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All Business News - Nanotechnology

Recently posted business news on optics.org:

Plenoptic camera reveals detailed structure of human iris
University of Michigan project offers route to identifying tumor precursors.
20 September 2017
Augmedics raises $8.3M for surgical visualization development
'Smart augmented reality optics' from Israeli startup tipped to disrupt minimally invasive surgery.
19 September 2017
SPIE leaders join Imperial College's optics centenary celebration
Imperial launched its groundbreaking courses into the science of light just a year after Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity was published.
14 September 2017
DeLIVER project aims for high-resolution study of liver tissues
Bielefeld University and partners will develop methods to study how liver cells change over time.
12 September 2017
University of Bonn probes human retina behavior
Adaptive optics helps reveal how color signals are conveyed on a cellular level.
12 September 2017
Ballistic photons reveal endoscope location during surgery
Edinburgh project could help doctors follow progress of probes within the human body.
5 September 2017
ESO’s observatory to host new ‘planet hunter’
Near Infra Red Planet Searcher to be installed on the 3.6m telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile.
5 September 2017
BabyLux monitors cerebral blood flow in newborn infants
Results from European consortium could reduce the risk of brain lesions in preterm babies.
4 September 2017
Orion visual prosthesis to be used in human trials
FDA approval for Second Sight system will allow testing of its ability to assist blind individuals.
30 August 2017
Leica gets FDA clearance for brain blood flow imager
Combination of fluorescein and microscope filter should help neurosurgeons see smaller blood vessels more clearly.
30 August 2017