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Market Intelligence

SPIE is the definitive global resource for the photonics industry. Find the information you need to be succesful at every stage, from your first job to CEO.

Market Data: Size of the Industry
Watch Market Update Presentation
Watch the slides presented by Stephen Anderson at Photonics West 2018. New data is available (includes enabled markets), email innovation@spie.org for a PDF.
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Salary Survey
Salary Survey
The report builds on data provided by nearly 10,000 individuals in 103 countries who shared career information in an online survey.
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Market Data: Methodology
Size of Market: Report Methodology
The biennial report is based on research carried out at SPIE over several years by a team of industry experts. Download the methodology used to compile this data.
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Public Policy
Public Policy Updates
Become informed about public policy issues in the science community, get involved in the legislative process and help shape U.S. technology policy.
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