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All Business News - Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Recently posted business news on optics.org:

AIM Photonics partners land NSF grants
$1.2M for three affiliated groups, including a San Diego effort to produce chip-level Fourier transform spectrometers.
16 August 2018
NASA awards UbiQD contract to develop ‘greenhouse film’ for space
Quantum dot-based materials can boost crop yields; early testing with tomatoes in US achieved up to 30% improvement.
15 August 2018
Gooch & Housego acquires medical device firm ITL in £22M deal
Maker of photonics devices and subsystems takes a step up the value chain and further diversifies.
14 August 2018
Stimulated Raman scattering reveals metabolic dynamics in living cells
Columbia University platform using heavy water as tracer could aid effective removal of tumors
14 August 2018
Modulated Imaging receives FDA clearance for Clarifi system
Imaging platform uses structured light to assess tissue oxygenation
8 August 2018
Deisseroth lands Leibinger prize for optogenetics work
Pioneering Stanford University researcher will receive prestigious Zukunftspreis at awards ceremony next month.
6 August 2018
Infrared spectroscopy to tackle blocked coronary arteries
Hybrid ultrasonic-photonic mapping catheter system is now available in Japanese hospitals.
2 August 2018
Metrohm snaps up B&W Tek
Gradual integration of US-headquartered spectroscopy business will see B&W Tek brand retained in the near term.
1 August 2018
Coherent expecting sales to dip in 2019
But the laser company remains confident of a major long-term opportunity in organic LED display production, once competitors to Samsung have refined their manufacturing processes.
1 August 2018
imec developing ultra-small on-chip microscopy platform
Grant from the ERC will support project combining CMOS imager technology and integrated photonics.
31 July 2018