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22 - 26 April 2018
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European Village

Photonics Innovation Village at Photonics Europe

European Village at SPIE Photonics Europe—meet network representatives and discover more about links between groups across Europe in the field of optics and photonics.

2018 information coming soon.

Review the 2016 participants

LIGHT2015 is a European project funded through the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Commission. It aims to promote the importance of photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public in all Member States of the EU during the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015).

LIGHT2015 activities include LIGHTtalks, a series of inspirational events, which are taking place throughout Europe for the whole duration of the project in order to bring photonics closer to students, entrepreneurs and members of the industry. Another highlight of LIGHT2015 is the iSPEX-EU campaign where thousands of European citizens carried out optical measurements of the sky using smartphones to yield information related to air pollution. In addition, to aid teachers and to inspire student, Photonics kits are distributed to schools around Europe together with teacher training to support the scientific education at secondary schools.

OASIS Project
OASIS is a 30-month EU project started 2 years ago as a consortium of 9 photonics clusters from 7 countries gathering 70% of the former investments (FP7) in Life Sciences infrastructures.

It aims to improve the collaboration framework between Life Sciences research facilities, SMEs working on Biophotonics as well as hospitals and industry to develop and validate new products. An online database (www.fp7-oasis.eu) of European SMEs, facilities and end users (Healthcare, Agri-food) and a set of services to match the offer and the need are available in the framework of the OASIS project.

NFFA•EUROPE is a EU project offering access to cutting edge instrumentation on growth, nano-lithography, nano-characterization, theory and simulation and fine-analysis with Synchrotron, FEL and Neutron radiation sources to develop frontier research and to enable European and international researchers from diverse disciplines to carry out advanced experiments impacting science and innovation. Access is offered free of charge to European users including a financial contribution for their travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

The TRIPOD ITN has a focus on maturing and commercialising polymer optical fibre (POF) sensing technology.As part of the European Village, we propose to demonstrate significant portions of our work related to the fabrication of POF by displaying information and samples of polymerisation, preform fabrication, fibre inscription technologies etc. We will also demonstrate our work applying the technology in areas such as opto-acoustic endoscopy, strain and temperature sensing, including embedded sensors in 3D printed structures, proof-ofconcept structures for endoscopic probes and other diverse applications. A working sensing system will be on display. .

Rules and conditions

The village will include one panel for displays and explanations, a table, and chairs.  Please ensure that you take out insurance coverage for your products as appropriate. Your group will receive one complimentary technical pass to the Photonics Europe Conference.

Who can apply
Anyone running a project / network or other activity resulting from Framework Programme 7 or Horizon 2020.

What you need to submit
Please complete the application form and send to info@spieeurope.org, with a subject line of "European Village 2016". If successful, we will also require your logo for publication online and in print.

Important Author Dates

Abstract Due Date
23 October 2017

Author Notification
31 January 2018

Post-Meeting Manuscripts
26 March 2018

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