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A Day without Photonics: A Horror Story

Where would you be without your smart phone? Video games? Music downloads? The internet? This fun video shows the nightmare that might be. See how photonics makes our modern world possible.

Video Length: 8:29 minutes                                                                                            Audience Age: All ages

To request a free copy of this video on DVD, plus the two described below and multiple other outreach videos, email pascale@spie.org.

Light in Action: Lasers, Cameras & Other Cool Stuff

This new SPIE video, Light in Action: Lasers, Cameras & Other Cool Stuff, features kids showing kids aged 9-11 that science can be fun and exciting and that advancements with light are all around them.

Upbeat music and fast-paced video spark kids attention, while interactive experiments and simple animations help communicate basic principles about light - Light travels in a straight line (Pinhole Camera), Light can be bounced and bent (Kaleidoscope), Light is made up of many colors (Bubbles). The 14-minute DVD is divided into three segments and free to educators and others interested in introducing young people to optics.

View on YouTube:
Light in Action - Pinhole Camera Experiment, Part 1 of 3 - PDF
Light in Action - Kaleidoscope Experiment, Part 2 of 3 - PDF
Light in Action - Bubble Experiment, Part 3 of 3 - PDF

Produced by SPIE and Black Dog Productions c. 2009
Financial support provided by IEEE Photonics Society.
DVD Length: 14min.
Audience Age: 9-11

To request a free copy email pascale@spie.org.

Optics: Light at Work

SPIE wants kids to get excited about optics. We'd like to increase the number and diversity of students that choose to take advanced science and mathematics courses, and we'd like these young people to pursue a career in science and engineering.

This video provides kids with real world applications of optics technology - remote controls, cell phones, bar code scanners, and computers - things they use in their daily lives, as well as, examples of "cool" new technology such as nanomedicine, space telescopes, invisibility, and solar energy.

The emphasis is on asking questions, exhibiting curiosity, being challenged by problem-solving, having ideas, doing what you love, and the sheer fun of creating things that people need. We stress how engineering and science jobs align with the career motivators such as enjoyable, good working environment, making a difference, income, and flexibility. The youthful background music, fast-paced imagery, and a smart young presenter work to keep students focused and interested throughout the film. A wide variety of scientists of many cultural backgrounds, races, genders, and nationalities provides inspiration to all.

Produced by SPIE and Black Dog Productions c. 2007
Financial support provided by OSA.
DVD Length: 15 min.
Audience Age: 12-13

To request a free copy email pascale@spie.org.