Educators and Teaching Tools | Introducing Optics and Photonics into the Classroom

The leaders of tomorrow are sitting in classrooms today. From a lab in Arizona to a small school in Karachi, there are young minds being shaped and inspired to think of solutions to problems we haven't even encountered yet.  To help ensure these students have access to quality information and to encourage a better understanding of the exciting fields of optics and photonics, SPIE provides educational resources to interested instructors.

 The SPIE Laser Roadshow
SPIE annually supports Prismatic Magic Laser Programs as they travel the country visiting middle schools and sharing the wonder and opportunities in optics and photonics.

 Free Posters
SPIE distributes a number of educational posters free of charge to increase awareness of optics and photonics.

 Free Educational CDs, DVDs, and Videos
Available free of charge, these optics and photonics products educate and inspire the next generation of researchers.

 Women in Optics Planners
These yearly planners feature stories and pictures from SPIE Members making a difference through their work and contributing to the field of optics.

 Education and Training in Optics and Photonics (ETOP)
ETOP is a biennial conference that brings together educators from around the world.

 Hands on Optics (HOO)
HOO has provided more than 100 teachers and volunteers across the globe with hands-on activity modules. HOO is a joint SPIE, OSA, and NOAO program with funding from NSF.

 Science Fairs
SPIE supports local, state, and international science and engineering fairs by providing judges and prizes.