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Selected Papers on Optical Microlithography
Editor(s): Harry L. Stover
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Date Published: 1 November 1992
Pages: 694
Volume: MS55

Table of Contents
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Section One
Compatible Infrastructure of Optical Lithography
3 Deep UV lithography B.J. Lin (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology 1975)
7 New deep ultraviolet source for microlithography M.G. Ury, J.C. Matthews, C.H. Wood (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
13 High resolution, steep profile resist patterns J.M. Moran, D. Maydan (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology 1979)
18 Portable conformable mask--a hybrid near-ultraviolet and deep-ultraviolet patterning technique B.J. Lin (in Developments in Semiconductor Microlithography IV 1979)
25 A two layer photoresist process in a production environment K. Bartlett, G. Hillis, M. Chen, R. Trutna, M. Watts (in Optical Microlithography II: Technology for the 1980s 1983)
32 Contrast enhancement--a route to submicron optical lithography P.R. West, B.F. Griffing (in Optical Microlithography II: Technology for the 1980s 1983)
38 Pellicle protection of integrated circuit (IC) masks R. Hershel (in Semiconductor Microlithography VI 1981)
44 PROLITH: a comprehensive optical lithography model C.A. Mack (in Optical Microlithography IV 1985)
58 An electrical alignment test device and its use in investigating processing parameters D.H. Leebrick, D.W. Kisker (Kodak Interface 1977)
73 A four-point electrical measurement technique for characterizing mask superposition errors on semiconductor wafers D.S. Perloff (IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 1978)
82 Partially coherent imaging in two dimensions and the theoretical limits of projection printing in microfabrication B.J. Lin (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1980)
90 Optical MTF evaluation techniques for microelectronic printers M.C. King, M.R. Goldrick (Solid State Technology 1977)
96 Optical projection printing J.D. Cuthbert (Solid State Technology 1977)
107 Optical imaging with phase shift masks M.D. Prouty, A.R. Neureuther (in Optical Microlithography III: Technology for the Next Decade 1984)
112 0.3-micron optical lithography using a phase-shifting mask T. Terasawa, N. Hasegawa, T. Kurosaki, T. Tanaka (in Optical/Laser Microlithography II 1989)
121 An X-Y measurment system P.H. Coffey (in Interface 1978)
132 Intradie (field) pattern distortions in reduction step-and- repeat S.K. Dunbrack, J.C. Langston (in Interface 1983)
137 Automated equipment for 100% inspection of photomasks K. Levy (Solid State Technology 1978)
Section Two
Scanning Projection Systems and Characterizations
147 New concepts in projection mask aligners A. Offner (Optical Engineering 1975)
150 A new projection printer D.A. Markle (Solid State Technology 1974)
154 Pattern recognition automatic fine alignment D.H. Berry (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
161 Variable magnification in a 1:1 projection lithography system J.J. Greed, Jr., D.A. Markle (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
168 Registration accuracy in several versions of a scanning 1:1 optical projection system R. Vervoordeldonk, P. Willemse, R. Kramer (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
175 Overlay performance of the Perkin-Elmer Model 500 C.P. Ausschnitt, T.A. Brunner, D.J. Cronin (in Optical Microlithography II: Technology for the 1980s 1983)
183 Deep ultraviolet high resolution lithography A.W. McCullough, H. Sewell (in Optical Microlithography II: Technology for the 1980s 1983)
190 Laser scanning autoalignment in projection system A. Suzuki (in Semiconductor Microlithography VI 1981)
197 A new VLSI printer T.W. Novak (in Developments in Semiconductor Microlithography III 1978)
204 Step and scan: a systems overview of a new lithography tool J.D. Buckley, C. Karatzas (in Optical/Laser Microlithography II 1989)
213 0.10-micron overlay for DRAM production using Step and Scan H. Sewell, S. Smith, D. Galburt (in Optical/Laser Microlithography III 1990)
224 Deep ultraviolet lithography for 500-nm devices S. Holmes, R. Levy, A. Bergendahl, K. Holland, J. Maltabes, S. Knight, K.C. Norris, D. Poley (in Optical/Laser Microlithography III 1990)
233 Excimer laser projection lithography on a full-field scanning projection system R.T. Kerth, K. Jain, M.R. Latta (IEEE Electron Device Letters 1986)
236 Excimer laser projection lithography K. Jain, R.T. Kerth (Applied Optics 1984)
238 Laser applications in semiconductor microlithography K. Jain (Lasers and Applications 1983)
246 New generation of 1:1 optical projection mask aligners M.C. King, E.S. Muraski (in Developments in Semiconductor Microlithography IV 1979)
251 Optical imaging for microfabrication J.H. Bruning (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology 1980)
Section Three
Wafer Steppers--Early Players, Characterizations, and System Evolution
263 Step-and-repeat wafer imaging J. Roussel (Solid State Technology 1978)
268 Testing the Mann Type 4800DSW Wafer Stepper W.C. Schneider (in Developments in Semiconductor Microlithography IV 1979)
275 Step and repeat wafer imaging S. Wittekoek (in Semiconductor Microlithography V 1980)
282 A new step-by-step aligner for very large scale integration (VLSI) production H.E. Mayer, E.W. Loebach (in Semiconductor Microlithography V 1980)
292 Double diffraction gratings as registration marks: design and performance on the ARW wafer stepper G.M. Dubroeucq, D. Sullerot, M. Lacombat, A. Prolonge, E. Tonnel (in Microcircuit Engineering 1982)
298 Optical test structures for process control monitors, using wafer stepper metrology N.E. David, H. Stover (Solid State Technology 1982)
309 EUROSTEP 2000: new steps in wafer steppers P. Tigreat (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
314 Autoalignment in step-and-repeat wafer printing R.S. Hershel (in Developments in Semiconductor Microlithography IV 1979)
323 Optics in the Model 900 projection stepper R. Hershel (in Semiconductor Microlithography V 1980)
328 Characterization of the Ultratech wafer stepper R. Hershel, R. Voison (in Optical Microlithography-- Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
334 VLSI lithography using Canon 1:1 wafer stepper V. Nagaswami, G. Ungemach, W. Hsueh, M. Trudel (in Optical Microlithography II: Technology for the 1980s 1983)
342 Automated wafer stepping for very large scale integrated (VLSI) fabrication D. Leebrick, M.A. Hockey, K. Cummings, J. Greeneich (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
349 Near-term case for 5x versus 10x wafer steppers H.L. Stover (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
359 Laser step alignment for a wafer stepper S. Murakami, T. Matsuura, M. Ogawa, M. Uehara (in Optical Microlithography IV 1985)
366 Double telecentric wafer stepper using laser scanning method A. Suzuki (in Optical Microlithography IV 1985)
373 Submicron optical lithography: I-line lens and photoresist technology H.L. Stover, M. Nagler, I. Bol, V. Miller (in Optical Microlithography III: Technology for the Next Decade 1984)
385 An improved alignment system for wafer steppers W.R. Trutna, Jr., M. Chen (in Optical Microlithography III: Technology for the Next Decade 1984)
393 Optical step and repeat camera with dark field automatic alignment J.S. Wilczynski (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology 1979)
398 New 5* i-line projection aligner for VLSI fabrication S. Sugiyama, T. Tawa, Y. Oshida, T. Kurosaki, F. Mizuno (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)
406 The optical stepper with a high numerical aperture i-line lens and a field-by-field leveling system K. Suwa, K. Ushida (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)
413 A stepper image monitor for precise setup and characterization T.A. Brunner, S. Cheng, A.E. Norton (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)
423 Improvement of overlay and focusing accuracy of wafer step- and-repeat aligners by automatic calibration H.E. Mayer, E.W. Loebach (in Optical Microlithography III: Technology for the Next Decade 1984)
430 Atmospheric pressure induced reduction errors in reduction stepper lenses F. Sporon-Fiedler, J. Williams (in Optical Microlithography IV 1985)
435 The paths to subhalf-micrometer optical lithography B.J. Lin (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)
449 Phase gratings as waferstepper alignment marks for all process layers S. Wittekoek, J. van der Werf, R.A. George (in Optical Microlithography IV 1985)
457 The effects of an incorrect condenser lens set-up on reduction lens printing capabilities D.W. Peters (in Interface 1985)
464 Dispelling the myths about dyed photoresist C.A. Mack (Solid State Technology 1988)
470 Performance of a wafer stepper with automatic intra-die registration correction M.A. van der Brink, S. Wittekoek, H.F.D. Linders, F.J. van Hout, R.A. George (in Optical Microlithography VI 1987)
488 Relative alignment by direct wafer detection utilizing rocking illumination of Ar ion laser Y. Oshida, M. Shiba, A. Yoshizaki (in Optical Microlithography V 1986)
494 Enhanced global alignment for production optical lithography S. Slonaker, S. McNamara, K. Konno, R. Miller, S. Murakami, N. Magome, T. Umatate, H. Tateno (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)
503 Broadband deep-UV high NA photolithography system B. Ruff, E. Tai, R. Brown (in Optical/Laser Microlithography II 1989)
509 Chip leveling and focusing with laser interferometry Y. Oshida, M. Tanaka, T. Tanimoto, T. Kurosaki (in Optical/Laser Microlithography III 1990)
516 A new method for enhancing focus latitude in optical lithography: FLEX H. Fukuda, N. Hasegawa, T. Tanaka, T. Hayashida (IEEE Electron Device Letters 1987)
518 New approach to resolution limit and advanced image formation techniques in optical lithography H. Fukuda, A. Imai, T. Terasawa, S. Okazaki (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1991)
527 0.5 micron photolithography using high numerical aperture I- line wafer steppers W.H. Arnold, A. Minvielle, K. Phan, B. Singh, M. Templeton (in Optical/Laser Microlithography III 1990)
542 Methods to print optical images at low-k1 factors B.J. Lin (in Optical/Laser Microlithography III 1990)
Section Four
System Matching
555 Mix and match of 10:1 wafer steppers with die-by-die alignment to 1:1 proximity and projection systems H.L. Stover, N.E. David, T.H. Lewis (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
567 Mixing 1x scanning and 5x step-and-repeat exposure systems in a semiconductor processing line W. Carpenter, J. LaRue, R. Chappelow (in Optical Microlithography IV 1985)
573 Characterization data and cross matching of a high performance step-and-repeat aligner H.E. Mayer, E.W. Loebach (in Optical Microlithography-- Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
583 Mix and match--10x reduction wafer steppers A. Stephanakis, H.L. Coleman (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
590 Image matching: a method for overlay error reduction R.E. Chappelow (in Optical Microlithography II: Technology for the 1980s 1983)
594 A comprehensive approach to mix-and-match lithography R. Lowther, M. Wanta, D. Leebrick, M. Bigelow (in Interface 1983)
Section Five
Steppers with Laser Illuminators
601 Ultrafast high resolution contact lithography using excimer lasers K. Jain, C.G. Willson, B.J. Lin (in Optical Microlithography--Technology for the Mid-1980s 1982)
605 Excimer laser-based lithography: a deep ultraviolet wafer stepper V. Pol, J.H. Bennewitz, G.C. Escher, M. Feldman, V.A. Firtion, T.E. Jewell, B.E. Wilcomb, J.T. Clemens (in Optical Microlithography V 1986)
616 Performance of a KrF excimer laser stepper R.W. McCleary, P.J. Tompkins, M.D. Dunn, K.F. Walsh, J.F. Conway, R.P. Mueller (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)
620 Combination of narrow bandwidth excimer laser and monochromatic reduction projection lens K. Kajiyama, K. Saito, N. Moro, Y. Maeda, H. Natsuaki (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)
631 Deep UV wafer stepper with through the lens wafer to reticle alignment S. Wittekoek, M. van den Brink, H. Linders, J. Stoeldrayer, J.W. D. Martens, D. Ritchie (in Optical/Laser Microlithography III 1990)
644 Design and performance of a production-oriented deep UV wafer stepper R.F. Hollman, F. Cleveland, E.M. Da Silveira, R.W. McCleary, R.W. Strauten (in Optical/Laser Microlithography III 1990)
651 Excimer laser stepper for submicron lithography M. Kameyama, K. Ushida (in Lasers in Microlithography 1987)
659 Present status of an excimer laser stepper M. Torigoye (in International Symposium on MicroProcess Conference 1989)
663 An advanced KrF excimer laser stepper for production of 16MDRAMS H. Nakagawa, M. Sasago, M. Endo, Y. Hirai, K. Ogawa (in Optical/Laser Microlithography 1988)

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