The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
27 January - 1 February 2018
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AR, VR, MR One-Day Industry Conference and Demo

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Monday 29 January 2018, 9 am to 5 pm
This daylong industry conference consists of 18 invited talks, a panel on the current optical technological challenges and successes for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), and hands-on demos.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm - Presentations from 18 invited speakers
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm - Panel Session and Reception
9:00 and to 5:30 pm - Hands-on headset demonstrations

"This poses to be the largest single day event in AR/VR hardware planned for 2018.” - Bernard Kress, Microsoftt HoloLens

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18 talks from leaders in the industry

Morning session: The coming of age for VR headsets: hardware challenges
"VR / AR is dead, long live MR!" Well, maybe not yet, but soon. Virtual Reality (VR), born as a tool for gaming, enables people to immerse into a synthetically created environment. Augmented Reality (AR), augments the natural world with virtual objects. Mixed Reality (MR) can be described as a seamless experience ranging from VR to AR. Addressing key hardware challenges (especially optical), visual & wearable comfort, and immersion are key to consumer mass adoption of any of these technologies.

9:00 am Opening: Introduction to hardware challenges in VR / AR
Bernard Kress, Conference Chair and Partner Optical Architect at Microsoft HoloLens

9:20 am Historial introduction to VR
Ronald Azuma, Advanced Development, Research, and Project/Team Leadership in New Media, Intel

9:40 am VR at HTC
Vinay Narayan, Executive Director, VR @HTC VIVE, Tech Strategist and Advisor

10:00 am VR at Google
Jerry Carollo, Optical Architect at Google

10:20 am  VR at Oculus
Doug Lanman, Director of Computational Imaging at Oculus Research

10:40 am VR at Huawei
Tish Shute, Director AR/VR/MR, Corporate Technology Strategy, Huawei USA

11:00 am Infrared mirrors for eye-tracking application
Timothy L. Wong, Electronics Materials Solutions Division, 3M

11:20 am Optical sensors for AR and VR
Chang Hee Kim, Sr. Director, Head of Business Development of uSens

11:40 am Designing and specifying digital cameras
Leo Baldwin, Amazon, Functional Photonics

12:00 to 1:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon sessions: Visual comfort for immersive see through displays (AR and MR)

1:00 pm Smart glasses and AR headsets
John Haddick, CTO at Osterhout Group (ODG)

1:20 pm Mixed reality headsets and gesture sensing
Kari Pulli, CTO at Meta Vision

1:40 pm Monocular waveguide combiners for AR
Jonathan Waldern, Founder, Chairman & CTO at DigiLens

2:00 pm Optimizing Head-mounted light field displays for quality and comfort
Hong Hua, Professor at University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences

2:20 pm 3D vision cues challenges for AR and VR
Marty Banks, Professor of Vision Science at UC Berkeley

2:40 pm Light field displays for head-mounted displays (HMDs)
Gordon Wetzstein, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University

3:00 pm Light field displays for flat panels
David Fattal, Founder & CEO at LEIA

3:20 pm Light field AR headset
Ed Tang, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Avegant

3:40 pm AR hardware for power grid management
Micah Tinklepaugh, Engineer, AR and AI at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Panel Session and Reception

4:00 to 5:30 pm Panel Session

Listen and interact with some of the biggest names in VR, AR, and MR. Panelists include pioneers in VR, smart glasses, cryptography and more. Grab a beverage, prepare questions, and be part of this interactive panel discussion.


Bernard Kress, Microsoft Hololens and Leo Baldwin, Amazon


Jaron Lanier, a pioneer in the field of virtual reality, as well as a computer philosophy writer, computer scientist, visual artist, and composer of classical music.

Ronald Azuma, a pioneer and innovator in augmented reality—HRL Labs, Nokia, Intel, and more.

Thad Starner, Early smart glasses pioneer. Founder and director of the Contextual Computing Group at Georgia Tech's College of Computing.

Mark Bolas, a VR pioneer that helped jumpstart the technology. Now at Microsoft working on the "vision strategy" for Microsoft's Mixed Reality platform

Marty Banks,Vision specialist for head-mounted displays, studying the effects emerging technology, screens, and virtual reality headsets have on our eyes.

David Chaum, AR hardware developer, recognized as the inventor of digital cash and other fundamental innovations in cryptography, including privacy technology and secure election systems

Chair, Speaker, Panel Moderator

Bernard Kress, Partner Optical Architect at Microsoft / Hololens

Bernard Kress
Partner Optical Architect at Microsoft / Hololens

Speakers and Panelists

Ronald Azuma

Ronald Azuma

Leo Baldwin

Leo Baldwin

Marty Banks

Marty Banks
UC Berkeley

Jerry Carollo

Jerry Carollo

David Chaum

David Chaum

David Fattal

David Fattal

John Haddick

John Haddick

Hong Hua

Hong Hua
University of Arizona

Doug Lanman

Doug Lanman

Vinay Narayan

Vinay Narayan

Chris Pickett

Chris Pickett

Kari Pulli

Kari Pulli

Tish Shute

Tish Shute

Jonathan Waldern

Jonathan Waldern

Gordon Wetzstein

Gordon Wetzstein

Timothy L. Wong

Tim Wong

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