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SPIE International Day of Light Resources

SPIE IDL Resources

The International Day of Light is a global initiative highlighting to the citizens of the world the importance of light and light-based technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society. SPIE encourages communities to plan their own annual celebration on 16 May and provides various resources to help create an event.


   •  Update your social media platforms with SPIE IDL Social Media Graphics featuring our SPIE IDL
      Photo Contest participants. SPIE has created Facebook cover photos, LinkedIn banners, and
      Twitter header photos as well as profile pics featuring the IDL logo.

   •  Demonstrate the science of light with lessons included in our SPIE IDL Outreach Activities. And use
      these free Light & Radiation simulations provided by the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the
      University of Colorado Boulder.

      With the help of our SPIE Student Chapters and other volunteers, lesson plans have been translated
      into other languages. Updated offerings will be posted in the future as we receive more translations:

        • French Lesson Plan Worksheets

        • Simplified Chinese Lesson Plan Worksheets

        • Spanish Lesson Plan Worksheets

        • Diffraction Glasses Lesson in Hindi

        • Magic Water Lesson in Armenian

        • Magic Water Lesson in Italian

        • Magic Water Lesson in Russian

   •  Explain the International Day of Light with the SPIE IDL PowerPoint presentation, Fact Sheet, or
      Press Release.

   •  Distribute SPIE IDL Bookmarks featuring images from the SPIE IDL Photo Contest.

   •  Hang SPIE IDL Banners. Available as well in Spanish.

   •  Print the SPIE IDL Poster (available in Spanish as well). Or print these four-poster series, one that
      answers What Is Light and one that shows how light addresses the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

   •  Put the IDL Logo, designed by SPIE and available in 33 languages, on your communications.

   •  Show the SPIE International Day of Light promotional video:

Inspire other communities to celebrate the International Day of Light by sharing your event and activities on social media. Tag your posts #IDL2018.

Visit the International Day of Light website for national activities and contacts around the world.

Have questions? Need more information? Email us at IDLinfo@spie.org.