17 November 2016
Transfer printing microstructures onto novel hydrogel interfaces and customised composite electrodes could increase the compatibility and information transfer between body tissue and electronic devices.
15 November 2016
High throughput, enhanced detection performance, and full-body illumination can be achieved with a scanner concept based on existing millimeter-wave technology.
14 November 2016
Atmospheric absorption peaks and near-IR properties of common materials are used in a new method for studying water quality over large areas.
11 November 2016
Ultrafast laser pulses are used in a novel bonding technique to directly weld components with highly dissimilar material properties.
9 November 2016
A terahertz laser, combined with an uncooled microbolometer camera, is used in a digital holography method to provide improved resolution of skin profiles.
7 November 2016
A high-throughput and reproducible lithographic approach enables the formation of ordered nanostructures on optical fiber tips that act as efficient surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy detectors.
5 November 2016
Stable spatially and spectrally differentiated laser beams can be delivered to remote locations and may thus enable endoscopic in vivo imaging, with resolution beyond the diffraction limit.
4 November 2016
A new approach, based on simple physical principles, is used to obtain upper bounds for the energy exchange rate between closely separated bodies and indicates the potential for more efficient thermal devices.
2 November 2016

A photoemitter x-ray source array, single-phase grating, and photonic-channeled x-ray detector array provide a larger field of view and improved fringe contrast than conventional systems.

1 November 2016
A 10cm3, physically robust instrument has been tested in wind-tunnel experiments, and is suitable for diffusion and convection studies.
28 October 2016
Metallic magnetoplasmonic nanostructures are used for the transducer layers in novel probes to achieve enhanced sensitivity.
24 October 2016
Resonant optical cavities are used for recording and readout purposes, and easily increase data transfer rates by at least a factor of two.
21 October 2016
Two-dimensional field-resolved spectroscopy of Landau electrons reveals population inversion and multiwave mixing that are explained by Coulomb interactions between electrons and the ionic background.
19 October 2016
A novel laser ablation in liquids approach, with ultrashort laser pulses, is used to fabricate substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of secondary explosive molecules.
18 October 2016
Small laser spots can have a negative impact on the accuracy and precision of measurements when used in surface-enhanced Raman scattering for quantitative characterization.
14 October 2016
Laser annealing opens new possibilities for increasing throughput and reducing manufacturing costs in thin-film solar cell processing.
12 October 2016
Advantages such as high resolution and throughput, along with insensitivity to misalignment, make extreme-UV interference lithography a powerful enabling technology for academic and industrial research.
10 October 2016
A novel smooth pursuit tracking method can be used to accurately track small targets in aerial videos.
6 October 2016
A unique LED lighting system uses an image-expanding optical mechanism to form light patterns for entertainment and safety applications.
3 October 2016
Beam combination of non-collinear inputs in a diamond Raman amplifier enables generation of high brightness, wavelength-shifted laser beams for high-power applications.
29 September 2016
Nuclear spins in diamond can store photonic information with high fidelity and have coherence times that exceed 10s, making diamond potentially useful as a node in quantum communications.
27 September 2016
Robotic ‘tongues’ that have continuous and compliant backbones enable robots to grasp objects that are otherwise difficult or infeasible to capture when using parallel jaw grippers.
26 September 2016

A decade's worth of advances in five years is the goal of the photonics community and partners, working on imaging, diagnostics and data management.

23 September 2016
Fundamental and robust pre-processing of cranial computed tomography exams enables algorithms for automatic analysis and interpretation of diagnostic images in acute stroke.
22 September 2016
A novel dark-field Mueller-matrix spectroscopic system facilitates the recording of complete polarization information from a single isolated plasmonic nanorod.
21 September 2016
Optical and visual microphones offer novel possibilities for sound capture and storage beyond traditional mechanical sensing systems.
20 September 2016
Cobalt disulfide and cobalt diselenide thin films act as cocatalysts and passivation layers to improve the performance and stability of silicon microwire photocathodes.
19 September 2016
The shared-aperture phased antenna array and geometric phase concepts are combined in a novel technique to obtain photonic spin-controlled multifunctional devices.
19 September 2016
Two novel approaches enable imaging of cells over large fields of view, with high spatiotemporal resolution.
16 September 2016
High-luminance, chip-scale, packaged LEDs enable significantly smaller vehicle headlights that have new dynamic functions.
16 September 2016
State-of-the-art non-lethal weapons, munitions, and devices are produced as part of the US Department of Defense's Non-Lethal Weapons Program.
14 September 2016
Light–matter interactions are strongly coupled in the liquid cores of novel optofluidic devices that are suitable for integration in compact and highly sensitive optical sensors.
14 September 2016
A novel approach, based on the principle of an optical switch, involves integration of a phototransistor into the laser cavity.
13 September 2016
Miniaturization of satellite remote sensing promises lower costs, and SeaHawk is a prime example, offering global coastal ocean color imagery comparable to previous larger and more expensive systems.
13 September 2016
A novel methodology for quantifying design space coverage has great potential for yield optimization of integrated circuits at the 7nm node and beyond.
12 September 2016
Photonic integrated circuits manufactured in fabrication foundries for generating millimeter-wave radio signals provide the size and performance needed for fifth-generation wireless communications.
9 September 2016
Solution-processing methods are used to synthesize metal-oxide nanoparticle suspensions and thus realize efficient and stable devices.
8 September 2016
Hyperspectral imaging and chemometric methods are combined in an innovative approach for fast, in situ, and low-cost asbestos recognition.
8 September 2016
A profiled laser allows for dynamic Raman imaging of living cell structure and functions, and alkyne tags improve the Raman signal with minimal physiological perturbation.
7 September 2016

A novel fabrication process from the Capasso lab develops highly efficient planar metalenses that allow for diffraction-limited focusing, unprecedented imaging quality, and the ability to resolve chirality.

6 September 2016
A novel class of nonlinear phenomena in metallic nanostructures, determined by nonlocality of the electron response, could find numerous applications in nanoscale nonlinear optics.
1 September 2016
A novel all-optical technique allows conduction and valence band modifications to be studied on a femtosecond timescale.
31 August 2016
Plastic foil substrates and chromium oxide interlayers are used in a novel technology that combines high efficiency, low weight, and extreme flexibility in a single platform.
30 August 2016
A novel super-multiview effect simulator can be used to simultaneously project up to four different-view images to each eye of a viewer.
29 August 2016
Using specialized mirrors to enable optical scanning in through-focus optical microscopy reduces through-focus instability and scan time.
27 August 2016
A holographic optical trapping technique enables 3D manipulation of cytoskeletal filaments, such as for building complex networks that capture key features of biological cell structures.
26 August 2016
Optically anisotropic liquid crystal polymer layers are used in each resonant cavity of a resonator array to achieve image selection by polarization for low-cost security labels.
25 August 2016
An assay based on silver nanoparticles of different colors provides rapid diagnosis for multiple diseases.
24 August 2016
A novel device architecture is used to simultaneously achieve extremely high internal quantum efficiencies, low drive voltages, and long lifetimes, at practical luminance levels.
24 August 2016
The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy operates from a modified Boeing 747 and enables unique spectroscopy and imaging not possible with ground-based IR observatories.
23 August 2016
The precipitation of lithium niobate crystal, under various writing conditions, was confirmed using Raman spectroscopy to measure the vibrational modes.
23 August 2016
A sensitive quantum device, designed to operate on a nanosatellite, was recovered from explosion debris and displays no degradation in quality.
22 August 2016
The very high flux of an x-ray beam reflected from a mirror is used for rapid synchrotron microtomography, as an alternative to monochromatic beams.
22 August 2016

Tactile sensors and ‘electronic skin’ made from 2D materials could be worn on the body to enable continuous monitoring of motion.

18 August 2016
With an increasing number of microphone and reflector array elements, photoacoustic signals can be enhanced and noise can be suppressed, without an increase in detection time.
17 August 2016
A proposed technique provides a simple and computationally inexpensive method for enhancing the spatial resolution and reducing the speckle noise of reconstructed images.
17 August 2016
Spatial and spectral control of emissivity up to the diffraction limit with an inhomogeneous metasurface is experimentally demonstrated.
16 August 2016
Technology testing has been used to demonstrate a new sensor system that is applicable for high-throughput security screening of people and vehicles.
15 August 2016
Deconvolving resting-state brain activity from hemodynamic effects reveals a set of spatially and temporally overlapping networks, providing new insights into brain function in health and disease.
15 August 2016
Preliminary results from a single-trial rapid serial visual representation task demonstrate the potential for enabling generalized human-autonomy sensor fusion across multiple subjects.
13 August 2016
A new system enables multiparametric scans for investigating rodent models of diseases and cross-validation studies of bimodal imaging probes.
12 August 2016
A novel synthesis method provides nanoparticles that are terminated with carbonate-like groups and creates an amorphous/crystalline structure for effective separation of electron-hole pairs.
12 August 2016
A novel, low-cost spacer-on-spacer pitch-splitting approach is targeted at sub-32nm pitch for 7nm technology nodes and beyond.
11 August 2016
Two-photon spectroscopy reveals that deep-UV light emission originates from phonon-assisted transitions in hexagonal boron nitride.
10 August 2016
A new computational imaging approach to x-ray tomography enables real-time material identification of complex objects from a single measurement.
10 August 2016
Curing and sintering of silicon carbide with phenolic resin and carbon produces materials that have the mechanical strength and environmental stability required for the largest telescope mirrors.
9 August 2016
Emerging interferometric techniques are combined with uncooled microbolometers in the Miniaturized IR Detection of Atmospheric Species instrument.
9 August 2016
Arrays based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers offer a high-bandwidth, low-power, and low-cost solution for intra-data centers.
8 August 2016
Thulium-doped fibers, pumped at 920nm and amplified at 2μm, can rival traditional ytterbium-doped fibers.
5 August 2016
A novel strategy is used to synthesize porous gold-silver alloy nanospheres encased in ultrathin silica shells that can act as highly sensitive single-particle probes.
4 August 2016
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy is combined with a novel preparation method, based on superhydrophobic sample control, to achieve a spatial resolution of down to 1.5Å.
3 August 2016
The impact of humidity observations, from the Sounder for Atmospheric Profiling of Humidity in the Intertropics by Radiometry instrument, on an existing unified model assimilation system is investigated.
3 August 2016
A microsphere superlens is used to convert evanescent waves into propagating waves and provide an imaging efficiency that is 40 times higher than for atomic force microscopy.
2 August 2016
Accurate mechanical measurement of stiffness in individual breast tumor cells provides information that can assist with disease prognosis.
1 August 2016

Lateral photonic integration of oxide-confined leaky vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers enables their application in data communications and sensing.

1 August 2016
Lightweight additive-technology metamaterials, and optical systems that combine interferometry with fixed-pupil segments, enable detection of possible extraterrestrial life from large ground-based telescopes.
30 July 2016
Low-coherence interferometry is used in combination with a hand-held probe for purposes of precision metrology and quality control.
29 July 2016
A novel annihilating filter-based low-rank Hankel matrix approach can be combined with classical analytic reconstruction techniques for application to several compressed sensing imaging problems.
27 July 2016
Silver nanoparticles are used in two different strategies to achieve high sensitivity to parasites and thus facilitate early malaria diagnosis.
27 July 2016
Interfacial triplet-triplet energy transfer is used to significantly extend the exciton lifetime of cadmium selenide nanocrystals in an experimental demonstration of their molecular-like photochemistry.
25 July 2016
Examining the physical limitations of optical coating materials and their manufacturing processes improves the laser damage resistance of optical components.
25 July 2016
Fully fiber-integrated femtosecond laser systems covering the visible spectrum could take advanced biomedical imaging techniques from the laboratory to real-world applications.
23 July 2016
An approach that uses a two-way LC lens and novel pixel arrangement enables 3D properties suitable for landscape and portrait displays.
22 July 2016
A cost-effective, freeform method of manufacturing epidermal electronic systems enables long-term, high-fidelity physiological signal monitoring.
21 July 2016
Phase-sensitive imaging and computational correction of patient-specific optical aberrations enable high-resolution imaging of the human retina to aid diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.
20 July 2016
The complex paths of scattered light that are typically ignored in imaging can be analyzed using time-of-flight imaging systems.
20 July 2016
Interference lithography for mastering and nanoimprint lithography as a microstructure replication technology offer scalability for applications in photovoltaics as well as lighting and displays.
19 July 2016
Novel devices feature improved carrier transport and operate under higher-order modulation schemes to enable increased data transmission rates.
18 July 2016
A novel material composed of nanostructured, decoupled graphene layers, inspired by the humble moth, is the most light-absorbent for its weight to date.
18 July 2016
High-performance detectors that are compatible with mainstream semiconductor device fabrication deliver high speed, ultra-sensitivity, and good timing resolution.
15 July 2016
Optimum sunlight absorption in thin absorbers such as silicon can be achieved via the introduction of novel pseudo-disordered photonic nanopatterns.
14 July 2016
Global positioning satellite and satellite radar interferometry measurements indicate the birth of a magma chamber along the Taupo Volcanic Zone.
13 July 2016
A new instrument on the 4m Mayall Telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory will use 5000 robotic fiber positioners to create a 3D redshift map of the universe to study dark energy.
13 July 2016
Combining tightly focused laser beams with surface-treated microtools enables injection and surface biopsies on individual live cells, with minimal disruption to their normal function.
13 July 2016
A broadband approach enables interoperable communications within legacy private mobile radio networks and creates the potential for many novel products, services, functionalities, and real-time applications.
12 July 2016
The number of voxels in a volumetric display is increased using holographic laser drawing with a computer-generated hologram and a multilayer fluorescent screen is used to generate a multicolored display.
11 July 2016
Global stability analysis shows that new-generation semiconductor lasers may be dynamically more stable than conventional lasers despite having more degrees of freedom.
9 July 2016
A computationally efficient theoretical approach is used to assess the performance of novel devices with directly emitting optical vortex modes.
8 July 2016
Silicon fins with a pitch less than 30nm and suitable critical dimensions for advanced field effect transistors are formed by directed self-assembly patterning via chemoepitaxy or self-aligned customization.
8 July 2016
A new three-probe measurement system has been developed and implemented with a data-stitching algorithm to improve its accuracy.
7 July 2016
Silicon quantum dots that are co-doped with boron and phosphorus exhibit bright and stable luminescence in the near-IR wavelength range and are environmentally friendly.
6 July 2016
In a new stochastic sensing approach statistical properties of illumination are controlled to provide an efficient optical probe, even in poor experimental conditions.
5 July 2016
Tunable light sources and megapixel detectors can improve mid-IR spectral imaging for large-scale histopathological assessment of biological tissues, enabling rapid medical diagnosis.
5 July 2016
A novel project, known as the Pathology Operating System, is being tested and implemented in Sweden for the digitalization of pathology services.
2 July 2016
A bilayer system is used in a simplified process to achieve reduced costs compared with standard fabrication methods that are based on organic photoresists.
1 July 2016
A chaotic semiconductor laser under distributed feedback, induced by a fiber Bragg grating, enables random bit generation at a high rate that is continuously tunable up to 100Gb/s.
1 July 2016
Self-assembled bilayers enable the incorporation of molecular photon upconversion directly in a dye-sensitized solar cell.
30 June 2016

A graphene-based electronic patch monitors glucose in sweat noninvasively and provides feedback-controlled drug delivery by using microneedles with a heat-responsive coating.

29 June 2016
Biosensors printed using laser-induced forward transfer can be optimized using a novel complementary-strand method to achieve high sensitivity for multiple-analyte detection.
28 June 2016
Dynamic holograms recorded in an optical nonlinear medium allow deceleration and acceleration of light pulses in a backward-wave four-wave mixing configuration.
28 June 2016
Measurements taken from a new lidar observation system could support studies of cloud formation.
27 June 2016
Speckle imaging, an older technique for obtaining diffraction-limited resolution with large telescopes, is back in a big way thanks to electron-multiplying CCDs.
24 June 2016
A photoactivated technique targets tumor cells and simultaneously triggers the release of inhibitors at ‘ the right time and place’ to block the mechanisms that enable some cancers to escape treatment.
24 June 2016
An ultrastable spectrophotometry method can be used to mitigate the effects of telescope pointing jitter and primary mirror deformation.
22 June 2016
Early results from the MeerKAT radio telescope project are providing guidance for scientific research enterprises, including the Square Kilometre Array telescope ‘megaproject.’
21 June 2016

Wearable devices are rapidly advancing in terms of technology, functionality and size, with more real-time applications. The disruption has already begun in health monitoring.

21 June 2016
Image formation based on computation and aberrated optical design provides a promising approach for volumetric imaging studies of biological dynamics at cellular and sub-cellular resolution.
20 June 2016
Spectroscopy studies of charge transfer from cadmium selenide quantum dots to molecular nickel catalysts reveal unexpectedly fast electron transfer, enabling exceptional photocatalytic hydrogen production.
18 June 2016
A new pixel-based absolute test method is used to determine the zero-gravity surface shape of a target mirror under normal gravity conditions and to remove interferometric errors.
17 June 2016
A ground-based optical interferometer successfully detects geostationary satellites from the ground.
16 June 2016
A new approach enables glucose detection over a spectral range that offers superior depth penetration in tissue, and thus presents possibilities for non-invasive blood sugar monitoring.
15 June 2016
Light emission occurs from a metal-free region in a proposed structure, which reduces optical losses and power dissipation, and opens up the possibility of realizing an electrically driven organic laser.
15 June 2016
High-contrast staining and artifact-free sample preparation for transmission electron microscope tomography allows hidden structures and defects in directed self-assembly films to be investigated.
14 June 2016
A significantly more accurate model, which has been verified with rainfall measurements from a typhoon in Taiwan, is obtained by considering a topographic effect.
13 June 2016
Spiral nanogrooves and nanoring slits are used on an integrated device to achieve parallel manipulation of the angular momentum of light and thus pave the way for ultrawide bandwidth optical technologies.
13 June 2016
Material-specific spectral signatures are produced in a new methodology that enables simpler standoff detection.
11 June 2016
A variety of numerical tools can be used to compensate for unwanted aberrations in acquired digitized holograms and improve the precision of metrology measurements.
10 June 2016
A novel process obtains high-performing single-layer perovskite LEDs that can be fabricated easily and economically in ambient conditions.
10 June 2016
Low-cost, low-dimensional nanoarchitectures provide optimal structures for charge collection in large-scale solar energy harvesting and conversion applications.
9 June 2016
An innovative optical design for the Near-IR Imaging Spectrometer for Star Formation History instrument overcomes many limitations associated with conventional on-axis optics.
8 June 2016
Impressive progress in replacing 193nm immersion multi-patterning techniques has been made in the last few years, but there are several remaining challenges before the full scaling benefits can be realized.
8 June 2016
Near-IR light at wavelengths of 1600–1870nm offers the best transmittance for deep brain imaging.
8 June 2016
A new concept of combined disaster mitigation and sustainable engineering is illustrated through a number of proposed tsunami and river flooding protection schemes.
7 June 2016
A new, simple, one-step synthesis methodology gives rise to the intergrowth of different components, which can create strong coupling and favorable physicochemical properties.
6 June 2016
Silica optical fiber Bragg grating sensors made with ultrafast lasers are ideally suited for sensing in high-temperature environments.
4 June 2016
Metal organic vapor phase deposition on etched 4-inch-diameter sapphire wafers is used to create low-defect-density gallium nitride templates.
3 June 2016
Doping cadmium telluride with phosphorus provides increases in acceptor density and minority carrier lifetime to enable the construction of solar cells with an open-circuit voltage greater than 1V.
2 June 2016
A design technology co-optimization assessment is used to demonstrate the feasibility of this semiconductor fabrication approach.
1 June 2016
A comparison of imaging using deuterium oxide and water immersion media shows that deuterium oxide significantly enhances signals for image contrast in the 1700nm excitation window.
1 June 2016
A giant optical path length is created from a few layers of molybdenum disulfide and is used to fabricate an ultra-thin optical lens.
31 May 2016
Single-photon Raman interaction, a control-fields-free interference-based scheme, enables deterministic interactions between photons and between single photons and single atoms.
31 May 2016
Single-point terahertz inspection and time-domain terahertz reflection tomography methods are used in a new anomaly detection system that has high detection probabilities and low false alarm rates.
28 May 2016
Displays with a very high pixel density over a large physical surface have applications in scientific data analysis and crisis management.
28 May 2016
Finite element technology and practical insights can enhance the accuracy of magnetic resonance-guided ultrasound biopsy of the prostate.
27 May 2016
Non-diffracting Bessel vortex beams exhibit diverse propagation regimes in glass that can be observed with a novel imaging strategy.
25 May 2016
Intriguing component shapes in recent optical designs have spawned challenging mathematical approaches and fabrication methods, but are part of a long historical context.
24 May 2016
A simple method for controlling the shape of cadmium sulfide nanocrystals has been developed, and the nanocrystals used as photocatalysts for water splitting.
24 May 2016

DC currents can be generated in unbiased dielectrics and semiconductors by excitation below their band gaps with ultrashort optical pulses.

23 May 2016
A hybrid energy harvester combining photovoltaic, pyroelectric, and thermoelectric devices enables use of the full solar spectrum to generate electricity.
21 May 2016
Lanthanum fluoride particles passively collect in tumors and amplify applied radiation doses, while also transferring energy to photosensitizer dyes that enable the targeting of cancerous cells.
20 May 2016
A novel passive repeater, based on a chain of 3D dielectric particles, has been proposed and numerically simulated.
19 May 2016
A scanning transmission electron microscope coupled to a Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometer is used to achieve cathodoluminescence in a novel experimental technique.
19 May 2016
By connecting telescopes electronically, rather than optically, atmospheric turbulence is avoided and microarcsecond resolutions may be achieved.
18 May 2016
An eye-safe, mid-IR hyperspectral active standoff detection system provides identification, detection, and confident quantification of chemical mixtures.
18 May 2016
Novel liquid-crystalline polymers that respond to specific stimuli by changing their shape or color can be used as soft actuators and optical sensors for environmental, energy, and biomedical applications.
17 May 2016
Several multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles are used to demonstrate the potential applications of 3D imaging ladar systems.
17 May 2016
Repeated plasma deposition and etching steps enable the patterning of fins with the potential to meet requirements of N7 and N5 technologies for profile, depth, uniformity, and pitch walk.
14 May 2016
A novel dielectric metasurface platform provides simultaneous and complete control of optical wavefront and polarization with subwavelength spatial resolution and high transmission efficiency.
13 May 2016
A new full-field transmission x-ray microscope has spatial resolution as high as 20nm and an in situ imaging capability.
12 May 2016
A novel elastomer-based device combines electroadhesion with electroactive polymer actuation, and can hold objects up to 80 times its weight.
11 May 2016
A collaboration of European researchers offers support and guidance to businesses that require, or are considering, the use of laser technologies.
10 May 2016
A novel photolithography technique based on laser speckles and their properties is used for the fabrication of tunable and controlled random media, random gratings, and black silicon structures.
9 May 2016
A liquid crystal on silicon is used to realize a multiple-input and multiple-output wavelength selective switch that is based on the optical system found in conventional devices.
6 May 2016
A hybrid high-energy thin-disk laser enables a new family of driving sources for ultrafast experiments.
5 May 2016
A hexagonally patterned hyperlens array enables high-throughput super-resolution imaging of living cells, without the need for complex optical systems.
4 May 2016

A physical analytical model has been developed for a novel graphene-nanoribbon-based device.

2 May 2016
Quantum dots exhibit a measurable rapid photoluminescence response to neuron-like electric fields and can thus be used to observe neuronal action potentials.
27 April 2016
A simple and robust core-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier enables efficient stimulated Brillouin scattering mitigation and excellent beam quality.
26 April 2016
DNA can align liquid crystal molecules, providing a convenient and inexpensive template for the fabrication of new LCD devices.
25 April 2016
Functionalizing metal oxides with heterojunction nanostructures improves optical absorption and charge carrier mobility and reduces electron–hole recombination for photoelectrochemical water splitting.
22 April 2016
A novel low-cost scanning microscope enables robust, scalable imaging for microfluidic systems and photonic integrated circuits.
22 April 2016
The butterfly proboscis is a unique, naturally engineered device for acquiring liquid food, and may inspire novel developments in micro- and nanofluidic engineering.
21 April 2016
Totally transparent photoelectric devices can be used in photodetectors and transparent solar cells to improve UV light detection.
20 April 2016
Combining a plasmonic photomixer with a novel two-section digital distributed feedback laser diode enables generation of high-power, wavelength-tunable terahertz radiation at room temperature.
19 April 2016
A new hardware-accelerated projective transformation engine is embedded within a high-speed digital light processing projector.
18 April 2016
Improved understanding of the origin of mode instabilities enables engineering of ytterbium-doped fibers for high-power laser applications.
18 April 2016
LIGO test mass

The first detection of a gravitational wave depended on large surfaces with excellent flatness, combined with low microroughness and the ability to mitigate environmental noise.

15 April 2016
Pattern formation down to 5nm critical dimensions is made possible using an enhanced understanding of the interactions between plasma and block copolymers.
15 April 2016
Combining satellite imagery with social media data enables a good match between predictions and observations in emergency situations.
14 April 2016

A quantum process called singlet fission could boost solar cell efficiency by harnessing inaccessible parts of the solar spectrum.

13 April 2016
Twisted graphene quantum dots, with chiral amino acids around their edges, enable a new biocompatible nanomaterial that displays chiral selectivity when interacting with live cells.
13 April 2016
A new platform for low-power nonlinear optics has a high nonlinear figure of merit and can be used to generate a wideband supercontinuum.
12 April 2016
Algorithms that dramatically improve the quality of video sequences captured in very dim light have been developed on the basis of the neural mechanisms in nocturnal insects with excellent visual capabilities.
11 April 2016
Combining stimulated-emission-depletion microscopy with fluorescence-correlation spectroscopy enables the simultaneous confocal and super-resolution monitoring of molecular diffusion.
9 April 2016
New material architectures and electrode surface topographies are used in high-power batteries to improve battery lifetime and cell stability.
8 April 2016
Aluminum gallium nitride UV-C LED devices fabricated with novel epitaxial techniques show improved efficiency and have longer operating lifetimes.
8 April 2016
Nanoimprint technology combined with defect management could significantly reduce the cost of lithography for fabricating semiconductor devices.
7 April 2016
A novel set of nanowire-based techniques enables the development of blue, green, and red LEDs, and shows promise for advanced display applications.
6 April 2016

Monitoring the properties of light transmitted through a thread of spider silk enables detection of trace amounts of chemical compounds.

5 April 2016
The lithographic capabilities of a photoresist-based material facilitate direct 3D manufacturing of electrically conductive and transparent nanostructures.
4 April 2016
A laser Doppler vibrometer is used in a camera-based tracking system to survey the vibrations of rotor blades during normal operation of a power plant.
1 April 2016
Two optical frequency combs based on two modelocked beams, generated using one gain medium, could serve as a compact and cost-efficient source for applications such as dual-comb spectroscopy.
31 March 2016
Fluorescent dye aggregates are used to improve light harvesting and device efficiency by increasing the dye concentration and reducing reabsorption.
31 March 2016
Metal organic chemical vapor deposition is used to grow aluminum gallium nitride interlayers within indium gallium nitride/gallium nitride multi-quantum well structures on silicon substrates.
30 March 2016
Topological waveguide arrays can be used to build on-chip optical diodes with large operational bandwidths and high isolation ratios.
30 March 2016
Direct laser interference patterning can be used to fabricate periodic structures directly on polymers, ceramics, metals, and coatings at micrometer and nanometer scales.
29 March 2016
A new microfluidics-based 3D tissue culture method facilitates rapid and simultaneous viability measurements on multiple samples, offering the possibility of patient-specific assays.
28 March 2016
Remote sensing technologies enable plant breeders and geneticists to characterize canopy function in thousands of plant varieties.
25 March 2016
A novel approach merges the sensitivity of plasmon-enhanced spectroscopies with the quality and integrability of semiconductor devices for mid-IR sensing.
25 March 2016
The windshield-refracted augmented reality projector is used to achieve hyperreality performance with free depth perception, high visibility, and low eye fatigue.
24 March 2016
A collaboration between the US government, industry, and academia would present an opportunity for individual partner capabilities to be exchanged and harnessed.
22 March 2016
Post-selecting energy-time-entanglement quantum key distribution systems are vulnerable to security attacks where the hacker can infiltrate without leaving a trace.
22 March 2016
A tiny, low-cost evanescent-field biosensor chip with a directly integrated optical detector enables carcinogenic contaminant detection and shows promise for point-of-use application.
21 March 2016
Ultra-short optical solitons and soliton Cherenkov radiation are generated inside a novel device and produce a coherent optical spectrum that spans two-thirds of an octave.
18 March 2016
A new type of chemical sensor is based on a magnetic surface spin wave oscillator as a magnetic field detector, combined with a layer of magnetic nanoparticles as the gas-sensitive medium.
16 March 2016
Conventional microprocessing materials and tools are used in a novel high-throughput fabrication technique.
15 March 2016

Novel solar thermal collectors that incorporate optics and absorbers based on metamaterials and nanoparticle suspensions can provide high-temperature heat for industrial applications.

14 March 2016
Information storage based on the introduction of nanostructures into fused quartz using a femtosecond laser could ensure all that we have learned will not be forgotten.
11 March 2016
Graphene modulators are combined with erbium fiber lasers designed to operate with ultralow timing jitter in a new device for generating frequency combs.
10 March 2016
Femtosecond laser pulses can be used to switch magnetic domains in terbium iron cobalt, showing promise for light-based computer memory.
9 March 2016
Analyzing the optical properties of plant cells forms the basis for an adaptive optics microscope that obtains near-diffraction-limited images.
9 March 2016
A variant of Raman spectroscopy allows detection and identification of concealed material without affecting the sample, showing promise as a defense technique.
8 March 2016
A statistical analysis shows that the predictability of extreme events is different for distinct rogue-wave supporting systems.
7 March 2016
Solution growth enables the production of large single crystals of hexagonal boron nitride with high purity and low defect density for electronic and photonic applications.
4 March 2016
Diffraction efficiency and peak signal-to-noise for an amplitude hologram, phase hologram, and kinoform are used to assess the quality of a Fourier transform hologram in a new methodology.
3 March 2016
Incorporating adaptive optics, such as a deformable mirror, in super-resolution microscopy enables imaging of structures at depths of 15μm.
2 March 2016
Advances in laser cooling of atoms have produced a new generation of inertial sensors based on matter-wave interferometers, which are becoming an essential technology for accurate positioning or geodesy.
1 March 2016
Metal-oxide nanostructures and composites have potential as functional materials for the development of renewable-energy resources and technologies.
29 February 2016
Reducing quantum fluctuations in the electromagnetic field of light enables high-resolution images to be obtained via remote sensing with potential applications in satellite-borne systems.
26 February 2016

A new architecture, based on a single optical parametric oscillator, is used to produce entanglement between qumode optical fields.

25 February 2016
Multimodal sensors enhance chemical selectivity and reduce false-positive/negative signals in explosive vapor detection.
24 February 2016
A new set of measurements provides the tightest ever constraint for the Bell parameter, which constitutes the closest ever approach to the Tsirelson bound.
24 February 2016
Micro-optoelectromechanical systems can enhance the functionality of next-generation spectrographic devices for space observations.
23 February 2016

Photonics West authors publish their work on SPIE Newsroom

22 February 2016
An etching process based on a three-layer stack achieves transfer into silicon of patterns with a depth of less than 5nm and a half-pitch of less than 20nm written by thermal scanning probe lithography.
22 February 2016
Computer models are effective for predicting electro-optic sensor performance, as long as simulation software is validated against real-world observations.
22 February 2016
Terahertz images obtained with solid-state-based sensors at different frequencies can be used to analyze the chemical content of packaged materials when the spectra are known a priori.
22 February 2016
A novel monolithic grating can be designed to reflect light of almost any wavelength and can be used in integrated optoelectronics systems.
19 February 2016
Detecting proteins and nanobioparticles using microarray technologies enables resolution and sensitivity beyond the reach of ensemble measurements.
18 February 2016
A purely chemical quasi-isotropic diamond etch is used to undercut devices patterned from bulk diamond chips.
17 February 2016
A single-crystal phosphor compound boasts high conversion efficiency and temperature stability, and a high irradiation resistance with a small temperature increase, making it suitable for white-light applications.
17 February 2016
A multimodal optical imaging approach enables assessment of the long-term reliability of microelectrodes used to record brain activity, stimulate specific cortical regions, and control neural prostheses.
16 February 2016
A handheld fiber probe with adjustable offsets enables spatially offset Raman spectroscopy at different depths for noninvasive analysis of callus composition during fracture healing.
15 February 2016
Photonic integrated circuits can be used with terbium-doped fibers or cerium-doped yttrium iron garnet waveguides to achieve high sensitivity and small footprints.
13 February 2016
A new theoretical framework allows several thermodynamic parameters, such as efficiency and entropy current, to be defined.
12 February 2016

The singly quantized vortices in superfluids can provide an ‘atomic theory’ of turbulence (for which there is no general theory), enabling a ‘video camera’ operating at ∼100 microkelvin to image vortices.

11 February 2016
High-index microspheres embedded within movable slabs, or microfibers, are used in a novel approach for super-resolution imaging of nanoplasmonic arrays.
11 February 2016
LIGO detects gravitational waves

A hundred years after Einstein predicted them, gravitational waves from a cataclysmic event a billion years ago have been observed.

11 February 2016
A novel mode-coupling technique can be used to introduce an extra ‘synthetic’ dimension to an array.
10 February 2016
Free-electron lasers may offer a cost-effective, single-source alternative for powering an entire integrated circuit manufacturing program.
9 February 2016
Aggregation of nanoparticles can cause significant changes in the absorption and scattering coefficients of suspensions.
8 February 2016
A miniature wireless optical remote chemical sensing network improves the accuracy of mid-wave and long-wave IR chemical detection.
8 February 2016
DNA electronic devices can distinguish various forms of DNA damage and are now being used to follow anticancer drug activity.
6 February 2016
Fourth-generation optics involving the spatial modulation of the anisotropy axis in the plane of thin polymer films opens up unprecedented opportunities for imaging and optical communication.
5 February 2016
A firm control over parameters affecting the electrospinning fabrication method enables better production of nanofilaments and devices based on them.
4 February 2016
High-resolution spectroscopy reveals excitons with highly excited states and micrometer-scale spatial extents.
4 February 2016
Absolute interferometric length measurements can be used to characterize ultrastable structures at cryogenic temperatures.
3 February 2016
Specially designed aluminum gallium nitride devices can be used to control carrier recombination rates and emission line widths.
2 February 2016
Monolithic LED arrays facilitate spatial control of light emission and adjustment of the electrical properties of the source.
1 February 2016
Imaging luminescence polarization under excitation by a tightly focused laser reveals novel phenomena related to spin transport in semiconductors.
29 January 2016
Integration of planar nanophotonics and microfluidics offers a new route for high-throughput sorting of bacterial cells in real time.
28 January 2016
Coupled dipole-patch nano-antenna cells are used in a new approach to impose an arbitrary phase profile on reflected light.
28 January 2016
A near-IR laser spectroscopic technique enables continuous in situ measurements of methane emissions in rural northern India.
27 January 2016
Catalytic oxidation of boron nitride nanosheets creates pits and holes that have well-defined shapes and edges, enabling ‘holey graphene’ for applications in electronics and molecular transport.
26 January 2016
Radio frequency reflections can be used to capture a human figure through occlusions.
25 January 2016
Lunar Flashlight is an innovative, low-cost mission that will use near-IR lasers to map water ice at the lunar south pole.
25 January 2016
Long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguides are used in a novel sensor for the detection of kappa and lambda light chain immunoglobulin relative concentrations.
22 January 2016
Precise control of polarization in a 10.6μm, sub-10mJ, 15ns vectorial vortex beam using an achromatic axially symmetric waveplate may find applications in ultra-precise micromachining.
21 January 2016
Two simple room-temperature and solution-based chemical processes are used to realize a new class of silver nano-network-based devices.
20 January 2016
Visual stimuli and brain wave measurement techniques combined with a holographic display system enable human interaction with 3D content.
19 January 2016
Non-invasive imaging through scattering media is achieved with the use of patterned illumination and single-pixel photodetection.
18 January 2016
A compact system for 2D and 3D sensing has been built using semiconductor and microelectromechanical systems components.
15 January 2016
Physical optics modeling by smart rays enables numerically efficient treatment of polarization, vectorial effects, interference, coherence, and femtosecond pulses.
14 January 2016
An anamorphic lens with a numerical aperture of about 0.5 can be used to realize economically viable step and scan systems.
12 January 2016
Techniques such as electrochemical atomic layer epitaxial deposition can be used to grow high-quality pseudo-2D layers of photovoltaic materials.
11 January 2016
Ubiquitous capable devices, which are empowered by the Internet of Things, have the potential to transform science and diagnostics by enabling large networks of remote measurements.
8 January 2016
The photorefraction of IR light and astigmatism from a cylindrical lens are used to assess variations in the human eye as a function of perceived depth information.
8 January 2016
Focus shaping using vortex laser beams improves precision in corneal surgery by facilitating cleavage along the lamellae in the cornea, and enables cutting with reduced absorbed pulse energy.
7 January 2016
Delay-stabilized optical fibers are used to link existing small antennas and create a large virtual telescope.
6 January 2016
Thermally activated delayed fluorescence can be achieved by the formation of an exciplex via intermolecular charge transfer between a donor and an acceptor to give highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes.
6 January 2016
Water splitting by integrated photoelectrochemical-thermoelectric devices can produce storable and transportable hydrogen fuel from solar and waste heat energies.
5 January 2016
Photonic crystals can be used to produce materials that have higher values of pseudospin than graphene.
4 January 2016
A robust lens, with rapid focus response and high diopter range, is used in a prototype touchless fingerprint sensor.
31 December 2015
A new NASA satellite mission will improve hurricane forecasting by making frequent measurements of ocean surface winds.
30 December 2015

Advanced algorithms that leverage computer vision and signal processing concepts are used to estimate vital signs from small changes in skin color.

30 December 2015
Coating short optical fibers with a layer of nanoporous metal-organic-framework material significantly improves the near-IR absorption of various gases, achieving part-per-million sensitivity.
29 December 2015
Additive manufacturing by laser melting offers a new and cost-efficient way to produce optical freeform surfaces, with applications such as automotive lighting.
29 December 2015
Manipulation of surface potentials at grain boundaries in lead halide perovskite solar cells may enhance their photoconversion efficiency.
29 December 2015
A novel optical design for bifocal power-adjustable lenses ensures a wide field of view for every viewing distance.
28 December 2015
A continuous ring of singularities called exceptional points can be generated from a Dirac cone in a 3D photonic crystal slab, with potential applications in optical devices.
28 December 2015
Computational intelligence enables forward-looking explosive hazard detection at all stages in single- and multi-sensor signal processing.
24 December 2015
A one-step rapid holographic recording technique based on a nanosecond laser pulse enables optical structures to be printed on transparent substrates coated with light-absorbing materials.
23 December 2015
Cold and hot isostatic pressing enables the production of organic semiconductor layers with improved electrical characteristics.
22 December 2015

A technique that distinguishes single from multiple scattered waves achieves microscopic imaging with a near-diffraction-limit resolution of 1.5μm, at depths that would benefit medical applications.

22 December 2015

Microlasers can be embedded inside single mammalian cells, enabling the tagging of a large number of cells and very sensitive real-time sensing of the forces and refractive indices within cells.

21 December 2015
LiFi in the office (Velmenni)

With LiFi's arrival on the horizon, does this mean lights out for WiFi? Exploring the LED's future as a communication link.

17 December 2015
Mode coupling can be exploited to change local dispersion and excite dark pulses in normal-dispersion microresonators.
17 December 2015
Considering chip design challenges is critical in accurately quantifying the potential benefit of extreme UV.
16 December 2015
A novel double-pulse 2μm integrated path differential absorption lidar instrument has been developed for measuring carbon dioxide column content.
15 December 2015
Simulations of a new backscatter imaging approach are compared with experimental results.
14 December 2015
An integrated fluorescence spectroscopy approach can be used to examine the diffusion of molecular probes, protein folding processes, and several biochemical reactions.
11 December 2015
The first demonstration of a random access reconfigurable metamaterial has a flat lens solution and can offer ultimate freedom for wavefront control at sub-wavelength resolutions.
10 December 2015
Environmentally friendly nanoparticles may enable integration of luminescent solar concentrator technology in optically active photovoltaic windows with high conversion efficiency.
9 December 2015
Automatic detection and tracking of vehicles in high-resolution video data can support fast image analysis for large amounts of data.
8 December 2015
Zernike polynomials are used in bilaterally symmetric freeform designs to enable substantial increases in numerical apertures.
7 December 2015
A technique combining Raman and Fourier transform IR spectroscopies enables simultaneous topographical and chemical imaging at high resolution.
4 December 2015
Biomedical imaging for preclinical applications is rapidly advancing and benefiting from the introduction of powerful new computing hardware.
3 December 2015

Adapted refractive steppers are used to reduce the speckle contrast of a laser beam after determination of its coherence length and periodicity function.

3 December 2015
The wavefront errors of active space telescopes, such as the James Webb Space Telescope, can be reduced with the use of scheduling restrictions or predictive control algorithms that incorporate thermal models.
2 December 2015
A new round-robin differential-phase-shift protocol for quantum key distribution is designed to prevent, rather than detect, eavesdropping.
1 December 2015
Imaging techniques based on autofluorescence and reflectance offer objective diagnosis of middle-ear pathological conditions.
30 November 2015
A new imaging technique uses force detection of optical excitations to generate maps of molecules and materials with nanometer resolution.
27 November 2015
Femtosecond lasers enable the local modification of the composition of glass, allowing the generation of high-contrast refractive microstructures for advanced optical applications.
26 November 2015
A technique based on computational photography enables camera sensors to reset when there is excess light in the field of view, protecting the resultant image from the effects of overexposure.
24 November 2015
Deep-seated lithospheric folding can be revealed using a method that combines gravity inversion calculations and isostatic analyses.
23 November 2015
Nanoformulated compound derivatives naphthalocyanines enable dual-color photoacoustic demarking of lymph node networks.
20 November 2015
A novel technique for optimally determining a limited set of layout patterns called templates accounts for circuit needs and navigates sources of process variability with no power, performance, or area penalty.
19 November 2015
Significant improvements in renewable energy forecasting have been demonstrated via situation-dependent error correction and blending of models using machine learning.
18 November 2015
A novel method for fusing crystal- and silicon-photonics technologies exhibits a high quality factor, showing promise for the realization of all-optical signal processing on a chip.
17 November 2015
Supercontinuum sources for incoherent broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy enable high-sensitivity measurements.
16 November 2015
Multifunctional fibers enable simultaneous recording, optical stimulation, and drug delivery into the nervous system.
16 November 2015
An interactive crowdsourced research program, involving students around the world, is enabling the discovery of new materials for solar-powered water splitting.
13 November 2015
Novel ultra-small devices can convert near-IR radiation to bright visible light with unprecedented conversion efficiency.
12 November 2015

The key advances for lighting technologies in the 21st century are driven primarily by energy efficiency, color quality, and cost-effectiveness. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

11 November 2015
Advancements in processing and design enable printed electronics for applications including ultra-low-cost sensors to monitor food quality.
11 November 2015
Spectral-spatial sharpening of images is achieved by numerically embedding line targets in obtained imagery, and by minimizing the differences between high-spatial-resolution and observed spectral signatures.
10 November 2015
Applying data analysis techniques to terahertz spectral imaging enables automated identification of three explosive chemical products comprising two materials.
9 November 2015
Ultrathin hybrid photovoltaic devices with customized colors and patterns pave the way toward energy-saving display systems and the integration of power generation into buildings.
6 November 2015
Studying the conditions under which a moving refractive index front acts as an analog event horizon and emits photons from the vacuum helps better understand the Hawking emission mechanism.
5 November 2015

Major breakthroughs in photonics are changing how solar energy will power our future, how light illuminates our lives, and how technology will connect us to each other in new ways. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

4 November 2015
A combination of optics coding and digital processing enhances the capabilities of traditional light microscopes, enabling acquisition of information such as phase, which cannot otherwise be captured.
4 November 2015
Tests on a polymer/dye composite series show that increasing electron transfer driving force does not always increase solar cell performance.
3 November 2015
Supported membranes typically used in bionanotechnological devices have a higher degree of order than free membranes and show lipid clustering, which could affect device functioning.
3 November 2015
A three-camera microscope without moving parts enables fast and accurate tracking of individual enzyme molecules, their regulators, and catalytic product molecules simultaneously in the nuclei of living cells.
2 November 2015
Full process flow of thin-film photovoltaic modules, with accurate patterning of interconnections, allows for large-area applications and highly efficient perovskite solar cells.
29 October 2015
A beamline to characterize electrons with very high energy resolution would help explore the link between electron behavior and material properties.
28 October 2015
A monolithic optofluidic chip fabricated by femtosecond laser extracts highly metastatic cells from a heterogeneous population on the basis of optical stretching measurements.
27 October 2015
Europium-doped strontium iodide is a recently discovered material that may present a good choice for future geochemical investigations of solar system bodies.
23 October 2015
Axicons, or conical lenses, can be used as mode converters to enable pulse energy scalability and to produce beams that are close to the diffraction limit.
23 October 2015
A nanoplasmonic array of gold nanodisks supports delocalized transport of nanoparticles and has several potential applications in nanotechnology, atomic physics, and biology.
22 October 2015
The Asian Dust and Aerosol Lidar Observation Network has 20 stations equipped with several polarization-sensitive lidar instruments.
21 October 2015
A mixture of semiconductor nanocrystals and organic molecules is used to absorb and upconvert low-energy photons at visible and near-IR wavelengths.
20 October 2015
Recent improvements in nanoplasmonics have application in solar cells, sensors, nanoscale circuits, and superlenses.
15 October 2015
Thermally formed and chemically tempered Gorilla Glass foils have the strength, surface figure, and roughness quality for application in x-ray optics.
14 October 2015
Several optical components, such as multi-wavelength lasers and sensitive focal plane arrays, need to be combined to achieve a successful preemptive directional IR countermeasures system.
13 October 2015
A technique to transfer micro- and nanostructured flat substrates onto seamless rollers enables manufacture of improved surfaces for optical displays and solar power applications.
12 October 2015
A novel photocatalytic reduction system works efficiently under visible light irradiation.
12 October 2015
Understanding the interplay between organic molecules and the inorganic crystal in a perovskite photovoltaic structure creates possibilities for novel, high-performance energy devices.
9 October 2015
Automatic analysis of x-ray images enables on-site screening for tuberculosis infection, addressing the shortage of trained radiologists in rural Kenya.
8 October 2015
The realization of topological insulators for photons could have a major impact on optical devices, making them more robust and more energy efficient.
7 October 2015
Photosensitive bacteriorhodopsin is used in a new artificial system with visual receptive fields that can respond selectively to contrasts in luminance, direction of movement, line orientation, and spatial frequency.
7 October 2015
Streetlights in Durham, NC  (Christopher Kyba, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

New streetlight installations have resulted in a dramatic increase in scattered light, but cities can avoid adding to it by asking the right questions.

5 October 2015
A 12m-wide, segmented-mirror space telescope would search for Earth-like planets around Sun-like stars to answer the questions: Are we alone? How did we come to be?
5 October 2015
Grade-school students in New York City can have a hands-on educational experience with a scanning electron microscope on board the BioBus.
2 October 2015
Integration of multi-wavelength-range imaging spectrometry data improves geologic mapping by combining complementary information from visible, near-IR, shortwave-IR, and longwave-IR spectral regions.
1 October 2015
Transfer of both the spin and orbital angular momentum properties of a single photon has been experimentally demonstrated for the first time.
1 October 2015
A new achromatic polarizer and anisotropic diffusion layer enable a low-power, full-color display with high reflectivity and a wide color gamut.
30 September 2015
A photoelectrochemical cell using all-vanadium redox species could offer efficient and large-scale solar energy storage, even under dark conditions.
29 September 2015
A new USB-powered lightweight device was developed to improve early detection of glaucoma and other eye diseases.
28 September 2015

A new protocol involves joint entangled measurements and can be applied to continuous variable systems for hacking-safe communication.

24 September 2015
Combined spatial frequency domain imaging enables improved monitoring of hypertrophic scar formation, making interventional procedures more effective.
24 September 2015
Thin nickel oxide films serve as conductive, catalytic, and antireflective coatings for photoelectrochemical systems in alkaline electrolytes for water oxidation in sunlight-driven water-splitting devices.
23 September 2015
Holographic control of light traveling through multimode optical fibers enables minimally invasive imaging deep inside sensitive living tissues.
23 September 2015
A spectrum-splitting film is used to combine photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies in a new approach for the continuous generation of affordable electricity.
21 September 2015
Silicon nanowires prepared by wet etching and decorated by metal nanoparticles enable interference-free laser desorption-ionization mass spectrometry of low-molecular-weight analytes.
18 September 2015
Mathematical modeling of wind instrument acoustics facilitates the manufacture of flutes with customized tunings.
18 September 2015
A high-resolution positioning system based on stepper motors can be used to laser etch complex microstructures on optical substrates.
17 September 2015
The novel and freely available ‘Patch’ software package can be used to deconvolve images that have spatially variable point spread functions.
16 September 2015
A novel spectroscopic imaging technique reveals local variations in the recombination and transport of charge carriers within polycrystalline materials.
16 September 2015
Nonlinear quantum mechanical interactions between light and matter could lead to all-optical switching and transistor action for optical-computing platforms.
15 September 2015
A novel advanced algorithm is based on the sparsity hypothesis for phase and amplitude modeling.
14 September 2015
A novel underetching approach on a dispersion-engineered silicon nitride waveguide has been developed and experimentally verified.
14 September 2015
Focused ultrasound combined with sensitizing agents used in photodynamic therapy increases the ability of anti-cancer drugs to inhibit tumor growth.
12 September 2015
Diluting organic molecules in a polymer matrix material suppresses non-radiative behavior, leading to biluminescence, wherein light is emitted efficiently from both singlet and triplet states.
11 September 2015
Precise radial velocity instruments that use adaptive optics will be essential for the coming era of observations of Earthlike worlds.
10 September 2015
Experimental demonstration of the nonlinear mirror effect in a medium with negative refractive index confirms a decade-old prediction, and expands the scope of nonlinear optics in artificially structured media.
9 September 2015
A new device operates at normal dispersion with hybrid self-similar evolution to generate femtosecond pulses at 2μm with record high energy levels.
8 September 2015
The use of blue-phase liquid crystals in bandpass filters based on photonic integrated circuits enables the birefringence to be modulated via optical tuning.
4 September 2015
A cosmic-ray observatory is being expanded to study a mysterious, apparent source of ultra-high-energy particles.
4 September 2015
Surface-sensitive spectroscopies and scanning probe microscopies provide molecular-level mechanistic information for catalyzed electrochemical and photoelectrochemical fuel synthesis reactions.
3 September 2015
The anisotropic nature of electrically tunable liquid crystal lenses is fully harnessed in a cost-effective and successful approach.
2 September 2015
Numerical simulations reveal the effects of pollutants on bistatic electromagnetic scattering signatures.
1 September 2015
A new beamline offers unprecedented imaging capabilities for x-ray microscopy.
31 August 2015
Femtosecond optical pump–probe spectroscopy with hybrid metal–ferromagnetic nanostructures enables ultrafast control of their properties via nonlinear interactions.
28 August 2015
Nanostructured devices with discrete pixels exhibit photonic functions, enabling the smallest polarization beam-splitter to date.
27 August 2015
Combining photovoltaics and concentrating solar power may enable the integration of low-cost thermal energy storage for the renewables-driven grid of the future.
26 August 2015
Upconverting nanoparticles are coupled with gold nanorods to achieve increased emission brightness, enhanced diagnostic strength, and improved determination of local temperature.
25 August 2015
Carrier wavefronts from phase-modulated holograms can be demodulated using a purely algorithmic measurement technique, reducing the cost and complexity of coherent-readout holographic data storage.
24 August 2015
A numerical simulation approach includes optical, thermal, and mechanical sub-models to investigate the mechanism for the pulse duration efficiency dependence.
21 August 2015
A holographic optical-tweezers-based approach allows the fabrication of bacterial microsystems, such as fluid mixers or micro- and nanotransport vehicles for functional particles.
20 August 2015
Aluminum gallium indium nitride materials present an emerging system for defense and security applications.
18 August 2015
Nanoelectronic circuits can be written directly onto oxide semiconductors by tuning the local conductivity with a high-pressure atomic-force-microscope tip.
18 August 2015
In a new approach, the magnitude and direction of current in an applied electric field are varied to create an internal magnetic field and manipulate spin.
17 August 2015
Group-III nitride semiconductor materials and a unique quantum design for active regions are used to realize compact lasers that operate in an unexplored frequency range.
14 August 2015
A nanostructured crystalline collector embedded in an amorphous absorber matrix offers a novel approach for hot carrier solar cells.
13 August 2015
Smart design of optofluidic labs-on-chips offers the sensitivity of laboratory-scale optical detection instruments with portability, fast response times, low sample consumption, and parallel processing and read-out.
12 August 2015
Pump-probe imaging can generate 3D images of artwork, pottery, and other objects using less power than a laser pointer.
12 August 2015
Recording an average spectrum from 30 consecutive exposures of the τBoo star-exoplanet system enables a detailed study of this distant world, and potential characterization of other star-planet pairs.
11 August 2015
Lithographically patterned arrays of interacting, magnetic nano-islands provide a new material-by-design approach to nano-ferroics.
10 August 2015
Plasmonic metamaterial geometry may enable fabrication of an aluminum-based metamaterial superconductor with a critical temperature that is three times that of pure aluminum.
10 August 2015
New technology can be used to produce single-frequency lasers with output power of more than 100mW and linewidths of less than 100kHz, at wavelengths of 780, 795, and 850nm.
7 August 2015

A new technique enables full-field, non-contact, and highly sensitive measurements.

6 August 2015
A polydimethylsiloxane lens successfully imitates image focusing in the human eye.
5 August 2015
Solvent-free transfer printing by a pick-and place-technique patterns and multi-stacks quantum dots on various substrates, enabling high-definition full-color displays and flexible optoelectronics.
4 August 2015

A novel experimental approach is used to measure spectral correlations between photoexcitations and thus investigate the generation of photocarriers in excitonic solar cells.

4 August 2015
Due to its distinctive structure, a protein from a bioluminescent jellyfish produces very bright solid-state fluorescence and constitutes a good laser gain medium.
3 August 2015
MRI sparse sampling and constrained reconstruction techniques enable high-resolution images of the entire brain with no increase in scan time or apparent loss of diagnostic information.
3 August 2015
Raman spectroscopy can be used to measure small misalignment distances between top and bottom graphene layers.
31 July 2015
A novel approach can be used for industrial sorting and presents several advantages over conventional hyperspectral imaging techniques.
30 July 2015
Focused features are located and segmented using computational reconstructions.
29 July 2015
Schottky diode-based multipliers are a key technology for high-power terahertz solid-state sources.
28 July 2015
Eliminating a chemical byproduct from perovskite films by vacuum-assisted thermal annealing enables fabrication of highly stable and efficient solar cells.
28 July 2015
When in relative motion, plates of a Fabry-Perot interferometer generate a unique resonance with negative frequency if separated by a gap of critical size.
27 July 2015
Production of 3D graphene scaffolds with micron-scale pores by lithography using UV lasers enables the design of carbon electrodes for advanced electrochemical applications.
25 July 2015
The Tikhonov L-curve can be used to determine optimum regularization parameter values for the generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisitions approach.
24 July 2015
Direct femtosecond laser writing of dielectric crystals enables the fabrication of 3D waveguiding structures as passive or active photonic devices operating from near-UV to mid-IR bands.
24 July 2015
A new satellite system uses radar-radiometer technology to map global surface soil moisture, monitoring the links between the water, energy, and carbon cycles over land.
23 July 2015
Multimode fiber Bragg gratings enable enhancements to the sensitivity of night-sky spectral analysis, highlighting one novel functionality made possible by advancements in the field of astrophotonics.
22 July 2015
Field-effect transistors based on semiconductor nanowires can operate as fast and sensitive plasma-wave terahertz detectors that are versatile and easy to grow.
21 July 2015
A self-pulsing approach is used to modulate radiation pressure and achieve robust phonon lasing.
20 July 2015
Progress in inkjet printing technology could enable low-cost mass production of large-size organic LED panels.
17 July 2015
Combining technologies from cosmic ray and laser physics can sweep space junk.
16 July 2015
A new type of spectrally selective photovoltaic and thermal collector can simultaneously produce both electricity and thermal energy at 300°C.
15 July 2015
A laser-driven technique to ignite hydrogen-boron fuel offers the possibility of nuclear fusion for clean, sustainable energy generation.
14 July 2015
Smartphones combined with advanced image processing algorithms offer an accessible tool for diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions.
13 July 2015
An algorithm alters image pixels to enable insertion of a watermark into the coefficients of a transformed domain, without the need for inverse transformation.
11 July 2015
The newly built Lund University Mobile Biosphere Observatory is used to monitor oscillatory signals from insect species traversing the atmosphere.
10 July 2015
A two-way laser link between terminals on the ground and in lunar orbit used superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors to enable the highest recorded data error-free rates from the Moon.
9 July 2015
Integrating plasmonic optical antennae with liquid crystal technology points the way to true 3D images.
8 July 2015
Cryoetching that minimizes plasma-induced carbon depletion was successfully tested on advanced low-k materials used in back-end-of-the-line CMOS technology.
7 July 2015
A novel deflectometry system has high dynamic range and fine spatial resolution metrology capabilities.
6 July 2015

Quantitative analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasound enables fast, 97% accurate diagnosis and assessment of rheumatoid arthritis for personalized therapy.

6 July 2015
Transmitter and receiver terminals for aeronautical optical communications were developed and a laser link between a jetfighter and a ground station was demonstrated.
2 July 2015
Calculating emissivity from IR thermal images offers an indirect method of measuring water in soil some millimeters below ground.
1 July 2015
Accurate volumetric ultrasound images are generated by combining 2D images with real-time information on the position of transducers.
30 June 2015
Phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices are now a key part of today's display industry and are also poised to transform solid-state lighting.
30 June 2015

Phase shifts can be determined by measuring the fringe shifts in recorded interferograms.

30 June 2015
Novel photonic crystal design enables low-power-consumption, all-optical memory suitable for large-scale, dense integration.
29 June 2015
Changes in the whispering gallery mode resonance of liquid crystal droplets offer insight into their internal ordering.
26 June 2015
Commercial silica fibers doped with ytterbium and erbium achieve sufficient gain to enable fabrication of distributed Bragg reflector single-frequency fiber lasers.
25 June 2015
The prototype of a small, lightweight, and modular robotic vehicle has been deployed through the McMurdo ice shelf in Antarctica.
24 June 2015
A new platform offers scalable, circuit-level simulation techniques capable of modeling electronic, optoelectronic, and photonic devices on the same circuit and enabling an automated design process.
23 June 2015
The intrinsic fluorescence of single-walled carbon nanotubes in the NIR-IIa window enables high-resolution (sub-10μm) vascular images at ∼3mm depth in a live mouse brain, through intact scalp and skull.
22 June 2015
Chemical self-organization on silicon with gold nanoparticles assembles a nanostructure for a reproducible Coulomb blockade and opens the way for molecular single-electron nanoelectronics.
18 June 2015
Imaging blood flow in diabetic leg and foot ulcers with near-IR light offers a non-contact method of differentiating healing from non-healing wounds.
17 June 2015
A fundamental understanding of 3D photomask-induced phase effects is required to determine the best absorber for particular lithographic purposes.
17 June 2015
A fractal analysis based on the Hurst exponent and performed on satellite images can measure changes on the Earth's surface.
16 June 2015
A lock-in algorithm is used to combine digital image correlation with thermoelastic stress analyses to offer greater data richness, paving the way to strain-based nondestructive evaluation.
15 June 2015

Smart materials enable fabrication of lightweight, compact optical mirrors that can be replicated at low cost for use in large space telescopes.

12 June 2015
Waveguides of adhesive-free bonded true crystalline fiber with a large single-mode area enable high-power laser applications.
12 June 2015

Quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR spectrometers are used to detect threats in the air, and on various surfaces, at both short and long standoff distances.

11 June 2015
Random measurements, based on compressive sensing, are used to overcome the uncertainty principle of standard techniques.
10 June 2015
A novel quantum mechanical process in organic semiconductors that allows for the harvesting of spin-triplet excitons promises to enable high-efficiency solar cells.
9 June 2015
New fiber sensors are structured by laser writing and chemical etching to interconnect optical circuits with the core waveguide and probe integrated sensors embedded within the surrounding fiber cladding.
8 June 2015
Radar backscatter using L-band microwave frequencies from the Advanced Land Observing Satellite enables the generation of maps of global forest cover for 2007–2010.
5 June 2015
Sparse sampling and constrained reconstruction enable 83-frames/second real-time magnetic resonance imaging, providing new insights into the dynamics of vocal-tract shaping.
3 June 2015
A novel design and operation technique based on an array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers enables high-performance optical transmission.
2 June 2015
Use of high-power laser pulses to ablate samples enables reliable identification of solid materials on a high-speed conveyor belt.
1 June 2015
A hybrid system that incorporates advanced adaptive optics and algorithm acceleration techniques can compensate wavefront aberrations caused by turbulence and improve image quality.
29 May 2015
A nanohole optical tweezer technique probes the vibrations of individual nanoparticles, such as proteins, DNA fragments, colloids, and viruses.
29 May 2015
Placing a semiconductor nanowire in a trench in a line defect of a silicon photonic crystal creates a movable high-Q nanocavity.
28 May 2015
Annual composite images from Formosat-2 have been used to generate a long-term and detailed landslide inventory for Taiwan.
27 May 2015
Raman spectroscopy distinguishes cancer tissue from normal brain in real time with over 90% accuracy during brain tumor resection.
22 May 2015
Phosphorene transistors and circuit units feature outstanding electrical performance and strong mechanical robustness.
21 May 2015
Nepal earthquake response with Aeryon sUAV

From satellites to smartphones, today's imaging technologies have proven instrumental to relief efforts in Nepal.

21 May 2015
A novel transparent electrode embedded with silver-based nanoparticles enhances the light extraction efficiency of LEDs, improving device performance by 88%.
19 May 2015
The plasmonic-electrical effect can be used to shorten the transport path of low-mobility carriers and overcome the space-charge limit in organic semiconductors.
19 May 2015
Inflatable deformable transducers promise effective and affordable devices to obtain energy sustainably.
18 May 2015
Electrolyte-gated field-effect transistors enable reliable and highly sensitive biosensors on flexible and disposable substrates, ideal for next-generation point-of-care devices.
18 May 2015
Controller design based on dynamic analysis proves compliant performance of highly accurate actuators for piston-tip-tilt correction of primary mirror segments for the European Extremely Large Telescope.
15 May 2015
New light-emitting devices use organic molecules that exhibit thermally activated delayed fluorescence, achieving nearly 100 internal quantum efficiency without the need for rare earth metals.
14 May 2015
A femtosecond laser writes 3D nanoscale photonic structures in a single step, overcoming material, dimensional, refractive-index, and wavelength constraints.
12 May 2015
A modified method enables fast and accurate measurement of temporal noise in photo and video camera sensors using a remarkably small number of reference frames.
12 May 2015
Capillaries filled with brightly fluorescent quantum dots act as durable, inexpensive microfluidic biosensors.
11 May 2015
A lidar documents weather conditions in the upper atmosphere for rocket measurements of turbulence to yield benchmark measurements for atmospheric circulation models.
7 May 2015
A plasmonically enhanced photoelectrochemical cell could convert wastewater and carbon dioxide to hydrocarbon fuel for a sustainable on-site energy source.
7 May 2015
The use of a quantum dot enhancement film in LCDs enables the delivery of ultra-high color gamuts covering more than 90 of the color standard for ultra-high-definition TV.
5 May 2015
A small and inexpensive sensor system detects a variety of target molecules in the air with very high sensitivity and good selectivity.
5 May 2015
A novel, compact optical sensing and imaging platform can be used for affordable next-generation, smartphone-based personal and point-of-care applications.
1 May 2015
Spatial-temporal spreading dramatically increases pulse duration and spot size, and decreases pulse intensity.
1 May 2015
Variations in layer thickness within the multilayer structure of organic LEDs produce shifts in color and radiance, with angular variations due to interference fringes.
29 April 2015
A lightweight, low-cost system with a wide viewing angle enables detection of intruder aircraft by unmanned aerial vehicles.
29 April 2015
Synthetic aperture integral imaging recognizes human actions better than monocular acquisition technology.
28 April 2015
With its twisted, porous nanostructure, the helical nanofilament liquid crystal phase, otherwise known as the ‘B4 banana phase,’ could pave the way to more efficient organic photovoltaics.
27 April 2015

Experiments in an animal model of multiple sclerosis demonstrate the therapeutic potential of 670nm light treatment.

24 April 2015
Non-orthogonal subcarriers save bandwidth by ultra-high spectrum compression and high-efficiency modulation.
23 April 2015
Novel stimuli with imperceptible flickers can be used for next-generation brain–computer interfaces and for biomedical applications.
22 April 2015
Combining a new computational optical imaging method with a streak camera enables 2D ultrafast photography of nonrepetitive events at 100 billion frames per second.
21 April 2015
A flexible, non-invasive organic optoelectronic device can be worn on the body to measure signals from muscles and control artificial limbs.
20 April 2015
The Composite Multi-Lobe Descriptor shows promising results and outperforms other popular operators.
17 April 2015
Micromachined silicon structures enable the alignment of up to 24 lanes of data transmission in single-mode optics, boosting capacity.
17 April 2015
Using pairs of orthogonal wave plates can eliminate light leakage from liquid crystal displays to allow higher-quality dark images.
16 April 2015
Inserting a liquid lens at the aperture stop avoids mechanical movements in widefield microscopy.
15 April 2015
Three-dimensional microstructures encrusted with 2D nanomaterials represent a promising platform for novel energy sources for implantable electronic devices such as pacemakers.
15 April 2015
A three-layer thinking engine effectively learns the objects in a complex scene and the relationships between them.
14 April 2015
Novel electronic properties displayed by 2D materials may allow the energy-efficiency limit of silicon transistors to be broken.
14 April 2015
A new lens-free on-chip microscope, which adopts a synthetic aperture approach, achieves a half-pitch resolution of 250nm with an effective numerical aperture of ∼1.4 and a wide field of view (over 20mm2).
13 April 2015
Photonic hypercrystals combine the features of metamaterials and photonic crystals within the same medium, offering new ways to control electromagnetic radiation.
10 April 2015
Methods for measuring the mechanics of surface-attached bacterial systems on a range of lengthscales enables enhanced understanding of their disease-causing properties.
9 April 2015
Embedding a network of highly efficient microscale solar cells between a pair of plastic lenslet arrays leads to fixed-tilt concentrating photovoltaic panels that are less than 1cm thick.
9 April 2015
The first graphene-quantum-dot LEDs made with high-quantum-yield nanodots obtained via graphite intercalation compound synthesis exhibit luminance in excess of 1000cd/m2.
7 April 2015
A novel technique enables origami-style folding of 3D-printed electronic structures, reducing fabrication costs for complex radio frequency devices and packaging applications.
7 April 2015
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering captures spectral information from living cells, improving our understanding of a cell's molecular status.
6 April 2015
Magnetoelastic biosensors detect food-borne pathogens on-site, directly, and in real time.
3 April 2015
Gallium arsenide phosphide nitride shows promise for developing high-efficiency tandem solar cells on low-cost silicon substrates.
2 April 2015
Controlling the assembly of nanoparticles into 3D structures using DNA-programmable methods enables the fabrication of superlattices with tailorable lattice constants for light–surface plasmon coupling.
1 April 2015
Laser-induced transfer technology can print very small and delicate objects for applications in nanophotonics and tissue engineering.
30 March 2015
Using terahertz pump–terahertz probe spectroscopy in conventional superconductors enables the observation of the Higgs mode, revealing its resonant nonlinear coupling to the light field.
30 March 2015
Femtosecond laser microfabrication enables rapid prototyping and development of novel microfluidic platforms with biological applications.
27 March 2015
Frequency combs produced in a near-degenerate optical parametric oscillator pumped by an ultrafast fiber laser enable massively parallel real-time molecular detection and standoff chemical sensing.
26 March 2015
Combining Kagome lattice hollow-core photonic crystal fibers with ultrafast lasers enables transmission and pulse compression with high energy and high average power.
26 March 2015
Photoluminescent materials convert heat to photons, emitting a constant rate of photons that blue-shift as the temperature increases, and may enable efficient harnessing of incident solar radiation.
24 March 2015
A new coded modulation scheme is suitable for various applications that require multi-Tb/s or multi-Pb/s data rates.
23 March 2015
Ultrafast carrier movements in 1D nanoscale devices, such as silicon nanowires and carbon nanotube transistors, can be visualized using femtosecond photocurrent microscopy.
23 March 2015
A new video-rate instrument being developed will operate at extremely high frequencies.
20 March 2015
Light beams with nonuniform polarization patterns with the same properties as entangled quantum systems can perform tasks that are commonly believed impossible in classical optics.
19 March 2015
Nanosecond electric modification of the nematic order parameter can switch the optical properties of nematic liquid crystals with a nanosecond response time.
17 March 2015
A wearable ultrasound therapy device, operating at 20kHz and monitored by concurrent optical diffuse spectroscopy, is associated with faster healing of chronic venous ulcers.
16 March 2015
Image from The Rapid Imaging Renaissance plenary talk by Daniel Sodickson at SPIE MEdical Imaging 2015

Rapid advances in imaging, sensing, and their underlying mathematics highlighted this important annual gathering to explore new medical advancements.

16 March 2015
Advances in material purity and laser light absorption offer new possibilities for vibration-free cryogenic cooling.
13 March 2015
Shaping the vacuum field in coupled nanophotonic cavities enables control over the spontaneous emission rate of quantum dots at a time scale of ∼200ps, far below the radiative lifetime of the quantum emitter.
11 March 2015
Exploiting both the geometric and dynamic phases of light permits more versatility in creating customized light from lasers.
11 March 2015
Optical vortices form submicron chiral polymeric reliefs with metal nanoparticle impurities for chiral plasmonics.
10 March 2015
Understanding the generation of broadband supercontinuum light enables tabletop systems with reduced power demands.
9 March 2015
Using native substrates for gallium nitride LEDs offers unique performance advantages.
6 March 2015
Silicon nanoplasmonic waveguides accelerate ballistically, sweep and multiply electrons with ultrafast speed, and emit bright white light.
6 March 2015
A method using targeted fluorescent probes in cerebrospinal fluid could detect Alzheimer's disease several years earlier than current exams.
4 March 2015

Using focused light beams to suspend and autonomously control microscopic tools in 3D enables novel ways to investigate the microscale world.

3 March 2015
Chemical compatibility between constituents of the active layer in bulk heterojunction solar cells affects its morphology, which in turn correlates with open-circuit voltage tunability.
2 March 2015
Fabrication of a saturable absorber via the optical deposition of 2D molybdenum disulfide enables the development of a fiber laser with ultrashort pulses.
2 March 2015
An aerial display on which signage pops up has been realized using retro-reflective sheeting, an LED panel, and a half mirror.
27 February 2015
A method for creating Bose-Einstein condensates in polymers enables micrometer-scale observations of quantum physical phenomena at ambient temperatures.
26 February 2015
A novel deterministic approach enables teleportation of an unknown photonic quantum state from polarization to orbital-angular-momentum.
25 February 2015
Inserting tunnel junctions into the multi-quantum-well active region of LEDs based on gallium nitride enables carrier recycling and high-power quantum efficiencies well above 100%.
24 February 2015
Graphene-covered metasurfaces enable the tunable enhancement of evanescent tunneling and wavelength-selective transmission for both near- and far-field thermal radiation.
24 February 2015
Novel, low-complexity computation methods enable reconstruction of high spatial resolution images for combined ultrasound-photoacoustic computed tomography.
23 February 2015
Exploiting optical modes generated at the surface of some metals or nanoparticles can enhance absorption, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy for sensing applications.
20 February 2015

A new structure of free-standing 1D porous silicon foils is configured to produce forces that are 500 times greater than conventional optical tweezers.

19 February 2015
A novel method for the generation of time-bin-entangled photons using an inexpensive and compact blue diode laser is ideally suited for quantum communication.
18 February 2015
Multiphoton excited photochemistry creates nano/microscale models that duplicate the ovaries' native structure and composition for better cancer diagnosis and therapy.
17 February 2015

A new method from the lab of Nobel laureate W. E. Moerner enables the direct visualization of the binding and unbinding interactions between single biomolecules in aqueous solution by observing the diffusion coefficient and electrokinetic mobility.

17 February 2015
Pulsed laser ablation of metals prepares ligand-free nanoparticles for colloidal deposition on a variety of surfaces.
16 February 2015
A fully automated astronomical wide-field survey, with data reduction pipelines, provides real-time observations.
13 February 2015
A new technique for recovering fragmented data files can retrieve elements of a JPEG compressed image even when the file's header is unavailable.
12 February 2015
A dedicated UV nanoimprint lithography system realizes 2D binary subwavelength gratings at optical fiber tips.
12 February 2015
The combination of spatial and temporal domain imaging enables novel signal operation functionalities, with possible applications in dynamic process monitoring and encryption.
11 February 2015
Methods such as digital photoelasticity and digital moiré interfero metry can be customized to examine and characterize the response of dental hard tissue to mechanical and thermal forces.
10 February 2015
Tuning the near-surface band structure of group III-nitride nanowires using magnesium dopants leads to efficient and stable photocatalysts for solar water splitting.
9 February 2015
Biologically inspired computational models automatically predict the quality of any given image, as perceived by a human observer.
6 February 2015
A novel photonic frequency mixer enables single-ended, double-balanced, in-phase/quadrature, and image-reject mixing, with application in reconfigurable radio frequency systems.
6 February 2015
A technique for quickly removing solar cells from their fabrication base, incorporating hydrophilic additives in the lift-off etchant, promises less-expensive, better-performing photovoltaic devices.
5 February 2015
A new spatial-spectral technique based on volume holographic methods can be used to acquire resolved images from multiple depths simultaneously.
4 February 2015
Modeling and analyzing power losses at the packaging level enables improved efficiencies for various types of white LED.
4 February 2015
Single-photon avalanche diodes are integrated with high-speed time-to-digital converters in new cost-effective image sensors.
2 February 2015
A high-power laser diode has been demonstrated that will provide an order of magnitude increase in brightness compared with conventional devices.
2 February 2015
A new instrument can measure objects with apertures that range from 20 to 200mm or more, and consists of a laser diode, a conical mirror, and a miniature CCD or CMOS camera.
30 January 2015
An automated mechanism can detect and issue warnings of machinery threats to pipeline rights-of-way.
30 January 2015
A new specialized laser has been deployed and tested as a wavelength calibrator for the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo in the Canary Islands.
29 January 2015
Using multiple colors of visible light for photolithography exposure may ultimately rival the resolution of extreme-UV lithography at a fraction of the cost.
28 January 2015
Photoelectrochemical water splitting using semiconductor electrodes with rough surfaces represents a promising route to the production of alternative fuels from sunlight.
28 January 2015
Diamondoid nanothreads, formed by the solid-state chemical reaction of benzene under pressure, could prove stronger and stiffer than conventional carbon nanotubes.
26 January 2015

An optical resonator coupled to a single atom enables a medium that provides the maximum nonlinear phase shift of pi at the single-photon level, offering new possibilities for quantum technology.

26 January 2015
A new scheme, based on positioning ultracold atoms at submicron distances from a gold surface and directing their fluorescence photons into surface plasmons, may enable the readout of quantum information.
23 January 2015
Single-layer molybdenum disulfide, a strictly 2D semiconductor, exhibits negative photoconductivity caused by the formation of trions under optical excitation.
22 January 2015

The incoherent combination of multiple low-energy laser pulses may enable a simpler path toward high-average-power, high-peak-power, high-efficiency laser drivers for laser-plasma accelerators.

20 January 2015
Electronic contact lenses can switch between different focal powers, functioning similarly to putting on and taking off reading glasses.
19 January 2015
Massive arrays of miniaturized electrospray emitters, individually regulated by carbon nanotube wicking structures, achieve high and uniform-array emission of ionic liquid ion sources.
19 January 2015
Considering the three main contributors to thermal lensing in solid-state laser materials sheds light on conflicting earlier work, and enables direct comparison of various laser glasses.
16 January 2015
Two designs, one based on a wavelength filter and one on Fourier domain mode locking, enable dynamic measurements to be made using fiber-optic sensors.
15 January 2015
Two novel deformation carrier fabrication methods, using nanoimprint lithography and micromachine technology, respectively, enable the measurement of mechanical behavior under thermal shock.
13 January 2015
A new data set, which was derived using synthetic aperture radar satellite data and normalized image cross correlation, represents the first regional map of mountain glacier flow speeds in Alaska.
12 January 2015
On-chip terabit-scale digital signal transmission and low-distortion analog signal transmission can be achieved with favorable performance using ultra-compact silicon photonic devices.
12 January 2015
A novel artificial optical material combines the most interesting features of hyperbolic metamaterials and photonic crystals.
9 January 2015
A photovoltaic thermal receiver that separates incoming light energy by wavelength can produce electricity and thermal output of 150° simultaneously.
8 January 2015
Investigating signal processing in neurons that connect the retina to the visual cortex enhances our understanding of how neurons function within a network.
7 January 2015
Applying topological insulator concepts to excitonic materials shows how to create one-way robust exciton wires in porphyrin thin films.
6 January 2015
The new Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet Research instrument on the Very Large Telescope in Chile has an unprecedented angular resolution.
5 January 2015
Vertical line dithering reduces flicker in time-sequential autostereoscopic 3D displays and also extends the number of viewpoints.
2 January 2015
A new solid-state-like material contains nanocellulose capsules embedded within a matrix of nanofibers, and can operate for long periods in a dry oxygen-rich atmosphere.
31 December 2014
A method that uses lasers to position bacteria with single-cell precision shows that even small groups of a few microbes can increase their own growth rate and impair the development of other infecting species.
30 December 2014
A coordinated lidar network in the northeastern United States explored the optical properties of transported plumes from fires and dust and diagnosed chemical transport model concentration biases.
30 December 2014
A new high-contrast coronagraphic testbed has been developed to provide solutions for direct imaging of circumstellar environments.
29 December 2014
Characterizing the turbulent wake of wind turbines enables their optimal arrangement in a wind farm, potentially increasing power output.
24 December 2014
A low-resolution visual sensor network enables monitoring of elderly people's health and safety at home, postponing institutionalized healthcare.
23 December 2014
A label-free optical biosensing platform, capable of monitoring single DNA molecules and their interaction kinetics, achieves unprecedented sensitivity in the optical domain.
22 December 2014
The semiconductor industry relies on perpetual miniaturization, and for this to continue requires a holistic approach to the entire lithography process and a move to extreme UV lithography.
19 December 2014
A novel technique involves a deterministic material addition and removal method to enable sputtering of dual-phase materials.
18 December 2014
Oriented assembled 3D branched nanowire arrays produce electrodes with high surface area and rapid charge transport, and show effective charge collection for solar cells and energy storage devices.
17 December 2014

A new method of high-resolution computational holography has been developed and experimentally demonstrated.

17 December 2014
Electrical pumping produces a coherent light source based on stimulated scattering of exciton-polaritons inside a microcavity.
16 December 2014
A new generation of robust multimaterial chalcogenide optical fibers offers transparency across the mid-IR range.
12 December 2014

Compound-eye optics enable a simple and scalable 2D scanner to observe more than 2D optical signals without sacrificing spatial or temporal resolution.

11 December 2014

Engineering light-sensitive receptors yields variants that can inhibit and sense neuronal activity, expanding the toolbox of genetically encoded voltage sensors for use in optogenetics.

9 December 2014

Combining metal oxides with organic lumophores results in an attractive form of solid-state lighting.

9 December 2014

The Balloon Observation Platform for Planetary Science mission is the first stratospheric balloon observatory to obtain images of a comet, enabling new studies of astronomical objects.

9 December 2014

A large stress-polishing machine and a large cryo-vacuum chamber have recently been built at the Laboratory of Astrophysics of Marseille to support major projects.

5 December 2014

Optical imaging and scanning act together to display a volumetric image suspended in midair with natural depth perception and very large viewing angle.

4 December 2014

Light propagation in honeycomb arrays of metallic nanoparticles mimics the properties of electrons in graphene, paving the way to unprecedented tunable optical materials.

3 December 2014

Success stories from teachers show that STEM curriculum using the scanning electron microscope excites their students and improves academic performance.

3 December 2014

Micro-structures provide unique identifiers for physical objects, and since they can be optically detected with a mobile device, they can be applied in fields from security and forensics to anti-counterfeiting.

1 December 2014

In-flight radiometric calibration procedures will be used to track changes in instrument throughput during the mission and to verify pre-flight laboratory tests.

1 December 2014

A quantitative fluorescence imaging system identifies brain tumors by collecting hyperspectral data under selected illumination, adjusting for tissue attenuation effects, and identifying tumor biomarkers.

26 November 2014

New energy-efficient and temperature-stable gallium arsenide devices operate at 980nm and enable high-speed data transmission at high temperature.

25 November 2014

A mission proposed to the European Space Agency would measure the molecular content and temperature of exoplanet atmospheres to provide the first comprehensive picture of their chemistry.

24 November 2014

Inorganic nanostructures are used in hybrid solar cells to improve light absorption and carrier transportation.

21 November 2014

Metasurfaces that can be reconfigured by microelectromechanical systems allow extreme switching in scattering parameters.

19 November 2014

A meta-hologram consisting of sub-wavelength gold cross nanoantennas enables polarization-controlled dual images in the visible region.

18 November 2014

Using multiplexing and an LED array to code illumination angles in a commercial microscope achieves fast capture times, resolution beyond the diffraction limit, and a very large field of view.

17 November 2014

Phase-space distributions describe the effect of lens aberrations in real and angular frequency space simultaneously, enabling greater freedom in the design of optical elements.

13 November 2014

Using a novel adaptive non-local-means denoising method permits radiation doses from any computed tomography scanner to be reduced by 50% without affecting diagnostic performance.

12 November 2014
The optical serial coherent analyzer of radio frequency combines aspects of electronic and photonics-assisted devices.
11 November 2014

Organometal halide perovskites give bright electroluminescence in a diode structure.

10 November 2014
A satellite system comprising active and passive microwave remote sensors enables synchronous accurate acquisition of key elements in the Earth's water cycle.
7 November 2014

Microwave photonics enables the transfer of radio frequency signals over optical fibers for mobility and high bandwidth, bridging the gap between wireless applications and photonic technology.

6 November 2014

Direct femtosecond laser writing can produce computer-designed structures at a resolution beyond the diffraction limit.

5 November 2014

Membrane-wrapped gold nanoparticles designed to have specific surface properties have been used to investigate and mimic complex viral processes.

4 November 2014
Polarization-controlled focusing of surface plasmon polaritons is investigated experimentally and theoretically with a novel system.
3 November 2014

A new technique using high-index glasses enables photonic device integration on substrates such as semiconductors, glasses, IR crystals, polymers, and graphene.

30 October 2014
Highly corrugated surfaces, nanoparticle assemblies, and superstructured multilayers offer superior functionality in controlling propagating volume plasmons with large wave vectors.
29 October 2014

A hybrid patterning system combining projection and interference lithography enables the fabrication of 14-inch 3D images.

27 October 2014
Disposable free-form plastic prisms and common-path phase interrogation cut development costs.
23 October 2014

The Visible and Near-IR Imaging Spectrometer onboard China's Chang'E 3 lunar rover uses non-collinear acousto-optic tunable filters to make mineralogical and compositional measurements.

22 October 2014
A laser beam combiner no larger than a grain of rice uses waveguides to enable laser-scanning displays for applications in wearable computer systems.
20 October 2014
Novel designs enable nanoscale waveguiding, on-chip polarization handling, and energy-efficient thermal tuning.
16 October 2014
IR-seeking missiles guided by imaging systems can locate targets even under laser dazzle, enabling them to track and pose a threat to aircraft.
15 October 2014
The gas sensitivity of hybrid materials formed by an organic dye and a wide-bandgap semiconductor is enhanced by the exposure to visible light.
14 October 2014
New tools can be used to design optical systems for redirecting and redistributing light in a prescribed manner.
13 October 2014
A holographic display based on a volume holographic polymer and computer-generated kinoforms may pave a new path toward high-resolution, glasses-free 3D display technology.
10 October 2014
Fluorescent intracellular co-enzymes act as natural in vivo biomarkers for environment- and disease-induced changes in energy metabolism and biochemical reactions.
10 October 2014
Organic LEDs incorporating copper(I) emitters have been around for 15 years, but only now are these materials beginning to show very high efficiencies in electroluminescent devices.
8 October 2014

Diffractive arrays of metallic nanoparticles act as nanoantenna-phased arrays that enhance emission from thin phosphor layers in defined directions, and therefore offer new prospects for solid-state lighting.

7 October 2014
Highly sensitive visible/near-IR imagers in elliptical orbits provide frequently updated information on Arctic weather and sea ice conditions, even through the long polar night.
6 October 2014
The solid telescope uses multiple reflections between two polished and coated surfaces of a single lens.
2 October 2014

Difference-frequency generation in quantum cascade lasers enables room-temperature emission from 1 to 6THz.

1 October 2014

A simple and versatile synthesis platform enables the preparation of engineered hybrid spin-on materials and micro and nanostructured surfaces for fast and inexpensive development of miniaturized devices.

30 September 2014

Ordered lattices of nanostructures with unique electromagnetic properties not found in nature offer novel sensing possibilities for diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease.

30 September 2014

Using dyes and quantum dots to dope liquid crystal films achieves displays with reconstructed holographic videos at a refresh rate of 25Hz.

29 September 2014

Nanosized particles with low overlap between their absorption and emission spectra allow more of the sun's light energy to be captured.

25 September 2014
Simulated test protocols are used to investigate the effectiveness of a novel and non-lethal approach for the degradation of human performance.
23 September 2014

As researchers race to develop novel semiconductors that efficiently split water to produce hydrogen, nanotechnology is providing winning solutions.

23 September 2014

Critical dimension inspection based on a library of simulated through-focus diffraction patterns and a mechanical-free defocusing process could improve high-throughput quality control.

22 September 2014
A unified algorithm for retrieving a variety of atmospheric properties is applicable to remote sensing observations obtained from space, ground, and aircraft.
19 September 2014
Information generated from vehicle encounters aids localization during navigation signal outages.
19 September 2014

Resolution enhancement based on vectorial and multi-parameter co-optimization reduces the complexity and fabrication cost of pixelated masks and sources for lithography.

18 September 2014

A pre-processing procedure can diminish the data noise from new-generation hyperspectral sensors, thus minimizing negative impacts on target detection algorithms.

18 September 2014
Spin-dependent spatial beam splitting in the photonic spin Hall effect is sensitive to variations in the thickness of metal and graphene nanofilms.
16 September 2014

High-performance photoresists made from metal oxide nanoparticles offer high-sensitivity lithography at extreme-UV wavelengths by using a new ligand-based patterning mechanism.

15 September 2014
Coherent arrays of fiber lasers appear scalable to weapons-class (100kW) powers with near-perfect beam quality in rugged and compact packages.
12 September 2014
A resonantly-pumped, tunable, Q-switched holmium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet ceramic laser generates high energy and high beam quality in the 2μm region.
11 September 2014
Water/alcohol-soluble conjugated polymers can greatly improve photovoltaic efficiency.
11 September 2014
Organic LEDs with photonic structures incorporating zinc oxide and a polyfluorene derivative as cathode and emissive layers, respectively, lead to high efficiencies and electrically-driven lasing capabilities.
10 September 2014
New up-conversion interferometers use sum-frequency generation processes and allow efficient analyses at IR and visible wavelengths.
9 September 2014
Despite improvements in performance, as yet no face-tracking algorithm is capable of simultaneously tracking and identifying a relatively large number of faces in high-resolution video frames in real time.
8 September 2014
Heteroepitaxial lateral overgrowth of indium phosphide on silicon offers a pathway for monolithic integration of III–V light sources.
8 September 2014
Harnessing the strong electro-optic properties of liquid crystals permits high-resolution, extended depth of focus, and multi-parameter imaging.
5 September 2014
Engineering directional light emission with a simple photonic structure enables high secondary geometric gain.
5 September 2014
Vertically oriented, radial PIN diodes based on non-polar and semi-polar gallium nitride could potentially enhance detector performance.
4 September 2014

An autonomous person-detection solution could help alert surveillance operators to potential issues, reducing the cognitive burden and achieving more with less manpower.

2 September 2014
Incorporating a lithium niobate electro-optic phase modulator into an interferometric fringe projection system could permit imaging at rates of megahertz or even gigahertz.
29 August 2014
Nonlinear conversion of 2μm nanosecond pulses from a high-energy holmium laser enables future IR weapon countermeasures.
27 August 2014
A digital alloy technique grows device-quality aluminum gallium arsenide antimonide lattice matched to indium phosphide.
27 August 2014
New lidar systems and algorithms permit in situ real-time monitoring as part of a global network.
26 August 2014
A rigorous new model-based systems approach improves the understanding of the telescope's functional behavior and interactions, and allows efficient operation of the observatory.
26 August 2014
The technology for a million-kilometer-scale interferometer to study gravitational waves will soon be in place, for a launch within 10 years.
22 August 2014
Spatially engineering nitrogen impurities in zinc oxide nanostructured arrays decouples optical absorption and electron transport for photoelectrochemical activity.
21 August 2014
A thin-disk multipass amplifier produces 1.4kW (IR) and 820W (green) average output power pulses for fast, clean cutting of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic.
20 August 2014
Dispersing nanostructured additives in common polymers makes these tough and versatile materials suitable for optical applications.
18 August 2014
A single-shot exposure of a commercial monochromatic image sensor can simultaneously record 3D spatial information as well as quantitative phase, multiwavelength, and polarization data.
14 August 2014
Particle transfer fabrication technology enables the design and application of general particulate semiconductor photoelectrodes, significantly improving the efficiency of renewable hydrogen production.
12 August 2014
Exposure to laser light stimulates dental stem cells to form new mineralized tooth tissue and points the way to novel applications of laser stem cell therapy.
11 August 2014
New instruments provide improved adaptive optics correction and allow the light emission from a planet to be resolved from the light of its host star.
8 August 2014
Adaptive confocal laser scanning microscopy and laser interferometry systems have several applications in the fields of biomedicine and fluid mechanics.
7 August 2014
Nonlinear optical techniques explain the behavior of ferroelectric columnar liquid crystal.
5 August 2014
A hybrid spatial-sequential technique and free-form surface backlight unit enable an autostereoscopic display that combines full resolution, low crosstalk, and wide viewing angle.
4 August 2014
Game theory using physical constraints, time-delay feedback, and asymmetric information structures guides autonomous vehicles.
1 August 2014
A new method for phase matching of high-order harmonic generation in the below-threshold spectral region increases efficiency by nearly five orders of magnitude.
1 August 2014
A ground-based laser ranging system with atmospheric turbulence correction improves capabilities for tracking objects in orbit, alerting satellite operators to potential collisions.
31 July 2014
Membranes of phase-change materials are used to control radiative heat flow between two bodies in thermal analogs of field-effect transistors.
29 July 2014
Chemical dopants tune the properties of organic polymers, revealing their potential as thermoelectrics and as electrodes for organic electronic devices.
28 July 2014
Combining a robust, classically designed coronagraph with liquid-crystal-based focal plane instrumentation enables effective Earth-based observations of the sun's corona.
24 July 2014
An integrated data fusion and mining technique predicts spatiotemporal microcystin distributions produced by harmful algal bloom.
23 July 2014
Helium ion microscopy is able to produce gaps less than 5nm in width and narrow bridges in plasmonic nanostructures.
22 July 2014
Stress-induced light scattering can identify micro/nanoscale cracks caused by fine polishing.
18 July 2014
A novel polymer made from sulfur is easily molded and has superior transmission properties in the IR from 600nm up to 6μm with a 1μm stop band.
17 July 2014
Placing noble metal nanowires in microstructured optical fibers allows for the integration of plasmonics and fiber optics, leading to a novel kind of plasmonic excitation for near-field microscopy.
14 July 2014
A new label-free 3D imaging method using a commercial microscope and a quantitative phase imaging module reveals cellular structures of live cells with submicron resolution.
11 July 2014
Novel glass phosphors outperform silicone phosphors for next-generation solid-state lighting.
10 July 2014
A simple and low-cost direct laser writing technique using an ultralow linear absorption process enables production of specific 2D and 3D sub-microstructures.
9 July 2014
Techniques for reliable estimation of phase and its derivatives enable optical metrology with high estimation accuracy, good computational efficiency, and robustness against noise.
8 July 2014
A new, simple, knowledge-unaided power-centroid radar approach yields high signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratios.
7 July 2014
An IR fiber-optic pyrometer measures temperatures above 250°C close to rotating components where other sensing techniques are unsuitable.
3 July 2014
Transformation optics and geometrical optics theories are used to design novel anisotropic devices.
2 July 2014
A system using standard surveillance cameras senses human activities relevant for early detection of military threats.
30 June 2014
A generic integration platform, analogous to that used in microelectronics, may reduce the cost of photonic integrated circuits and make this technology accessible to new sectors.
27 June 2014

The numbers related to imaging and lighting technologies at this year's event show impressive advances over previous years. Dan Curticapean breaks them down.

27 June 2014
Nonlinear wave-mixing in fully integrated, monolithic, high-quality-factor, single-crystal diamond micro-ring resonators results in a multiple-wavelength source at telecom wavelengths.
26 June 2014

A new approach has achieved quantum-enhanced contrast and resolution in biological microscopy, opening the possibility of subcellular imaging with unprecedented resolution.

26 June 2014
High-kinetic-energy electrons emitted from an LED clearly indicate that the Auger effect is the dominant cause of efficiency droop.
24 June 2014
Phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography measures the morphology and functional vibratory response in the mouse cochlea and helps decipher the complex mechanical processes responsible for hearing.
23 June 2014
Autofluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy identify malignant melanoma with 93% accuracy.
19 June 2014
A system that analyzes data from networks of affordable platform-mounted sensors recognizes security threats to trucks, ships, trains, and other mobile assets.
17 June 2014
Bioinspired systems for artificial photosynthesis offer potential for future redressing of imbalance in the carbon cycle.
16 June 2014
Surface plasmonic nanocircuits based on subwavelength slot waveguides can be electrically driven by plasmonic nanoscale LEDs, perhaps enabling photonic and optoelectronic devices.
16 June 2014
Understanding a variety of biochemical features and biological processes might enable the design of plasmonic particles that home in on tumors for imaging and therapy.
13 June 2014
Quantum confinement boosts excitonic optical emission into the visible range at green and cyan wavelengths tailored by nanowire diameter and cross-sectional shape.
12 June 2014
The implementation of polarization gratings enables a new kind of compact monolithic spectrometer capable of high spectral resolution with wide application in spectral measurements.
11 June 2014
Novel functional materials enable a class of embedded sensors suitable for extreme conditions.
10 June 2014
A novel imaging spectrometer enables the incorporation of captured 2D images with high-resolution spectral and temporal data for the analysis of transient events.
10 June 2014
A project to develop new methods to rapidly model and analyze infrastructure using small, low-flying robots addresses many of the limitations of existing inspection processes.
9 June 2014
A new baseline design for Band 1 (35–52GHz) will allow an increased range of observation, enabling additional information to be obtained during studies.
5 June 2014
A 28m-long light engine constructed with mid-power LEDs on a polyethylene terephthalate substrate has the potential to be a cost-efficient alternative to linear fluorescent tubes.
5 June 2014
Advanced integrated pixels based on CMOS avalanche photodiodes could enable compact, low-cost, time-resolved image sensors.
4 June 2014
Nanofabrication improves the sensitivity of a 33Mpixel 120fps CMOS image sensor by increasing the conversion gain from electron charge to signal voltage.
3 June 2014
Reducing anionic vacancies in tantalum oxynitride boosts the efficiency of water splitting systems to 6.3% apparent quantum yield under visible light at 420nm.
2 June 2014
Picosecond pulses of light, trapped in a loop of optical fiber, interact so weakly that propagation over astronomical distances is required to reveal the full dynamics.
29 May 2014
A noninvasive, portable, smartphone-based EEG system for at-home measures of cognitive function promises rapid transmittal of data and reduced clinic visits for patients.
28 May 2014
Interband photoexcitation in monolayer graphene produces only a weak gain in the terahertz range, but exciting surface plasmon polaritons results in gain potentially large enough for terahertz lasers.
28 May 2014
Wearable wireless sensors and nonlinear dynamics identify postural characteristics relevant to balance control and dynamic stability, revealing predictive risk of falls among older adults.
28 May 2014
A high-speed optical processing system that incorporates a digital micromirror device has application for real-time automatic target recognition and holographic data recording.
22 May 2014
Novel free space optical equipment achieves high speed and quality data transfers over distances of almost 2km.
22 May 2014
A handheld mid-IR laser imaging platform detects trace materials quickly and with high sensitivity for explosives detection and medical diagnosis.
20 May 2014
The use of 16-bit imaging for evaluating dermatologic conditions in remote populations is as reliable as using 32-bit in-hospital imaging.
16 May 2014
Controlling the spatial coherence and polarization of electromagnetic waves sheds new light on the measurement of the polarized bidirectional reflection distribution function in remote sensing.
15 May 2014
Printing ammonium nitrate onto a surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate using an inkjet system enables characterization of the material's polymorphic phases.
14 May 2014
Seven telescopes with a novel dual-mirror configuration are proposed as part of the Cherenkov Telescope Array.
14 May 2014
Rare earth co-doped glasses create new possibilities for amplified spontaneous emission sources.
13 May 2014
A plano-convex electrode for a hexagonal LC lens array combines a small inactive region, 30μm cell gap, short focal length, and operates at low applied voltage.
9 May 2014
Employing a molecular solution capable of triplet-triplet annihilation in a layered microfluidic device enables the solar spectrum to be locally modified toward the UV, increasing solar energy system efficiency.
8 May 2014
The most ambitious biometric deployment in history, to enroll the iris patterns and other identifying data of all 1.2 billion Indian citizens in three years, has now passed its halfway mark.
7 May 2014
A reflection-type 3D screen using a retroreflector film increases the viewing angle of the projected image while preserving its perspectives.
7 May 2014
A novel portable instrument design for thermal analysis improves the differential temperature and temporal resolution of images that can be obtained even with uncooled detectors.
6 May 2014
A new optical multicore fiber design produces low levels of loss and cross talk.
5 May 2014
Mathematical modeling of the cost of searching reference template libraries in object-recognition applications provides a way to match hardware resources to search algorithm computational requirements.
2 May 2014
A new holographic display, which combines 2D light modulation by micromirrors and 1D horizontal scanning, enlarges the screen size and viewing angle as well as providing color images.
2 May 2014
A proposed microsatellite mission would demonstrate technology for satellite-based global-scale quantum key distribution.
1 May 2014

A special session at SPIE Photonics West celebrated the 45th anniversary of the supercontinuum. Audio and slides from the presentations are available.

29 April 2014
A transistor structure integrated into a laser waveguide electrically controls the emission frequency.
28 April 2014
3D-printed robots are easily adapted to specific tasks and payloads and can be quickly dispatched in emergency situations.
25 April 2014
Combining several types of lithography enables fabrication of x-ray diffractive optical elements with high aspect ratio and high fidelity.
22 April 2014
In situ measurements and modeling of triple-junction photovoltaic response and degradation can reduce development cost and evaluation time.
21 April 2014
Modern convex optimization approaches for aberration correction enable high-quality imaging with simple lens optics.
18 April 2014
A 3D commercial vision sensor helps older people live autonomously at home for longer.
17 April 2014
Two new optical probes provide high-contrast, high-resolution images of tumors and their inflammatory microenvironment by early targeting of the translocator protein and late trapping within activated macrophages.
16 April 2014
Synchrotron radiation spectroscopy enables analysis of chemical reactions that increase the sensitivity of extreme UV photoresists for patterning semiconductor materials.
16 April 2014
Fiber optic sensors can detect the moisture, expansion, and cracks in reinforced concrete, enabling engineers to observe a structure's condition and predict its lifetime.
15 April 2014
The Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration on the LADEE spacecraft achieves world-record download speeds from the Moon, enabling more science return and less fuel cost for missions.
15 April 2014
The combination of solution-processable photoactive materials and high-throughput printing techniques will help to sidestep problems of traditional photovoltaics.
14 April 2014
A high-power fiber laser succeeds in drilling through ultra-hard crystalline rock.
11 April 2014
Advanced spectrographic instruments and a large mirror array will enable NASA's next-generation space telescope to further probe Mars and the outer planets.
11 April 2014

Generating holograms from images captured and reconstructed in real time represents a step toward live, full-motion 3D scenes.

10 April 2014
Single-photon counting can be achieved with a Geiger-mode array to reduce the size, weight, and cost of future systems.
10 April 2014
A unique combination of two dissimilar high-temperature thermoelectric materials united with different cross-sectional area elements results in a 9.7% conversion efficiency in a single-couple thermoelectric device.
9 April 2014
Calibrating wavelength-dependent speckle patterns enables a multimode optical fiber to function as a spectrometer that is compact, lightweight, low cost, and provides high resolution with low loss.
8 April 2014
Combining low-order adaptive optics with lucky imaging removes the effects of atmospheric turbulence and produces images with unprecedented clarity at visible wavelengths.
8 April 2014
Certain bacteria flourish under radiation upconverted by triplet-triplet annihilation to visible light.
7 April 2014
Combining three laser beams, including a doughnut-shaped beam, permits ‘super-resolution’ microscopy of nanostructures with the contrast of optical absorption.
7 April 2014
A ferromagnetic conductive nickel composite with negatively strain dependent resistance switches on hidden pixels in a stretched LED array.
7 April 2014
Picosecond laser ablation modified glass surfaces show promise for improved light management in photovoltaics.
3 April 2014
Novel fiber grating pressure sensors enable monitoring of highly energetic materials during nanosecond periods of burn, deflagration, and detonation.
2 April 2014
A smartphone high-resolution LCD allows efficient and accurate calibration of an inexpensive array of handheld microscopes for measuring dynamic events over a large field of view.
1 April 2014
Lithium/carbon fluoride chemistry makes possible an injectable novel microbattery that packs twice the energy of current commercial microbatteries.
31 March 2014
A novel sensor system simultaneously analyzes several biochemical signals to produce a rapid YES/NO output, with particular applications for field medical care and homeland security.
26 March 2014
Direct visible light water splitting in a dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cell makes hydrogen for energy storage.
25 March 2014
Combining spectral interleaving and dual-comb spectroscopy in the terahertz region achieves a ‘ gapless’ mode-resolved spectrum for high resolution and accuracy in broadband spectroscopy.
24 March 2014

Heterogeneous integration of III-V semiconductors on silicon via wafer bonding is a very promising means of fabricating wavelength-tunable laser sources on silicon.

21 March 2014
Near-IR lasers acting on polymer biospheres can selectively perforate cell membranes or release molecules for targeted delivery of medication.
21 March 2014
Solar cells developed from a thin hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite film sandwiched between two very thin organic semiconductors demonstrate energy efficiency as well as flexibility.
20 March 2014
Coarse-grained modeling of copolymer materials provides physical insights into the equilibrium thermodynamics, structure, and kinetics of directed self-assembly for patterning at the nanoscale.
19 March 2014
Microspheres of rare-earth-doped chalcogenide glass coupled to mid-IR amplifiers and lasers of tapered fibers may serve as efficient biomedical sensing devices.
18 March 2014

Strain-induced polarization charges in piezoelectric semiconductors modulate the electronic and optoelectronic processes of charge carriers at the interface, opening up novel applications.

17 March 2014
Triplet-triplet annihilation in organic molecules increases the photocurrent of thin-film solar cells.
17 March 2014
Crystalline nanostructures in coal

A fast, simple solution-based method extracts photoluminescent carbon dots from coal with up to 25% yield.

14 March 2014
Combination lithography using electron-beam or extreme-UV pattern exposure with UV flood exposure can achieve a near-10-fold increase in resist sensitivity with no loss in other properties.
13 March 2014
A novel approach creates flower-shaped textures that can be used to grow lenses on curved surfaces.
11 March 2014
Depositing metal nanoparticles onto nanowire channels offers cost-effective and reliable control of their electronic behavior.
10 March 2014
The peculiar propagation properties of electrons in graphene enable the creation of plasmonic transmitters, antennas, and receivers.
6 March 2014
Sequential full-field optical measurements of acoustic amplitude and phase of ultrasonic fields can be used to investigate scattering phenomena.
4 March 2014
Size quantization effects bring a wide color gamut, enhanced light efficiency, and a tunable emission wavelength to quantum dot backlighting for liquid crystal displays.
3 March 2014
Optical energy shaped by quantum phenomena and used cooperatively in the microgravity and vacuum of space offers scalable deflection of asteroids on a collision course with Earth.
3 March 2014
A proposed design for an automated system using wireless biodetectors continuously monitors astronauts' metabolic levels, heart and respiration rates, and other markers of health in deep space.
27 February 2014
A novel bioinspired nano-injection detector with reduced dark current enables telecom-band photon counting at elevated temperatures.
26 February 2014
Destructive interference greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio of fluorescence detection based on stimulated emission.
25 February 2014
High-contrast images can be obtained with space telescopes that are equipped with microelectromechanical systems deformable mirrors.
24 February 2014
Holographic optical elements can be used to implement a transparent display capable of overlaying a 3D virtual image on the real-world scene being viewed.
21 February 2014
Photoacoustic tomography offering a large field of view and high spatial resolution enables, for the first time, noninvasive imaging of resting-state functional connectivity in the murine brain.
21 February 2014
Low-frequency (5Hz) optical activation of dopamine neurons significantly delays the first drink and reduces a drinking binge by 54%.
19 February 2014
A novel method determines precise boundaries of the light markers used to find the center of a target in image processing applications.
18 February 2014
Considering three core scenarios and four spectral bands enables the calculation of the best insulating window systems.
18 February 2014
Combining imaging, computation, software modeling, and satellite hosting systems with firefighting methods may enable cost-effective detection and monitoring of wildland fires in their first few minutes.
14 February 2014
Superhydrophobic, low-cost plastic nanocones boost energy harvesting by photovoltaics, help them stay clean, and are easy to attach.
14 February 2014
Combining photoresist polymers, lithography, and ink-jet printing allows fabrication of microlenses with unique features.
12 February 2014
Integrating a microwave reactor with a microfluidic platform reduces the synthesis time of nanoparticles to 64ms.
11 February 2014
A freeform fabrication process based on ultrasonic metal welding enables production of dense, gapless 3D structures of dissimilar metals, smart materials, heat management devices, and electronic components.
11 February 2014
A model-based scheme for characterizing mask features may enhance semiconductor pattern placement, enabling manufacturers to meet shrinking lithography error budgets and improve production yields.
10 February 2014
Surface and photon management with vertical nanostructures called nanopillars can increase the efficiency of photovoltaic technology.
7 February 2014
Thoughtful design promotes and supports the parent-child bonding process in a neonatal intensive care unit during periods of parental absence.
6 February 2014
Adding poly(vinylidine fluoride) to electrolytes based on cobalt redox mediators increases ion mobility for higher efficiency at low light levels.
5 February 2014
A Q-switched-pulsed, coherently combined photonic-crystal fiber laser oscillator can achieve a record-high peak power of about 0.7MW with pulse duration of 10ns at 1kHz repetition rate.
5 February 2014
Grazing-incidence focusing mirrors with cylindrical symmetry transform neutron imaging and scattering instruments from pinhole cameras to microscopes.
4 February 2014
In-play production of rules in an experimental game prototyping framework enables users to implement and test their game ideas within minutes.
3 February 2014
A novel grating fabrication technique based on nanoimprint lithography includes a composite stamp design with an optimized profile.
3 February 2014
A linearly tapered 3D metal–insulator–metal nanoplasmonic photon compressor reduces resistive and scattering losses, showing promise for future nanoscale photonic and plasmonic applications.
31 January 2014
A novel instrument design, combined with careful calibration analysis techniques, enables accurate astronomical observations.
29 January 2014
Redesigned mid-IR devices have an asymmetric two-section master-oscillator power amplifier configuration.
28 January 2014
Novel artificial structures for controlling sound propagation in ducts could potentially have negative inertial mass and bulk modulus, making possible a new generation of devices for sound control.
28 January 2014
Photonic crystal nanocavity lasers with quantum dot gain directly generate coherent visible light via nanocavity-enhanced nonlinear optical frequency doubling.
24 January 2014
Sequential photon absorption processes in semiconductor solar cells represent a route to improving their efficiency.
24 January 2014
A thermal measurement system architecture designed for real-time, long-term monitoring of transportation infrastructures was evaluated on a bridge in Switzerland.
23 January 2014
A quartz-enhanced photo-acoustic gas sensor employing a custom quartz tuning fork enables extension of the technology into the terahertz range.
23 January 2014
A new method uses an ultra-stable mode-locked femtosecond laser, a single-pixel camera, and the compressive sensing technique to measure objects with depths of several centimeters.
21 January 2014
Highly uniform, rare-earth-based nanocrystals of various sizes and morphologies can be programmed to convert wavelengths throughout the spectrum, providing energy and information where needed.
21 January 2014
Liquid droplets are flexible and easy to produce, making them attractive as tunable light sources for a range of biologically relevant applications.
17 January 2014
Novel nano- and microphotonic devices enable efficient spectrum splitting, concentration, and light trapping to enhance photon absorption and increase the efficiency of photovoltaic cells by more than 22%.
16 January 2014
Examining the limitations of current research into image quality assessment opens doors for further studies.
15 January 2014

A career spanning more than 50 years in optics is condensed for the benefit of today's engineers.

14 January 2014
Single-crystal fibers of yttrium aluminum garnet could enable lasers with approximately 50 times more output power than those using conventional doped silica fibers.
13 January 2014
A novel sensor technology uses only dielectric materials by attaching a nonlinear optical crystal to the flat surface of a D-shaped optical fiber.
10 January 2014
Nanostructures in wide-bandgap metal oxides could enhance light-trapping for solar energy technology and LEDs.
9 January 2014
A novel deep imaging approach applies a transmission matrix formalism to photoacoustic techniques to better guide light and enhance signals.
9 January 2014
The point spread function of grazing incidence x-ray mirrors can be found using a new self-consistent and flexible computation.
7 January 2014
Nanoprobing is one of several novel approaches in processing, metrology, and process control that may enable integrated circuit manufacturers to cut their products' time to market.
6 January 2014
Transferring optical excitations between quantum nanostructures via near-field interactions occurring at scales below the wavelength of light can solve computationally demanding problems.
6 January 2014
Attaching a device to photovoltaic cells that converts the unused and transmitted sub-band-gap photons to usable photons significantly enhances solar cell efficiency.
3 January 2014
A novel laser-terahertz emission microscope is used to visualize changes in chemical and electrical potential.
31 December 2013
An on-chip optical polarizer fabricated using 65nm CMOS technology delivers an extinction ratio of ∼20dB.
30 December 2013
Applying an electric field offers a low-cost, bottom-up approach to integrating suspended dielectric metal oxide nanowires in electronic devices.
27 December 2013
The combination of highly integrated radio systems-on-chips, ultra-low-power processing, and smart textiles enables body area networks and novel human-to-machine applications.
23 December 2013
A new modal formalism provides an efficient and intuitive method to describe both light scattering by a resonant nanostructure and the Purcell factor of a nearby emitter.
19 December 2013
Embedding a nonlinear microresonator in an active external cavity makes it possible to generate a pump laser self-locked to the microcavity resonances able to trigger optical parametric oscillation.
19 December 2013
A novel structure combines a high peak current and low operating voltage for multijunction photovoltaic cells.
18 December 2013

Recent research demonstrates increased power, spectral coverage, and tunability of quantum cascade lasers.

16 December 2013
Dual-wavelength laser pulses on red blood cells create a photoacoustic effect that enables high-resolution study of in vivo cellular oxygen consumption in normal and diseased tissues.
16 December 2013
A spectrally adjustable concentrator simulator permits more accurate assessment of high-performance photovoltaics.
12 December 2013
A new optical echelle spectrograph will be capable of measuring solar flares simultaneously in several visible wavelengths.
11 December 2013
Combining laser light and an indocyanine-green-infused chitosan patch repairs and joins small blood vessels end-to-end.
10 December 2013
A prototype process was developed to translate Web graph and map images into 3D printed models to give the blind and visually impaired access to voting and election data.
9 December 2013
Ellipsometry of graphene reveals its optical properties, the effect of a water layer on its surface, and that a residue from wet transfer can significantly increase visible light absorption.
5 December 2013

Polymer-based opals with useful optical responses to a variety of external triggers can be fabricated on large scale, with increasing potential for a wide range of optical sensor applications.

3 December 2013
A fast-response optical sensor based on a slot-waveguide micro-ring resonator with liquid-crystal filling enables more accurate temperature measurement with a nearly fivefold increase in sensitivity.
2 December 2013
In addition to improving device efficiency, work on photovoltaics must focus on three aspects to be able to compete with fossil-fuel energy: material abundance, low cost, and high productivity.
27 November 2013
The world's largest neutrino observatory in Antarctica has the potential to provide new insights into extreme astrophysical sources.
26 November 2013
Thin-film solar cells achieve improved efficiency by incorporating radial junction silicon nanowire devices.
26 November 2013
A biophotonics technique based on autofluorescence imaging and Raman scattering can diagnose skin tumors during surgery faster than conventional histopathology, without tissue sectioning or staining.
26 November 2013
Information-theoretic secure key distribution using unidirectionally coupled cascades of semiconductor lasers is experimentally demonstrated to be possible and practicable.
25 November 2013
Inverse design methods help find promising topologies that provide the functions required for all-optical networks.
22 November 2013
The first space application of a new multi-object spectrograph incorporates programmable micro-shutter arrays and silicon carbide materials.
22 November 2013
The first observations of a white dwarf transiting a red dwarf have been made using the Kepler space telescope.
18 November 2013
A generic batch process transforms conventional silicon electronic circuits into flexible, semi-transparent devices.
18 November 2013
Mathematics classically uses distance functions to make comparisons, whereas the notion of dissimilarity is more adapted to the human visual perception system.
15 November 2013
New visible light communication prototypes use LED-based lighting for high-speed wireless data transfer, demonstrating an essential step toward the ‘optical Wi-Fi’ vision.
14 November 2013
Plasmonically induced carrier generation and enhanced carrier extraction improve photovoltaic performance.
13 November 2013
A doughnut-shaped beam inhibits photopolymerization at the outer ring of a writing beam for nanometer-scale 3D fabrication and petabyte optical data storage. A two-beam strategy for optical lithography breaks the diffraction limit and provides the most powerful method for 3D fabrication at the nanometer scale.
12 November 2013
An approach that describes the aberration fields of displaced optics provides a step toward an unrestricted aberration theory for nonsymmetric imaging optics with freeform surfaces.
11 November 2013
A novel digital shearography system based on spatial phase shifts operates at high speed.
8 November 2013
The inclusion of a capping layer above the cathode can enhance the transmittance and efficiency of a device.
7 November 2013
Transistors and photodetectors with layers of molybdenum disulfide semiconductor show promise for displays and image sensors.
6 November 2013
An array of split-ring resonators efficiently absorbs and re-emits thermal energy as IR radiation to power thermophotovoltaic systems.
4 November 2013
A proposed new concept uses laser radiation and a probe beam to detect electromagnetic signatures in the vicinity of radioactive material and enables standoff detection at distances greater than 100m.
30 October 2013
Increases in storm intensity and occurrence are demanding improved real-time sensors and prediction capabilities in storm forecasting.
29 October 2013
Confined Tamm plasmon modes in hybrid structures open perspectives for new optoelectronic devices.
28 October 2013
Recent progress in superconducting nanowire single-photon detector arrays is enabling advances in infrared photon-counting measurements and applications.
28 October 2013
The large variability in 14nm photomask parameters disrupts business-as-usual for wafer modeling and mask suppliers.
25 October 2013
Nonlinear frequency mixing of two laser sources results in a widely tunable laser perfectly suited for molecular spectroscopy.
24 October 2013
A strongly focused laser optically levitates a single diamond nanocrystal while a second laser interrogates the diamond crystal's internal quantum states.
23 October 2013
The Laser Relativity Satellite is built from a specifically chosen, dense tungsten alloy and is covered with laser retroreflectors to test general relativity and fundamental physics.
21 October 2013
A novel bulk metamaterial enables an optically switchable flat lens capable of imaging 2D objects beyond the near field.
21 October 2013
Hierarchical structures are a cost-effective method of photon management.
17 October 2013
An inexpensive and scalable technique enables tailoring of nanopatterns and nanostructures on solid surfaces.
16 October 2013
Computer-aided analysis and diagnostics based on medical imaging may enable identification of specific tumor signatures.
14 October 2013
Graphene-like 2D materials, such as the transition metal dichalcogenides, offer exciting properties for new technologies in photonics, sensing, and energy harvesting.
11 October 2013
Specialty fiber and component development may enable long-range laser radar and standoff chemical detection.
10 October 2013
The generalized Harvey-Shack surface scatter theory is the missing link that enables derivation of optical fabrication tolerances necessary to meet specific image quality requirements.
10 October 2013
Restoring and evaluating security-watermarked photographs helps officials match people and identity documents.
9 October 2013
The polarization rotation of light passing through a topological insulator thin film can be tuned via gate voltage, opening the door for optical transistors in the terahertz range.
8 October 2013
The UV radiation Monitoring and Research Program provides long-term measurements of ground-level solar radiation over the continental United States.
7 October 2013
Changing the location of excited quantum dots within a miniature spiral plasmonic antenna directs the emitted radiation.
3 October 2013
Intentionally designing for perceptive qualities allows a person and an artifact to engage in reciprocal interplay of perceiving and being perceived, and gives insight into how to frame an artifact's intelligence.
2 October 2013
Using high-energy laser sources to produce soft x-ray pulses offers potential for imaging with nanometer-scale resolution.
2 October 2013
Enhancements to the whispering-gallery-mode plasmonic biosensor enable a high level of sensitivity in detecting nanoscopic protein particles, with application to the early treatment of disease.
30 September 2013
Techniques for laser ultrasonic inspection of industrial materials enable researchers to acquire sensitive, safe, and non-contact photoacoustic and ultrasound images of biological tissues.
26 September 2013
A technique based on highly undersampled radial MRI yields data with excellent spatiotemporal resolution for quantitative parameter mapping without increasing scan time.
23 September 2013
Indium gallium arsenide nanowires grown directly on graphene spontaneously develop a distinct core-shell architecture, useful for a range of optoelectronic applications.
23 September 2013

When pumped with a spatially modulated light beam, random lasers can be tuned to emit into specific, predetermined directions.

20 September 2013

Solar hydrogen production is enhanced by 200% by exploiting plasmon resonance in a photoelectrode composed of silver particles and zinc nanorods.

20 September 2013

A balloon-borne telescope with multiple-band sensors aims to detect polarized radiation from the early days of the Universe.

20 September 2013

A new technique that automatically merges temporally distributed data is used to monitor changes both in power station pipelines and art conservation.

18 September 2013

Tuning 2D arrays of metal nanoparticles by atomic layer deposition accomplishes record absorption coefficients for visible light and promises substantial thickness reductions of solar cell absorber layers.

17 September 2013

A new pulse-modulated phase-shifting instrument eliminates variations in the intensity of interference signals.

13 September 2013

A virtual digital fingerprint image is produced by blending information from two different fingers.

13 September 2013
Lensless imaging with focused x-ray beams enables high-resolution 2D and 3D observations of thick nanoscopic objects.
11 September 2013
The progress towards increasingly smaller semiconductor lasers is impeded by various obstacles, such as high current density and power dissipation and low coherence in small devices.
10 September 2013
A device using light pipes and thin film coatings homogenizes LED light of different wavelengths, offering advantages over bulb technologies.
9 September 2013
Fluorescence characteristics of corals are measured using a new light detection and ranging system on a glass-bottom boat.
9 September 2013
A new kind of diffractive phase grating permits computational imaging of polychromatic distant objects in situations where focal optics are not convenient.
4 September 2013
Modern scanning electron microscopes have become very user-friendly, but better understanding of the imaging mechanisms is needed to ensure accurate, quantitative data.
4 September 2013
Satellite gravity observations, hydrologic modeling, elevation data, and in situ measurements help to clarify uncertainties in water volume changes for a major water-control scheme.
3 September 2013
Multilayered graphene petal nanosheets enhanced with platinum nanoparticles and enzyme glucose oxidase can monitor the wide range of glucose concentrations found in saliva, tears, blood, and urine.
3 September 2013
A new amplification scheme could produce plasma-based seeded soft x-ray lasers 10,000 times more powerful than those currently available.
30 August 2013
New families of stable copper complexes address an old challenge: providing brightly luminescent, easily accessible materials with good solubility and sufficient stability for wet-processing organic LEDs.
29 August 2013
A new imaging device based on compressive sensing accurately captures remote hyperspectral images with significantly fewer measurements than standard cameras.
27 August 2013
Nanomaterials made of active fibers have the potential to become new functional components of light-emitting sources in the visible and near-IR range, lasers, and electronic devices.
26 August 2013
A novel approach uses advanced computational methods to record wave fields.
23 August 2013
A new approach uses hyperspectral and wideband data to identify concealed fissile materials remotely.
22 August 2013
The demonstration of a 1D left-handed metamaterial waveguide for terahertz quantum-cascade lasers opens the door to new techniques for beam steering and shaping.
22 August 2013
Careful deposition of germanium on silicon controls doping, native defects, and electrical properties, enabling design of integrated photodiodes and other integrated photonic devices.
21 August 2013
Angular momenta of light can directly force an irradiated metal sample to form chiral nanoneedles.
21 August 2013
Radially polarized light beams are produced using liquid crystal devices, manipulated with half-waveplates, and detected by vortex sensing gratings.
19 August 2013
A candlelight-style organic LED is designed as a low color temperature lighting source.
19 August 2013
The effect of defocus in a well-corrected plenoptic camera helps to better understand the relationship between a 3D object, its light field in the image plane, and the sampling limitations of the technology.
16 August 2013
Microchannel coolers enable high-concentration solar thermal systems to provide cost-competitive electrical energy, desalinated water, cooling, and space heating.
13 August 2013
Electron microscopy imaging of extracted cross sections enables the correlation of high-resolution structural data with electronic property measurements for individual layers within graphene heterostructures.
12 August 2013
Direct UV writing has been used to fabricate a range of planar waveguides for applications ranging from lab-on-a-chip to optical quantum information processing.
12 August 2013
Simulation technology that has greatly improved weather prediction is being expanded to assess the value of new observing systems for hurricane track and intensity forecasting.
12 August 2013
New photovoltaic cells made with graphene—single layers of carbon— coated with a layer of nanowires are light, flexible, offer high power conversion efficiencies, and can be deployed on a range of surfaces.
9 August 2013
An automated surveillance method that uses multiple image processing can detect, analyze, and track movements to identify emergency situations.
8 August 2013
Conventional optical microscopes can generate 3D data for economical, fast phase-defect analysis of masks used in extreme UV lithography.
8 August 2013
The inverse of magnetic resonance imaging provides a simple approach to super-resolution lithography that can write arbitrary patterns with high contrast.
6 August 2013
A method of detecting suboptimal microscopy settings explores the relationship between instrument settings, image quality descriptors, and the accuracy of image post-processing.
6 August 2013
Modeling and simulation of exoplanet observations, along with intelligent scheduling, will maximize the science returns of future space-based missions.
2 August 2013
Full well depth is a better measure of camera performance than noise floor, the parameter that is more commonly used in the machine vision industry.
1 August 2013
Integrating eye-tracking technology can improve the clinical utility of computer-assisted detection technology by matching decision support to the individual radiologist.
1 August 2013
Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite crystals make the first hard x-ray laser resonator possible, showing the way to a hard x-ray laser system with numerous possible applications.
30 July 2013
A carrier-selective contact device provides a pathway to achieve photovoltaic conversion efficiency at the thermodynamic limits.
30 July 2013
Controlling quantum optical metadata with a classical programming paradigm allows rapid prototyping of quantum communication testbeds.
29 July 2013
The Japanese Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder onboard the International Space Station can detect minor components of the atmosphere.
26 July 2013
A decision support system is being designed to help breast cancer patients choose reconstruction options that meet their quality-of-life concerns.
25 July 2013
Advanced mirror and bending technology combined with systematic measuring enables improved performance of synchrotron beamlines.
24 July 2013
Combining multiple total internal reflections and segmented diffuse reflection enables a spherical lens package to mix and project light from different color LED chips.
24 July 2013
Spatially resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopy reveals collective phenomena of metallic nanoparticle arrays.
23 July 2013
Data from the Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean (HICO), combined with innovative spectral processing algorithms, can reveal detailed pictures of the sources of water pollution.
22 July 2013
Using a microscan mechanism increases the pixel count and resolution of images produced by IR telescope-camera systems.
22 July 2013
The velocity of plasmons in graphene, obtained using time-resolved electrical measurements, can be tuned over two orders of magnitude, showing promise for application in nanoscale optoelectronics.
16 July 2013
Better laser processing of electronics may result from using a microscope that captures images of laser-generated stress waves and transient strain distribution in single crystals.
16 July 2013
A superconducting photon detector operating across the electromagnetic spectrum improves the performance of semiconductor devices for astronomical observations.
15 July 2013
A high-resolution interferometric imaging technique could enable intraoperative diagnosis, reducing the need for multiple biopsies and operations in cancer treatment.
12 July 2013
Micromachined probes permit on-wafer, in-situ measurements at submillimeter wavelengths and have been demonstrated at frequencies up to 900GHz.
10 July 2013
Recent discoveries on the interaction of light with standing nanowires reveal their strong potential as building blocks for solar cells.
10 July 2013
A new spectroscopic Mueller matrix polarimeter evaluation technique measures periodic structures and identifies surface defects.
8 July 2013
New chemcial results from a spectrometer on NASA's Curiosity rover might validate disputed results from the Viking landers.
8 July 2013
The impact of Asia dust aerosols on aridity over Asia drylands can be detected by satellite data and ground Lidar measurements.
3 July 2013
A novel photovoltaic concentrator enables highly uniform irradiance on a small number of efficient solar cells.
1 July 2013
Mesoporous silicon nanomaterials can be fabricated and biofunctionalized for in vitro and in vivo controlled drug delivery and theranostic applications.
1 July 2013
A novel avalanche diode with binary states controlled by a magnetic field offers low-power information processing.
28 June 2013
A better way of characterizing light could enable innovative applications in areas such as biological diagnostics and remote sensing.
27 June 2013
An animal biophotonic structure provides a design pathway for a new class of polarization-insensitive, broadband multilayer mirror.
25 June 2013
Imaging technique estimates the location of individual particles with nearly the same accuracy that is achievable only in the absence of detector noise and pixelation.
24 June 2013
A new integrated system enables the miniaturization of digital signal processors, while also improving their performance and stability.
21 June 2013
Encoding the position of image speckles enables optical resolution imaging in media that scatter light.
19 June 2013
Scanning laser interferometry with high-performance digital signal processors can measure distributed strain and characterize structural dynamics with millimeter resolution and at hundreds of Hertz.
14 June 2013
Holmium-doped fluoride glass fiber can be used to create efficient, high-power fiber lasers operating in the 3μm region.
13 June 2013
Focal zooming, a pulse-shaping concept in which the focal properties of a laser pulse change with time, improves the viability of fusion energy as a power source.
12 June 2013
A formalism based on performance of detection and estimation tasks enables the quantification of the information content of each imaged photon.
12 June 2013
A novel design and fabrication process enables high-performance, three-terminal optical transmitters.
12 June 2013
Researchers may be able to better guide radiation therapy, analyze atherosclerotic plaques, and assess acute strokes and brain injuries using simultaneously captured multi-modal images.
11 June 2013
Single-photon avalanche diodes offer ultra-sensitive light imaging for enhanced security surveillance and traffic safety.
10 June 2013
Human retinal pigmented epithelium cells in culture are more resistant to a lethal pulse of laser radiation if they are first exposed to low levels of red light.
10 June 2013
Increasing the crystallinity of a zinc oxide electron-collection layer in a polymer solar cell decreases its efficiency when irradiated with UV-filtered sunlight.
10 June 2013

Micro-patterned coatings offer highly efficient LEDs with a controllable emission pattern.

7 June 2013
A new home tracking system based on a Microsoft Kinect sensor will help patients with the symptom of ‘freezing of gait.’
5 June 2013
Algorithms identifying the behavior patterns of people and vehicles in wide-area motion imagery can extract intelligence from data that is too large to process manually.
5 June 2013
By analyzing the content of electrical activity at the surface of the brain, researchers can distinguish between patients who are healthy and those with different types of cognitive impairment.
3 June 2013
A novel security scheme combining optical encryption and orthogonal encoding offers robust security without information loss or distortion.
31 May 2013
Using inertial sampling, nanomechanical resonators can detect the concentration and individual mass of particles in the air and have the potential to become the next-generation portable mass spectrometers.
29 May 2013
Previously challenging spectral blue-shifting of plasmonic metasurfaces is enabled by overlaying them with single-layer graphene, paving the way for next-generation tunable infrared optoelectronic devices.
28 May 2013
A new optical instrument design can be used to study the evolution of Milky Way stars, galaxies, black holes, and the universe.
28 May 2013
A simple, accurate, and fast technique measures small displacements distributed across large structures by applying the sampling moiré method to digital images.
28 May 2013
Extending Deep Zoom technology allows the viewer to record a customized path through many image files, enabling further measurements.
24 May 2013
Piezoelectrically deformed substrates provide traveling wave-induced aerodynamic propulsive forces for a flat plastic sheet.
23 May 2013

Combining linear plasma sources and high-frequency plasma deposition on moving substrates may reduce manufacturing costs for thin-film silicon solar cells.

23 May 2013
Photonic integrated circuits could be scaled down for future optical communication applications with the help of a new wavelength-scale modulator.
21 May 2013
Size-separated and colloidally stable silicon nanoparticles provide a novel non-toxic light-emitting material for efficient, stable and color-tunable electroluminescence.
21 May 2013
Improved 3D computed tomography produces clearer images and improved clinical diagnoses of breast cancer while dramatically reducing patients' exposure to radiation.
17 May 2013
President Reagan most likely knew that advances in laser technology would give the United States the upper hand in nuclear talks with the Soviets.
16 May 2013
Combining a polarizing screen with a front projector enables a space-saving, cost-effective 3D display.
16 May 2013
The miniaturization of solar cells enables the fabrication of devices with high efficiencies that consume many times less rare earth material, and are capable of operating in extreme illumination conditions.
15 May 2013
A novel hyperspectral imaging system can locate liquid chemical warfare agents at stand-off distances, improving operator safety and enabling the rapid survey of scenes.
15 May 2013
New experiments characterize battery thermodynamics and highlight ubiquitous design problems that increase the risk of failure.
10 May 2013
A classification algorithm is able to discriminate laser light scattering patterns originating from single bacterial spores from those originating from single airborne aerosol particles that are naturally-occurring.
10 May 2013
Computer vision techniques predict whether an image will be remembered or forgotten.
7 May 2013
Atomic physics techniques could enable a new design for gravitational wave detectors, allowing for a shorter baseline length and eliminating the need for multiple baselines.
6 May 2013
Sensitive, low-cost silicon carbide-based gas sensors can detect toxic emissions and hazardous nanoparticulate matter in previously untenable environments.
1 May 2013
A simple method for reconstructing digital color holograms, based on stretching techniques, yields good-quality synthetic holograms in which the constituent colors are multiplexed.
1 May 2013
A new, dual-polarity lens made of metamaterials offers extra flexibility for focusing and imaging devices and may find application in integrated nano-optoelectronics.
26 April 2013
Absolute measurement of luminescence enables the monitoring of spatial fluctuations that affect solar cell mechanisms.
26 April 2013
Phase imaging methods based on white light illumination can reduce costs for medical blood testing and screening.
25 April 2013
A silicon-germanium-silica monolithic photonic platform can integrate high-performance silica-based passive devices and high-speed silicon-based dynamic/active devices in a single package.
24 April 2013
Mismatches between the point at which the eyes must converge and the distance to which they must focus when viewing stereoscopic images have negative consequences.
23 April 2013
The antiproton mass in units of the electron mass is determined with parts-per-billion scale precision by studying an exotic helium atom with two-photon laser spectroscopy.
22 April 2013
White LEDs hold promise as a key enabler for future wireless networks based on optical attocells, offering significant improvements to indoor data coverage.
19 April 2013
An optimally designed and manufactured starshade can effectively block stellar light.
16 April 2013

The Water for the World project is bringing fresh water to needy people by analyzing remote sensing imagery and other Earth observations.

16 April 2013
Many consumer-grade solid-state lighting sources have lower quality and energy efficiency than anticipated, with some lagging behind incandescent lamps and halogen spotlights.
15 April 2013
Everyday makeup may reduce the accuracy of systems that use biometric matching for security screening.
15 April 2013
An electron beam lithography and plasma etching process enables hands-free folding of functional metal-patterned dielectric structures with nanoscale dimensions.
11 April 2013
A manganese dioxide cathode could enable energy storage by a sustainable sodium ion battery and reduce the global reliance on fossil fuels.
10 April 2013
New single-photon-counting avalanche diodes are built using CMOS technology.
9 April 2013
Novel polishing techniques on pre-cut segments may speed the manufacture of aspheric mirrors for large telescopes.
9 April 2013
A novel patterning technique directly forms 29nm-pitch fins etched into silicon on insulator, making logic and memory components.
5 April 2013
A new optical system uses free space laser propagation to achieve data transmission rates of 40Gb/s at a wavelength of 1.5μm.
3 April 2013
Control over the precise number of atoms in gold nanoclusters gives rise to distinct nonlinear optical properties, providing an attractive route toward optical limiting devices.
1 April 2013
A simplified nanoscale etching model reveals how resist sidewall roughness is transferred to the substrate, and suggests simple rules of thumb.
29 March 2013
Pathologists reading digital slides may need higher-resolution displays to achieve consistently accurate diagnoses.
28 March 2013
Transmission through a disordered medium can be increased by a factor of four using a new experimental technique that optimizes constructive interference of scattered light.
26 March 2013
A new technique based on digital image correlation enables inspection and failure characterization of transparent solids.
25 March 2013
The plasmonic properties of metal nanocrystals deposited on surfaces can be fine-tuned to enhance the performance of novel sensing platforms based on tilted fiber Bragg gratings.
22 March 2013
Portable reflectance spectroscopy devices working in the UV, visible, and near-IR region allow non-invasive and in situ conservation assessment of artworks.
21 March 2013
Exploiting spatial misregistration of a satellite hyperspectral sensor doubles spatial resolution.
20 March 2013
Photoacoustic ophthalmoscopy provides exceptional contrast when visualizing the retina, assisting in the early diagnosis of some eye diseases.
19 March 2013
An unconventional synthetic aperture radar interferometry technique can be used to measure deformation of vegetated regions.
18 March 2013
Incorporating superconducting and semiconducting elements into electromagnetic metamaterials can achieve active control of terahertz radiation.
18 March 2013
Simulation-based techniques extend the limits of lithography for applications that benefit from the cost advantage of mask aligners and their capability to print on large and non-planar substrates.
15 March 2013
Optical coherence tomography combined with a focused air-puff system non-invasively assesses the mechanical properties of soft tissues and can be used to differentiate tumors during surgical treatment.
15 March 2013
A mixed design approach yields a high-performance processor able to meet the requirements of future space missions.
14 March 2013
A new portable, large field of view, schlieren camera system can be used to image air density gradients.
13 March 2013
An array made of crossed mirrors composed of hollow apertures without substrates forms visible images that provide the sensory experience of warmth.
12 March 2013
A thermal annealing-assisted template stripping method can be used to mass-produce high-quality gold nanostructures.
12 March 2013
The light-transmission behavior of photonic structures made with more than two materials holds great promise for applications such as filters, optoelectronic switches, and color-changing devices.
11 March 2013
Fluid prisms offer a passive solution with no moving parts to the problem of atmospheric dispersion in large telescopes.
11 March 2013
Combining an atomic-size helium-ion-beam milling process with conventional electron-beam lithography makes it possible to carve graphene with an accuracy of one nanometer and an excellent yield.
11 March 2013
The fabrication of a blue superluminescent LED with power above 100mW shows promise for focus-free pico-projection thanks to reduced interference and improved image quality.
6 March 2013
Light irradiation of a metallic nanostructure enables a novel thermoplasmonic optical tweezer for nanoparticles.
5 March 2013
Exposing cells to nanosecond pulsed electric fields causes a rapid increase in intracellular calcium, enabling a pathway that activates protein kinase C for various physiological functions.
4 March 2013
An emerging tool in life sciences, quantitative biological imaging, and nanobiotechnology, interference microscopy provides opportunities to study the biophysical properties of living cells as never before.
28 February 2013
Low-cost, plastic-injected optics mix light from different color LED dies without a significant decrease in average brightness, simplifying luminaire design both optically and electronically.
25 February 2013
A nanoimprint mold with sub-15nm resolution combines rigid imprint features with an elastic polymer support.
22 February 2013
Structural biologists use the ultra-intense pulses from x-ray lasers to overcome the problem of radiation damage in crystallography, removing the need for large, well-diffracting crystals.
21 February 2013
Plasmonic enhancement of whispering gallery mode sensors can increase their sensitivity by more than two orders of magnitude.
21 February 2013

The structural paradigm known as tensegrity allows for algorithmic approaches to designing telescopes for minimal mass while reducing the energy required to meet the shape control requirements.

20 February 2013
Optical fiber technology employed in new, compact instruments can be used to measure atmospheric carbon dioxide content in previously unrepresented regions.
18 February 2013
High-resolution spectrometers enable new avenues in global carbon cycle research, including the first accurate retrievals of chlorophyll fluorescence from space as an indicator of photosynthetic activity.
15 February 2013
A high-resolution fluorescence microscope couples with the iPhone camera to analyze biological fluids where they are collected, saving time and money.
13 February 2013
A novel diffuse-light spectroscopy setup effectively grouped beers according to their main characteristics, predicted alcohol content, and distinguished Belgian beers from those of other countries.
12 February 2013
Various blood biomarkers were screened for their ability to monitor nanoparticle neurotoxicity by analyzing bound proteins on their surface.
12 February 2013
Silicon-based photonic receivers simultaneously increase system density and reduce component costs for high-speed fiber-optic communications.
8 February 2013
A new iterative normalization algorithm takes into account variations among patients and improves prostate tumor detection with magnetic resonance imaging by 17%.
7 February 2013
Transparent, flexible, and highly conductive graphene films laminated with ferroelectric polymers could act as a simple, low-cost alternative to indium tin oxide conductive films.
6 February 2013
A unique 3D image correlation technique measures skin displacements, facial strains, and wrinkle formation.
6 February 2013
The ability to measure and manipulate aberrations in the human eye using adaptive optics will allow visual testing tailored to a patient's specific correction needs.
5 February 2013
Compressive sensing provides a practical method for characterizing correlations between pairs of spatially entangled photons at high dimensions.
4 February 2013
A dynamic holographic display of full-color, full-parallax 3D objects was demonstrated using physical and optical scan tiling techniques, enhanced by a newly proposed color mixing method.
1 February 2013

The first all-carbon solar cell was fabricated using carbon-based electrodes with an active layer composed of sorted semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes and C60 fullerene.

1 February 2013
LEDs built from nanopyramid arrays can deliver high luminescence efficiency over a very wide spectral range owing to reduced defects, relaxed strain, and a suppressed piezoelectric field.
30 January 2013
A portable, advanced IR sensor in a hollow fiber matched to a silicon-micromachined fast gas chromatography column can analyze illegal stimulants and precursors with nanogram-level sensitivity.
30 January 2013
Combining the power of computer graphics with the interactive capabilities of mobile devices creates digital representations of 3D objects that can be manipulated as naturally as real ones.
28 January 2013
Surface materials can be micropatterned using a laser-based technique and low-cost microlens arrays for efficient, low-cost manufacturing.
28 January 2013
Conditions that lead to vision loss can be diagnosed outside the clinic using a portable, pen-sized camera that is simple to align and operate.
25 January 2013
Novel enhancement cavities might further cavity-enhanced non-linear optics by providing direct access to the intra-cavity focus and increasing the achievable focal intensity.
25 January 2013
Astronomers studying planets outside the solar system anticipate a new level of precision using a satellite with a 33cm telescope.
24 January 2013
Imaging static Fourier transform spectrometers could sharpen hyperspectral data acquisition on small satellites.
24 January 2013

An automatic feedback tool offers a natural, informative way to support presentation skills training by analyzing the nonverbal expressions of speakers.

21 January 2013
Spatially shaped ultrashort light pulses achieve non-contact, ultrafast, microfabrication-free directional-control of spin wave emission.
21 January 2013
Hot-injection synthesis of copper indium sulfide produces suitable ink for printed photovoltaic devices.
18 January 2013

Parallelized imaging systems based on the chromatic confocal approach can be used for hyperspectral imaging and optical profilometry.

17 January 2013
A novel, low-cost, and miniature imaging system aids surgeons in identifying tumors for excision.
15 January 2013

A new multilayer polymer medium made using a continuous roll-to-roll process shows promise for the next generation of terabyte-scale optical data storage.

14 January 2013
Probing the micro-mechanical properties of tissue using optical imaging might offer new surgical tools that enable improved differentiation of tissue pathologies, such as cancer or atherosclerosis.
11 January 2013
A novel system measures the structure, shape, and acoustically induced changes to the membrane of the human middle ear, to help diagnose and treat hearing disorders.
9 January 2013
Thousands of Dutch citizens will participate in a national experiment to measure aerosols with a spectropolarimetric add-on to their smartphones.
9 January 2013
Oscar statuette, awarded to Cooke Optics. Photo: ©A.M.A.P.S.®

The "Cooke Look" is a part of our lives, appearing every day on big screens and televisions, thanks to the company's innovative designs.

9 January 2013
The efficiency of commercial solar cells can be significantly improved by using an energy down-shifting material on their front surfaces.
7 January 2013
A technique that analyzes images of animal footprints provides reliable data on endangered wildlife populations and individuals.
4 January 2013
Lidar and ceilometer measurements were used to diagnose and correct overestimates of fine particulate pollution by an air quality model.
4 January 2013
Using a single light source to carry out optical coherence tomography and photoacoustic microscopy simultaneously enables novel studies of optical scattering and absorption in biological tissues.
3 January 2013
Optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers at 1 and 2μm provide ideal optical pump power platforms for a wide variety of compact and tunable intracavity pumped laser systems.
3 January 2013
Photoirradiation controls the release of molecules in the body that may inhibit tumor growth so therapy can be targeted to specific sites.
28 December 2012
Patterned photosensors using a light-sensitive protein can detect the speed and direction of a moving light spot allowing for improvements in robotic sensors.
27 December 2012
A new multisensor technique combines infrared and microwave data from geostationary and polar-orbit satellites.
19 December 2012
A combination of novel techniques, equipment, and stable atmospheric conditions have revealed new features of atmospheric conditions on Uranus.
18 December 2012
Transmembrane proteins that function as gateways to the cell interior can successfully transport ions against a chemical concentration gradient.
17 December 2012
Organic solar cells, when deposited with metal nanoparticles, offer an inexpensive alternative to silicon for energy generation.
14 December 2012
Integrated arrays of novel micron-sized emitters produce multiple photons with precisely controllable orbital angular momentum and potential applications in signal processing.
13 December 2012
High-resolution images in deep tissue are obtained using photoacoustic images of Förster resonance energy transfer, overcoming the problem of light-scattering effects in some imaging techniques.
12 December 2012
A simple optical implementation of a touch screen is made possible by disrupting the total internal reflection in a 2D waveguide.
11 December 2012
A lightweight imaging spectrometer with a wide field of view increases spectral accuracy, improving data collection for earth science.
10 December 2012
Using liquid crystal devices to convert Gaussian beams to vector beams dramatically improves confocal and multi-photon laser microscopy in living tissues.
10 December 2012
Liquid-crystal droplets are fragmented and moved to desired locations using electric fields generated by a thermal stimulus.
6 December 2012
Non-self-sustained electric discharge and electric breakdown were triggered and guided by a train of picosecond pulses overlapped with a long free-running pulse at the same frequency.
5 December 2012
Wearable skin sensors can monitor body signals with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, enabling in vitro diagnostics and the use of therapeutic devices.
3 December 2012
A new instrument for the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope will obtain the visible spectrum of every source of light in an 11 arcminute field of view starting in 2013.
3 December 2012
Optically pumped rare gas lasers that use chemically inert reagents combine the best characteristics of solid-state and gas-phase systems with fewer of the complications of other hybrid techniques.
29 November 2012
A systematic engineering method improves the spectroscopic and structural properties of molecules that can be triggered by two-photon excitation to induce cancer cell death.
26 November 2012
Scalable and highly stable at 13.5nm, laser-produced discharge plasma is a viable means of generating extreme-UV photons to power the next generation of lithography exposure tools.
21 November 2012
Modifications to atmospheric imaging techniques can improve the resolution of images taken under water.
19 November 2012
Arbitrary 3D polarization orientation is used to excite surface plasmon resonance in gold nanorods, creating highly secure encryption 'keys.'
19 November 2012
The European Space Agency will launch the Euclid space mission in 2020 to observe the dark energy and dark matter that make up most of the universe.
15 November 2012
A new free-form optics design method could unleash the full potential of tracking integrated solar concentrators
15 November 2012
The absorption response and photoluminescence of a graphene oxide film are modified by using thermal annealing and oxygen plasma treatment to alter the ratio of sp2 to sp3 orbitals.
13 November 2012
A novel Raman lidar technique can provide efficient 3D monitoring for environmental surveys prior to seafloor exploration.
12 November 2012
Instruments for automated single-cell nanosurgery elucidate fundamental processes in biology, exploiting them in early detection and treatment of disease.
8 November 2012
Careful fiber design enables single-mode operation despite an increase in mode area for intense light.
7 November 2012
A new technique for producing computer-generated holograms drastically cuts down on computation time and produces high-resolution, photorealistic 3D images.
6 November 2012
Inkjet printing is used on polystyrene sheets to create materials that can quickly form self-folding 3D structures upon exposure to light.
5 November 2012
A hybrid whispering gallery mode/plasmonic biosensor can detect and size the smallest known virus, so that no viral particle can evade detection.
2 November 2012
A computer-simulation-based topology optimization scheme finds optical designs that boost the efficiency of solar cells.
1 November 2012
A trio of denoising methods improves on standard methods by exploiting the dependence of range-image noise levels on intensity-image values in recordings from time-of-flight cameras.
30 October 2012
The Mercury Laser Altimeter onboard MESSENGER involves unique design elements that deal with the challenges of being in orbit around Mercury.
26 October 2012
Lightwave bending and manipulation by optofluidic transformation optics is a new way to innovate light-manipulating microfluidic devices with sophisticated tunability.
24 October 2012
A simple two-step ablation process with femtosecond laser pulses can fabricate a nanograting with deep grooves on a gallium nitride surface.
24 October 2012
Haptic and multitouch computer interfaces enable a new kind of tangible experience in the study and manipulation of abstract mathematical objects and concepts.
23 October 2012
Polariton lasers' unusual physical principles make them promising for optical communications and generating terahertz radiation.
23 October 2012
A new liquid-biopsy technique allows identification of abnormal cells in blood with one in a million sensitivity, enabling early cancer detection.
19 October 2012
A multisatellite image-processing system can improve near-real-time precipitation measurement in remote, ungauged areas.
19 October 2012
A new large-format, near-IR imaging spectrograph offers a large field of view for monitoring transient astronomical events such as supernovae and gamma ray bursts.
17 October 2012
Novel quality-control and lifetime-estimation measures enable the production of phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes for general lighting applications.
16 October 2012
A new compact, robust, and eye-safe scanning system detects and tracks respirable aerosols at mid- to long-range distances.
16 October 2012
A novel film architecture can potentially be used to detect trace contaminants in air and drinking water with high sensitivity.
15 October 2012
Laser ablation of an ‘imaging’ polymer layer allows near-field mapping of metal nanostructures with subdiffraction resolution.
11 October 2012
An algorithm inspired by hoverfly flight helps mobile sensor devices to navigate their surroundings by finding optimal trajectories through their environment.
11 October 2012
Label-free, molecule-specific, high-speed biological imaging requires a functional and practical laser source.
8 October 2012
Conductive discharge layers are good candidates to correct image placement errors in mask fabrication.
5 October 2012
An integrated mode filter significantly decreases the spectral width of conventional short-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, promising longer optical interconnects for future data centers.
2 October 2012
A matrix-based methodology allows the application of computational skills to manipulate the chromaticity point, efficiency, and light quality of an LED cluster system in intelligent lighting.
2 October 2012
Spin imbalance can be used to improve the performance of semiconductor lasers, making them useful for a variety of applications.
2 October 2012
Persistent surveillance in urban environments requires efficient sensing operations that can image sparse scenes for quick turnaround and reliable situational awareness.
27 September 2012
NASA's first mission to a carbon-rich asteroid will return samples to Earth for scientific study.
26 September 2012
Advanced image-processing and machine-learning methods automatically detect fractures, segment hemorrhages, and classify outcomes.
26 September 2012
Selective local removal of thin films by femtosecond lasers, without collateral damage, enables microstructuring for the production of high-efficiency solar cells.
17 September 2012
Craig BarrettThe former chairman of Intel weighs in on the Optics and Photonics report from the National Academies.
10 September 2012
Bottom-up soft matter self-assembly coupled with pulsed laser irradiation directs the growth and organization of single-crystal epitaxial inorganic nanomaterials.
22 June 2011
Dielectric multilayers can shape the emission profile of LEDs for compact collimators and thin, large-area illumination systems.
20 September 2012
Novel radiation detection concepts are generated by doping both conventional and nanoporous scintillators with triplet-harvesting molecules.
18 September 2012
Novel silicon-based, ultra-small devices can split and rotate transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic components.
13 September 2012
Combining microwave measurement and model prediction provides better soil moisture values and profiles.
13 September 2012
Noise radar offers immunity from detection, unintended interference, and hostile jamming, as well as excellent resolution in range and Doppler all thanks to its thumbtack ambiguity function.
11 September 2012
A new type of system can potentially image rare circulating tumor cells with simultaneous non-invasive detection at a flow rate twice that of a human radial artery.
11 September 2012
After more than 20 years of academic research and industrial development, optical coherence tomography has found a new home in the interventional cardiology suite.
6 September 2012
High-frequency radiation generated by nanofocusing packets of energy is opening the door for novel applications involving high-resolution near-field microscopy and lithography.
6 September 2012
When radiation pressure couples photons and phonons, vibrations can be used as a memory for light pulses.
4 September 2012
With low resistance and dramatically reduced short-circuiting, organic light-emitting diode panels uniformly brighten large areas, yielding high production with low power-efficiency loss.
28 August 2012
Multi-aperture, wafer-level optics enables the thinnest possible camera modules using micro-optical fabrication technology.
27 August 2012
To continue Moore's law, we face three technological challenges—performance, precision, and perfection—which all depend on mask-making capabilities like precise sizing and alignment and defect elimination.
24 August 2012
The superior capability of graphene to limit electronic energy from being dissipated within the lattice makes it a fast photon detector with unprecedented sensitivity.
24 August 2012
A real-time mapping technique enables full-color rendering of multi-spectral nighttime images, making them as clear and colorful as daylight ones.
23 August 2012
High-efficiency photovoltaic devices using pulsed laser microtextured silicon surfaces provide an alternative method for efficient light trapping.
23 August 2012
Advances in free-form optics design and fabrication are pointing the way toward realizing lightweight, low-cost augmented reality displays that look and feel as elegant as a pair of sunglasses.
20 August 2012
Gain media have been efficiently integrated into the fabric of nanoplasmonic metamaterials, removing losses and enabling ultrafast light sources at nanoscopic dimensions.
16 August 2012
Low-cost hybrid photovoltaics based on organic conjugated molecules and silicon nanowire arrays with a power conversion efficiency of ∼10% enable high-performance solar cells.
15 August 2012
Combining a distributed aperture with optical up-conversion generates a video-rate, passive millimeter-wave imaging system that provides situational awareness in degraded visual environments.
13 August 2012
Using stimulated Brillouin scattering at chip scale can drastically reduce light pulse speed, opening opportunities for tunable delay and microwave signal processing, and possibly novel photo-phononic devices.
13 August 2012
Combining microfluidic samples and pulse-shaping technology enables fast, quantitative detection of molecules, making an established visualization tool more broadly useful.
10 August 2012
Universal host materials can be used to produce high-performance devices with simplified structures.
10 August 2012
Replacing epoxy with DNA in white LEDs can enhance light output and efficiency, as well as redshifting the emission to render warmer lighting with longer lifetimes.
7 August 2012
Exploiting the conductive properties of polymers to produce spatial patterning—the breath figure technique—produces microscopic mesh electrodes with tailored dimensions and adjustable void diameters.
7 August 2012
Using aerosol processes to synthesize biohybrid, thin-film solar cells can be a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of metal oxide-based photovoltaic devices.
6 August 2012
A new array of submillimeter and millimeter wavelength antennas has begun operating in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, allowing astronomers to study the formation of the first galaxies.
3 August 2012
Noncontact method captures UV-induced fluorescence to digitize clear objects.
30 July 2012
Easily implantable, thin, wireless modules of photovoltaic arrays elicit response from retinal neurons when activated by pulsed near-IR light and allow scaling-up to thousands of pixels.
30 July 2012
The GRACE Follow-on mission will use laser measurements of the distance between a pair of orbiting spacecraft to make gravity maps of Earth.
30 July 2012
Carbon-nanotube-based transistors made using a new deposition technique interact selectively with different gases and thus provide an "electronic fingerprint" for gas detection.
26 July 2012
A monolayer of graphene can be used to control the optical absorption in a silicon-based waveguide, inspiring a new category of optical modulators.
23 July 2012
At no time since the science of optical system development was created in 1885 has the industry been so technologically dynamic.
19 July 2012
A non-solid atomic memory system can store multiple images simultaneously and release them on demand using a technique called gradient echo memory.
19 July 2012
Efficiency and durability are improved when DNA-CTMA complexes are introduced as protective binding agents for the dye molecules.
17 July 2012
A new molecular template permits nano-engineering of soft matter materials to optimize optical and optoelectronic properties.
17 July 2012
Aperiodic arrays of nanoparticles provide novel opportunities to manipulate and enhance light-matter interaction.
16 July 2012
Interferometric phase microscopy measures transparent biological samples without labeling or physical contact with the sample, yielding a powerful and unique tool for research and medical diagnosis.
13 July 2012
High-performance, multi-channel systems can be deployed cost-effectively on small, unmanned aircraft for marine mammal surveys, search and rescue, border patrol, and littoral reconnaissance operations.
12 July 2012
Extreme-nonlinear optics convert near-IR laser light into extreme-UV light, enabling high-precision spectroscopy in this unexplored region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
10 July 2012
An experiment to study an exotic atom with infrared spectroscopy will measure a fundamental parameter related to the spatial dimensions of a proton.
9 July 2012
Combining a quantum dot dispensing technology and UV-reflecting mirror enables wafer-scale full-color light sources for displays.
6 July 2012
In a historic decision, FIFA has approved goal-line technology.
6 July 2012
From Antarctic observatories to the JWST, SPIE Astronomical Telescopes highlighted all aspects of instrumentation, led by these plenary presentations.
5 July 2012
Electrical and magnetic properties of soils show a correlation with performance of sensors used for landmine clearance operations.
2 July 2012
Germanium, the key enabling material for high-speed photonic links, can be fully integrated into a silicon CMOS process.
28 June 2012
A leap second to be implemented on 30 June 2012 is an opportunity to gather information about a proposal to disconnect Coordinated Universal Time from Earth rotation.
26 June 2012

Whether you call it football or soccer, whether the ball crossed the goal line is critical to get right. FIFA will decide soon how to deal with controversial goal decisions.

21 June 2012
Three-dimensional models of the face or ear lead to improved performance in personal identification and verification.
20 June 2012
Multiphoton endoscopes show potential as clinical instruments capable of real-time diagnostics and as replacements for surgical biopsies.
20 June 2012
Tools developed to visualize snow microstructure and investigate processes leading to snowslides reveal the microscopic coarsening mechanisms that degrade the quality of frozen desserts.
20 June 2012
Introducing quantum degrees of freedom opens new ways to control light-matter interaction in artificial structures.
19 June 2012
Novel combinations of zinc oxide and gallium nitride offer enhanced efficiency, lifetime, and spectral coverage for next-generation optoelectronic devices.
15 June 2012
A hybrid vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with bottom epitaxial and top dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors can lead to novel applications.
14 June 2012
A new robust nanoimprint method has demonstrated improved device performance by economical application of sub-micron patterns over large areas.
11 June 2012
Using fluorescent samarium-doped borate glasses to cover cadmium telluride solar cells boosts efficiency in the UV.
11 June 2012
Recent developments in retinal image analysis enable the possibility of advanced computerized medical systems.
8 June 2012
Using high germanium content compounds is a promising approach to obtain efficient, high-speed modulation.
8 June 2012
New imaging software can optimize both pupilgrams and conventional imaging parameters to get optimal lithography performance.
6 June 2012
Interference lithography and nanoimprint processes can be used to manufacture photonic structures for solar cells in an industrially feasible process chain.
4 June 2012
Attaching plasmonic nanoparticles to the surface of an optical biosensor can enhance its sensitivity by several orders of magnitude and might enable real-time detection of single-molecule binding events.
1 June 2012
High-performance computer-based light-harvesting simulations suggest new ways of optimizing thin-film photovoltaics.
1 June 2012
Laboratory testing has determined which of several external occulter configurations is best for reducing stray light in a novel space-borne solar coronagraph.
30 May 2012
Cheaper photovoltaic conversion of sunlight requires more efficient solar cells based on ultra-thin semiconductor layers, which in turn depend on nanoscale architectures.
25 May 2012