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Science Fairs | Supporting local, state and international science and engineering fairs

California Science and Engineering Fair

Los Angeles, California (24 April 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Muhammad Al Qaisi, Pamela Blake, Janaka Ranasinghesagara, Chee Wei Wong

Senior Division


Juwon Lee (First Place)
University High School
Project: Reflectance Spectrosopy Investigation of Calthrate Hydrates


Grady Morrissey (Second Place)
Flintridge Preparatory School
Project: Building a Bench-Mounted Fiber Spectrograph


Guadalupe Bernal (Third Place)
Folsom High School
Project: Deep Learning Based Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Mobile Robots in Pedestrian Environments

Junior Division

Sina S. Kassayan (First Place)
La Entrada Middle School
Project: Light Bite: An Optical Measurement Method and Device to Determine the Ripeness of Fruits


Saurav S. Gandhi (Second Place)
Juan Cabrillo Middle School
Project: Eye Track: An Indoor Navigation System for the Visually Impaired


John Benedict A. Estrada (Third Place)
Granite Ridge Intermediate School
Project: Comparison of Plant Chlorophyll Measurement Utilizing Ground SPAD Meter vs. a Low Altitude Multispectral Camera

Minnesota Science and Engineering Fair

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota (9 April 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Hari Atkuri, Ed Vogel, Timothy Wong

Senior Division

Leonardo Clarke (First Place)
Minnetonka High School
Project: The Relationship Between the Primary Pulsation Period and the Blazhko Effect in RR Lyrae Variables


Nathan Tank, Dylan Vincent (Second Place)
Breck School
Project: Cellophane to Sensor: Designing a Low-Cost Method for the Detection and Characterization of Oil in Water


Henry Slater (Third Place)
Cloquet High School
Project: Coring through time: The Stories stored in Big Lake Sediment on the Fond Du Lac Reservation

Junior Division


Thomas Murphy (First Place)
Lincoln School
Project: The Thermochromic Roof - A New Way for Homeowners to Conserve Energy

Elianan Sileshe (Second Place)

Quentin and Vaughn Huges (Third Place)
Team Project: Vertical vs. Conventional Farming using Refractometer Analysis

Alabama Science and Engineering Fair

Huntsville, Alabama (6 April 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: H. Philip Stahl, Thomas Cantey


Sophie Guo (First Place)
James Clemens High School
Project: Ultra-Sensitive Cardiac Biomarker Detection Using Gold Nanocavity Localized Plasmon Resonance for Early Diagnosis of Myocardial Infection

Mary Alice Strong (Second Place)
McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
Project: Kepler-Keck, Double-Check: Confirming Kepler Exoplanet Candidates Using Keck Radial Velocity Data

Aniket Pant (Third Place)
Jefferson County International Baccalaureate High School
Project: Optical Studies of Nanostructures for Biosensing Applications


John Dennis (Honorable Mention)
Wetumpka High School
Project: A Novel Robotic Fire Extinguishing Device Utilizing Machine Vision for Flame Detection

Jayden Vanterpool (Honorable Mention)
Oakwood Adventist Academy
Project: Can Nanoparticles Prevent Staphylococcus aureus-induced Apoptosis in Endothelial Cells?

Colorado Science and Engineering Fair

Fort Collins, Colorado (5 April 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Kirk Cook, Damon Lenski, William Nau, Robert Philbrick

Senior Division


Sarah Tang (First Place)
Fairview High School
Project: Measuring Exoplanetary Radii using Transit Photometry


Molly Nehring (Second Place)
Vista High School
Project: Far Out! Analyzing NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Data Using the Transit-Timing Variation Method to Discover Additional Exoplanets in Planetary Systems


Kevin Yang (Third Place)
Fairview High School
Project: Design of a Novel Energy Saving Radiative Bilayer Paint for Space Cooling

Junior Division

Zachary Isley (First Place)
Turner Middle School
Project:Quantum Entanglement of Photons via Spontaneous Parametric Down Converstion in a KDP Crystal


Nikhila Narayana (Second Place)
Rocky Heights Middle School
Project: Let It Shine: Altering the Wavelength of Bioluminescent Light to Power a Photovoltaic Cell

Trista Barnett (Third Place)
Dove Creek Middle School
Project: Now you see me, Now you Don’t

Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair

Honolulu, Hawaii (29 March 2018)

Samuel Cadotte (First Place)
Kalaheo High School
Project: Using SONAR, LIDAR and Computer Vision to Assist the Visually-Impaired


Gabriel Low (Second Place)
Walakea High School
Project: Hyperspectral Imagery as a Method of Early Detection for Rapid Ohia Death

Elijah Mossman (Third Place)

North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair

Raleigh, North Carolina (24 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: William Brown, Gandhimathi Muthuselvam, Russell Philbrick, Peter Sotory

Senior Division


Alexander Stewart (First Place)
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Project: Noise Monitoring for the MAJORANA Demonstrator


Alaina Pulley, Kellen Tucker (Second Place)
Warren New Tech High School
Project: The Effects of a Surfactant on the Power Production of Solar Panels


Carson Campbell (Third Place)
South Iredell High School
Project: What Variables Affect Solar Panel Output

Junior Division


Dante Watson (First Place)
Central Middle School
Project: The Eye of the Radar


Aditya Pillutla (Second Place)
Fred Carnage GT/AIG Magnet Middle School
Project: The Reality of Radiofrequency Radiation


Solomon Hartman (Third Place)
The Learning Community
Project: Waves of Space

Washington State Science and Engineering Fair

Bremerton, Washington (24 March 2018)

Ajay Harilal (First Place)
Hanford High School
Project: A Novel Way to Detect Milk Adulteration using a Laser-Based Method

V. Nowka-Keane, Ethan Pyke, Eugene Seubert (Second Place)
Mountlake Terrace High School
Team Project: Innovative Algorithms and Device to Detect and Measure Peripheral Veins to Guide an Intravenous (IV) Catheter


Elizabeth Ruldo (Third Place)
Sunnyside High School
Project: Enhancement of Respiratory Masks using Plant Mediated and Nanopartical Compounds

Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (22 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judge: Marjan Razani

Mani Nabovati (First Place)
Alexander’s Public School
Project: The Eco Bird Saver (EBS)


Kevin Sos-Mediros (Second Place)
St. Luke Catholic Elementary School
Project: Nikola Tesla (Tesla Coil)


Anastasia Anastasakis (Third Place)
St. Mary Elementary School
Project: Shine with Solar Energy

North Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Huntsville, Alabama (21 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: H. Philip Stahl, Thomas Cantey


Sophie Guo (Third Place)
James Clemens High School
Project: Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker Detection using Gold Nanocavity Localized Plasmon Resonance for Rapid Diagnosis

Jayden Vanterpool (Second Place)
Oakwood Aventist Academy
Project: Can Nanoparticles Present Stophylo9coccus Aureus Induced Apoptosis in Endothelic Cells

Alexa Koske (Third Place)
St. John Paul II Catholic High Shool
Project: Impact of Light Starvation on Nanochloropsis Growth

South Central South Dakota Science and Engineering Fair

Mitchell, South Dakota (March 2018)


Natalie Ketchum (First Place)
Tripp-Delmont High School
Project: What Can You See?

Synopsis Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair

Pleasanton, California (17 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Daniel Bristol Thorn, Wenbin Jiang, Jian Yin

Senior Division


Sanjeev P. Thurgam (First Place)
Dublin High School
Project: Investigating the Correlation Between Saliva and Blood Glucose Levels to Create a Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Glucose Levels through Colorimetric Analysis to Aid Diabetic Patients


Edward Yang (Second Place)
American High School
Project: An Innovative Approach to Addressing the Needs of the Visually Impaired

Pranshu Chaturvedi (Third Place)
Mission San Jose High School
Project: A Novel Machine Learning Approach using Photoplethysmography and Infrared Spectroscopy to NonInvasivly Analyze Blood Glucose Levels

Junior Division

Rohan Karunaratne (Third Place)
Stratford School
Project: A Real Time Tactile Image Generator for the blind and Visually Impaired


Sasha Masson (First Place)
Challenger School
Team Project: Solar Spectrum

Sidharth Anand (Third Place)

Badger State Science and Engineering Fair

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (17 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Michael Pinkert, Sofia Romero Ferrufino, Peyton Uhl

Nabeel Quryshi (First Place)
University School of Milwaukee
Project: Role of Telomerase in Vascular Function and Exploration of Mitochondrial Dynamics: A Novel Approach to Treatment of Vascular Dysfunction


Riyana Chawla and Ishan Raikar (Second Place)
Waukesha West High School and Brookfield Central High School
Team Project: Materials that Protect Solar Cells While Maintaining Cell Productivity

Jacob Calvino and Clovens Herrera (Third Place)
Team Project: A Device to Minimize Bat Mortality from Wind Turbine Collision

IJAS Region 9 South Suburban Student Science Fair

Aroura, Illinois (17 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judge: George Magerl


Zoe McKillip (First Place)
Bednarcik School
Project: Starlight on the Spectrum


Reesa Espera (Second Place)
Clifford Crone Middle School
Project: Effect of Color of Food Dye on Wavelength of Physics Maximum Absorbance

Western Reserve District 5 Science Day

Akron, Ohio (17 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Julie Vanegas and Qi-Huo Wei

Senior Division


Parker Ernst (First Place)
University School
Project: Protection of Retinal Cells from Light-Induced Apoptosis

Robert Sunderhaft (Second Place)
Kenston High School
Project: Smart Mirror

Tingzhang Li (Third Place)
St. Vincent-St. Mary High School
Project: Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSI) of a Small Molecule Drug Distribution in 3D Printed Polymer Scaffolds

Junior Division


Nathan Jones (First Place)
National Inventors Hall of Fame School
Project: What Places in our Solar System are most Suitable for extraterrestrial Life?


Adam Khan (Second Place)
Stanton Middle School
Project: The Interaction of the Electric Field and Liquid Crystals

Mehul Lakhanpal (Third Place)
Incarnate Word Academy
Project: Does the Angle of a Solar Panel Affect Battery Charge

Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair

Chicago, Illinois (16 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judge: George Magerl


Victoria Gasienica (First Place)
Dever School
Project: Heliotracker


Sofia Rodriguez (Second Place)
Addams School
Project: Measuring Sugar Content with a Laser Pointer


Anna Szwajnos (Third Place)
Dever School
Project: Ready, Set, Grow

Orange County Science and Engineering Fair

Costa Mesa, California, 14 March 2018

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Tommaso Baldacchini, Arjun Karroy, Anna Wang

Senior Division


Ofir Dvir (First Place)
Woodbridge High School
Project: The Effect of the Type of Fabric and its Color on the Transmission and Reflection Rates of UVA Rays


Kelly Pham (Second Place)
Villa Park High School
Project: Cool Colors: The Effect of Color on Emission of Infrared Photons

Juwon Lee (Third Place)
University High School
Project: Ultraviolet - Visible Reflectance Spectroscopy Investigations of Bromine Clathrate Hydrates Formed from Deuterated Water

Junior Division


Leslie Diamant (First Place)
Southlake Middle School
Project: Effectiveness of Radiant Barriers on Home Cooling

Jordan Simon (Second Place)
Fairmont Private Schools
Project: The Race of Light

Zakaria Obeid (Third Place)
Minaret Academy
Project: Make it Glow

Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair

Cleveland, Ohio, 13 March 2018

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Rafat Ansari and Terry Schubert


Kaz Kojima (First Place)
Broadway Creek Homeschool Academy
Project: Pupillography Image Analysis for Measuring Pupillary Light Reflex


Gal Pinhasi (Second Place)
Beachwood High School
Project: Vision Bot


Deztany Clay (Third Place)
Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School and Case Western
Project: Optical Viewing

IJAS Region 6 North Suburban Student Science Fair

Skokie, Illinois (10 March 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judge: George Magerl


Afzal Muhammad (First Place)
Niles West High School
Project: Optimizing Solar Cell Performance with a Diffracting Prismatic Lens


Melissa Castro (Second Place)
Christian Liberty Academy
Project: Red Hot

14th Annual Southwest Ohio Science and Engineering Expo

Cincinnati, Ohio, 10 March 2018

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Bob Trusty and Frank Fago

Laalitya Acharya (First Place)
Project: A Novel Approach to Generate Energy from a Multitude of Sources: Piezoelectric, Low Flow HydroPower and Photovoltaic Cells


Arvind Prasad (Second Place)
Sycamore High School
Project: Novel Design to Determine Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for Natural Products


Lauren Trusock (Third Place)
Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School
Project: Sun-Sational Protection Against Skin Cancer

Seminole County Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Sanford, Florida (3 February 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judges: Gerald Holst and Carl King


Rubina Torzaddeh (First Place)
Tuskawilla Middle School
Project: Spectacular Spectrum!


Timothy Sheehan (Second Place)
Crooms Academy of Information Technology
Project: How do Transparent Materials Affect the Speed of Light Waves


Gabriella Conde (Third Place)
Lawton Chiles Middle School
Project: How is the bioluminescence of marine dinoflagellates
affected by changes in the light/dark cycle?

Akron Science, Mathematics and Technology Expo

Akron, Ohio (27 January 2018)

SPIE Volunteer Judge: Julie Vanega

Paul Nemer (First Place)
Firestone Community Learning Center
Project: The Significance of Anti-Phospholipase Antibodies in a Patient with Membranous Nephropathy


Luke Morber (Second Place)
Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts
Project: Plant Power


Brenae Greer (Third Place)
National Inventors Hall of Fame Middle School
Project: pH Imbalance

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Los Angeles, California (14-19 May 2017)

SPIE Member Volunteers: John Tamkin (Lead), Bartosz Bornik, Pramod Butte, Pangyu Ten


Nicky Wojtania (First Place)
Plano West Senior High School (United States)
Project: Cellulose Nanocrystals for Security Applications:
Embedding Non-Optical Signatures Provided by Nanoparticles into Cellular Nano

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